Are You Taking Proper Care Of Your Sweaters?


Sweaters..  A very common staple this time of year.  And they’re so convenient: don’t need to be ironed, keeps you warm, & goes with almost anything.  However, they are creatures of their own which require care that differs from the rest of your clothes. Are you taking care of your sweaters properly?


inside out sweaters.jpg


-Wash your sweaters inside out.  This lessens the pilling & the friction that occurs on your sweaters (or on the rest of your clothes in general).


sweater with dress


Woolite Gentle Cycle Liquid Laundry Detergent, $17, Seventh Generation Lavender Fabric Softener, $10

-Always use Woolite & Fabric Softener.  Woolite now has a Gentle / Delicate cycles that helps preserve your clothing colors, as well as lessen pilling.  It’s up to you to use whichever fabric softener you prefer, but I listed here Seventh Generation simply because they’re more environment friendly.  You may think, I don’t think fabric softener.  Is ok to simply wash clothes without them?  Of course.  But think of fabric softener as a conditioner for your clothes.  Not only does it help keep fabrics soft, but it also lessens pilling as well.


pilled sweater.JPG

pilling sweater

remove pilling razor

razor blade pilling




-Never wear pilled sweaters.  This is a fashion no no.  Just don’t do it.  I know that especially with some sweaters these days, you can touch a sweater & it pills; but wearing pilled clothes makes you look A LOT older.  Or it looks like you can’t afford new clothes.  You can remove them with a razor, whether it’s an old fashioned one, or just get a disposable one, & lightly scratch off the pilling.  And all you need to do is a lint roller or tape to get off all the pilling.


hollywood fashion secrets sweater saver brick pumice

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Sweater Saver Brick, $3

I have bought this pumice stone that’s meant specifically for sweaters; & you take it to graze over pilling; & it comes off almost like magic!



-Always wash on a light cycle.  Regardless of what I’m washing, I almost always wash on a light cycle.  (The only exception I can think of is if you have someone in your household that works in a job where their clothes get really soiled). This preserves the life of your clothing.


mesh bags

3 Lingerie bags, $4, Honey Can Do White Room Essentials Mesh Bag, $4, Whitmor 4 piece Lingerie Bags, $10

-To be extra safe, wash your sweaters inside out, inside a mesh bag.  I love these mesh laundry bags.  It saves me a lot of time & energy with regards to delicate garments.  Anything with lace, beading, sequins, my lingerie: I throw them all into mesh bags (well, into separate bags) when I put them in my laundry.  Who has the time to wash clothes by hand?  THESE are a lifesaver!


drying rack

Vulcano Drying Rack, $23

-Always hang them to dry.  There are those of us (like me, who lives in NYC) where we simply don’t have the space to hang all our laundry.  However, in the long run, dryers do a lot of damage to our clothes.  You know how you constantly have to empty the lint drawer.  This isn’t lint that naturally exists in clothes.  This is lint that is being pounded out of your clothes as they dry.  And this laundry rack I’ve listed here is the exact kind they use throughout Europe!  I have one just like it, & it’s lasted me for years now.  Inexpensive, & able to folded up & quickly put away!  Better for your clothes, lighter on your wallet, & more environment friendly!


folded clothes clothing sweater


-Definitely fold them.  Don’t hang them, for that will stretch them out.  Whether it’s in a drawer, or on a shelf.  However, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t have a lot of drawer space (but a big closet), there is a way to hang your sweaters without stretching them.  Click here to find out how!


garment steamer

Steamfast Travel Fabric Steamer, $20

-Optional: Steam them if necessary.  Sometimes you will come across a person that will iron their sweaters.  That’s a no no.  If yours get wrinkly, you can steam them.  (I find steaming more convenient than ironing anyway) If you don’t want to get that one, there are LOTS of other ones on the market you can get.


sweater with peplum


As you find that the more fast fashion grows; the more brands will use fast fashion techniques to save money.  And what ends up happening?  Your clothes don’t last as long.  So best to preserve your clothes & treat them well regardless of the price you pay.


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