Unconventional ways of organizing your makeup… Get yourself organized!!

I wrote once, an article on How to organize your clothes & accessories!  Here I will go into more detail on how to organize your makeup!

If you’re a girl who wears even some makeup, you have to organize it somehow.  I used to put everything in makeup bags, but that turned out to be quite a hassle.  It was constantly opening, closing, & digging through them while I would put my makeup on.  I love makeup bags, they are great, but mostly for travel.  And if you’ve got makeup, a lovely vanity or dresser than you can put them on, why not get yourself organized?  Here are some great ideas on how to do it!


makeup organizer 1

-Hang your makeup: You can get these organizers that are really meant for accessories / clothes, & use them for makeup!  and who says you can’t?  Everything is clear to see, & you know where you put it.


makeup organizer 2

-Put them up with magnets: You will need a piece of metal, a picture frame; or even go the easy route & get a mirror!  What you will also need are some magnets & a hot glue gun.  Take the magnets & glue it on everything you would like to put up!  This is really for makeup that you use at home (i.e. makeup palettes), not the stuff that you put in your bag.  You don’t want the magnets to get stuck to your pens, or affect your credit cards.


perfume organizer

Put them all on a spice rack: I had never though of this before, but this is a great idea!  You could do this for your nail polishes too!  It looks lovely, & it condenses so much space!  I’m going to get one myself!


makeup organizer 3

Ice cube trays:  Sound funny doesn’t it?  But this is actually a great way to put all your eyeshadows / blushes into a drawer.  It consolidates lots of space, you can see all the colors you have, & how much does an ice cube tray cost?  $2?


makeup organizer 4

Magazine / Book Holder: You could easily pick these up in Target, & they are great for your hair tools or makeup palettes.  This would also be great for me because all of my bathroom things are all cluttered together in my cabinet.  And every time I open it, things fall out.


makeup organizer 5

A desk file: This is also a great idea again, for makeup palettes.  They are tricky, because if you have them tucked away in a drawer, you start to forget which one is which, & have to start digging again.  This way, they’re all out in in open for you to see.  And grab whichever one you like because they’re all at your fingertips!


makeup organizer 6

A wine rack: This would be for the girls would the hard to maintain hair.  Especially if you have naturally curly hair!  And like in this picture, you can multi-task and have it as a book end!  I would use this for all my bath products, body washes, & conditioners.  Like I said earlier, everything in my bathroom is all cluttered in my cabinet.  And because of sales on shower gels, I have bottles that like to just slip & fall out.  This would be a great idea for me as well!


makeup organizer 7

Clear plastic drawers: They sell lots of these at Muji.  Currently you can’t shop online (their site is under construction) but they have lots of stores in the U.S., and great ways to help you get your stuff organized!  Either that or check out Amazon.  (Also they’re cheaper than Muji).


makeup organizer 8


Skubb drawer organizers, $8 at Ikea

target drawer organizer.jpg

Interlocking drawer organizer set, $9

clear plastic drawers.jpg

Clear plastic containers, $5

Get baskets / clothing organizers to put in your drawers: I think this is adorable.  And the baskets you could easily pick up from Target, Walmart or Amazon.  I personally don’t do it, but it feels like your makeup is a hidden treasure trove inside your drawers.  If you head to the one nearest you, it only costs $8!  Click here for more drawer organizers at Ikea!

Or you can do what I do: I take plastic containers sold at Target, TJMaxx, & I use it to hold all my nail polishes.  And not expensive!  They start at $5 each!



Makeup Organizer 9

saic caddy set organizer.jpg

SAIC 5 piece caddy set, $16

Put things in cups!  Most popular thing are makeup brushes, but you literally could put anything in them.  Would you like for them to stand up?  Grab a whole bunch of marbles the next time you’re at the dollar store, or Ikea.  Tip: As lovely as it is to display makeup brushes in cups, best to store them away in a makeup bag.  When you leave them on display, they can collect dust & debris, which is not hygienic.  Get yourself a clear makeup bag for your brushes, so you can see everything you have, when you need one.


makeup organizer 12

Get a 2 or 3 tiered organizer:  They sell these at Target, usually for serving plates.  But you could just use it just as easily for your makeup instead!  You can make this with hot glue gun, 2 plates, & an empty metal can, & glued it all together. And why not?  This looks lovely on your vanity table!



makeup organizer 11

Use empty candle jars: Ok honestly you could use any kind of jars (I think plastic is best) & stack them on top of each other.  Clear, accessible, right at your fingertips, and you can see everything you have!


nail polish cookie jar

Use a fishbowl or an empty cookie jar: I saw a girl on Youtube who literally put all her makeup sponges in an empty fishbowl.  (Obviously an unused fishbowl)  But you could do that for nail polish, eyeshadows, & more!  I think the important thing about organizing makeup especially, is that you want to be able to SEE everything you have.  Otherwise things get lost, forgotten about, disorganized, or like me, you end up digging constantly.


storage chair ottoman.jpg

Round Tufted Storage Ottoman, $50

Stash your stuff: you could hide your things in a lovely ottoman chair; & any guest visiting you wouldn’t know any different!

fjalla box storage ikea.JPG

Fjalla Box at Ikea, $6

Store your seasonal items in a box: convenient & portable!  Save all your seasonal things in a box, & put it away.  When it comes up, just pull out the drawer!


vanity table display mirror.jpg

Display your pieces with a glass tray: Your vanity can be beautiful as well as functional when you have your most beautiful pieces on display.  Think that glass trays are expensive?  You can get one for $12!


I’ve given you a bunch of ideas!  It’s up to YOU to be creative!  Now get your stuff & get organized!

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