How To Layer Your Clothes: Incorporating Your Spring Clothes Into Your Winter Wardrobe.. & Still Look Chic!

winter clothes

Wintertime..  Honestly probably one of the frumpiest time of the year.  But I mentioned before in a previous post Staying Warm in the Winter & Still Be Fashionable!, don’t let the cold weather dampen your style.  It’s cold out?  You still want to make that good impression whether it’s at work, among friends, family, even to men; make that effort to look good, despite the low temperatures.  Here I’m going to give you examples of how you can utilize pieces that you wore in the Spring / Summer, & still wear them year round.  It’s a styling challenge, are you up for it?

Chiffon kimono dress winter.jpgblouse turtleneckchiffon kimono winter pleather leggings.jpg


-Wear a turtleneck underneath your lightweight blouses.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a lot of chiffon blouses in the summer, that for the most part sit in my closet until it gets warm again.  But why wait?  I usually wear a cami underneath them in the summer, & in the winter, why not wear a turtleneck instead?  It’s the same concept, & it’s just that in the winter you’d wear longer sleeves.   Plus, most people are not expecting to see chiffon in the winter. Get some more use out of them!

dresses with leggings

tightsScreen Shot 2015-10-24 at 11.29.16 PM

-Wear leggings / tights with your dresses / skirts.   Who says that dresses are the summer only?  I’ve had this concept for a long time until a coworker recommended to me: insulated leggings.  Take the dresses that you’d wear in the spring summer, & throw on some leggings to keep yourself warm.  I also had another coworker who would wear a long winter coat, long boots, & would wear tights with skirts indoors.  And she would just simply change her shoes at work.  Don’t give up your love of sandals either!  With the right tights, you could wear your sandals out too!  Especially for those nights out with the girls, or special occasions!

shorts tights 2.jpg

shorts over tights.jpg

-Wear tights also with shorts.  You’d be surprised at how chic this is.  And who would’ve thought?  Shorts?  In the Winter?  You still have a chance to show off your gams!  The key with this proportion, wearing matching colors, & also very importantly what shoes you pair them with.  Great shoes to go with this look are booties.  Tip: In this look I’d stay away from knee high boots (or anything higher).

sweater over a dress 2.jpgsweater with dress.jpg

-Wear a sweater over your dresses.  This looks great particularly with oversized sweaters, like a boyfriend cardigan.  Whether they’re solid, or printed, throw them over your favorite dresses!

turtleneck and dresses

-Another idea for your dresses: Wearing a turtleneck underneath them.  A genius idea that I had never considered before!  This whole time my dresses were reserved for the summer only.  I thought that one could never wear anything sleeveless in the winter.  Now with layering these items, you can!


-Wear a cardigan over your short sleeve tops / tailored shirts.  This is great particularly for those Fall days that are not yet cold; it’s all about layering & adjusting to those changes in temperature.  And with cardigans you can always wear them over a cami or a short sleeve t-shirt; to look even more chic wear it over a tailored shirt.  And if you button the cardigan all the way up, you don’t even need to iron much of your shirt!  (Just the collar & maybe the cuffs) Best investment?  I think it’s good to get a few wrinkle-free blouses.  You don’t need to iron them!  One less hassle in life is always great.

blouse and sweater

printed shirt sweater.jpg

-Wear a pullover sweater over your tailored shirts.  Have some sheer blouses?  You can simply be more discreet by putting on a pullover sweater.  There are some stores like Macy’s, that sell twofers, (2 garments in 1) like the 1st garment above, where it looks like 2 garments but is really 1.  A cute & fashionable trick?  Wear a printed blouse underneath a solid sweater.  There is something really fashionable & feminine, about combining blouses & sweaters.

printed pants.jpgprinted pants 2.jpg

-Throw on a pair of printed pants.  A trend that’s more popular in the Spring, but who says you can’t do this in the Winter as well?  Pair them up with a sweater, blouse, jacket; almost anything goes!  A damask or houndstooth print almost always look good.  Tip: If you go printed on the bottom, best to stay solid on top.  There was a trend a few years ago to wear prints on both top & bottom; but most people have a hard time pulling it off & end up looking like a hot mess.  If you do want to try to mix & match prints, stick to prints in the same color story.  Another Tip: Try to stay away from large prints, or with with too many colors.  There’s no real right or wrong; only what looks better / worse.  I think with printed pants, usually the idea is the fewer the colors, & the smaller the print, the better they look.

skinny scarfskinny scarf model suit yves saint laurent

-Another idea for your blouses: wear them with a skinny scarf: Honestly you could wear a skinny scarf with anything; anytime of the year.  Wearing one brings your look up a notch.  A black one looks great, but there are lovely printed ones, too.  Scarves are an underestimated accessory; you could easily substitute one in place of a necklace.  And the great thing with skinny scarves is that you can tie them any which way you want as well: in the front, back or side, take your pick!


Other accents that spice up your winter wardrobe: 

turtleneck lace

Lace:  A fabric that used to be associated only with intimates, but no more!  Nowadays you can find lace everywhere!  To have a sweater or blouse with some lace accents is almost always lovely.  Indulge your girly side!


Sequins / Beading:  Nothing better than to spruce up the holiday season that with some sparkle.  You can be chic & dazzle at the same time!  There are certain things that women can get away with (that men can’t) & this is one of them!

pleather top260ce-b1462faa1265c6d8c497df4b96536d9c

Pleather:  I mention pleather instead of leather, because I think it’s best to not hurt animals.  I think it’s a win win situation with pleather vs. real leather, because it’s easier to maintain (most of the time it’s machine washable), less expensive, & you didn’t need to put any animals to sleep for the clothes on your back.  Before in the past it was considered a fabric for men; now, no more!  Whether it be tops or bottoms, (p)leather just increases your sex appeal.

animal print sweater purseanimal print sweater

Animal Prints:  When done well, they can look really chic.  However, when done badly they can look really garish.  Animal prints have become so popular nowadays that they’re a staple all year round; especially in the colder seasons.  Tip: when wearing animal prints, best to not to wear it head to toe.  Fashion no no: Don’t wear animal printed pants.  It’s really hard to pull off well & it’s rare to find a pair of animal printed pants that look good.

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23 thoughts on “How To Layer Your Clothes: Incorporating Your Spring Clothes Into Your Winter Wardrobe.. & Still Look Chic!

  1. Great tips for extending your springs clothes to the winter. I have always like the chic look of wool, houndstooth or plaid shorts with opaque stockingso in the winter.


  2. I’ve seen a few people here in the office wearing leggings with a dress, I really like the look and I’m going to try it too.


  3. What great tips!!! I hadn’t thought of many of these. Sweater over a dress…brilliant! And the fleece lined tights under shorts…very chic! (I always wear little footies under my tights. The toes last longer that way!)


  4. Recently moved to the US from a tropical country and this is my first Fall experience. I have a few thin sweaters, some thinner leggings, and no boots! I’m just starting to build my wardrobe and this post is a big help. 🙂


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