How to organize your clothes and accessories!!

I’m writing this post on the best way to organize your clothes..  Most women, have closets.  But is your closet a mess?  Or is it neatly organized?  Or do you have just too much stuff & it won’t fit?  I’m here to give you some ideas on the best ways to get organized.  And what store will I be mentioning?  Of course, Ikea.  The ideal place for every person on a budget.

Hangers: These I think are the cheapest hangers, and take up the least amount of space.  I don’t care for wooden hangers, or cushioned fabric covered ones; why?  Simply because they take up too much space.  But if you’re a basic girl, here’s your basic hanger:  The Bagis hanger at Ikea, where 4 of them are 40 cents!!

My favorite hangers: Velvet covered ones.  I have hundreds of these (I think).  My closet is full of them.  And I love them because they’re neat & slim, & none of my clothes fall off.  And the best places to get them?  TJMaxx, Marshalls & Lot less.  They will sell a 25 pack for like $10, which I think is a great deal.
For accessories, like belts & scarves: this is called Komplement, at Ikea, and you can hang all of your accessories on it right in your closet, or on the back of your door.  For your boyfriend/husband, get him one for his ties.  And it only costs $8.
There are other belt organizers, also at good prices.  This belt hanger below is sold by Umbra, for only $10.
For shoes: If you have more than a several pairs of shoes, then you will need a shoe organizer.  You don’t want them to be on a mess all over your floor.  You can get the kind that you hang on the back of your door, or inside your closet.  And each one is about $13.  If you get it from Ikea it’s about $8.
Drawer dividers: If you want to get really organized in your drawers: There are drawer organizers, for i.e. at Ikea they are called Hofta, $2.99 for a 3 pack.
Ikea Skubb drawer organizer: They are really wonderful for they can help you organize your drawers for anything.  I think that they are really great at separating your undergarments.  Best to buy them at Ikea, for they are only $8 for 6 of them.  They DO sell some Ikea items on Amazon, but of course the prices will be exaggerated.  On Amazon they sell the same thing for $20.  Best to get to the closest Ikea near you.
Hanging organizers: If you don’t have enough dresser space but more closet space: get a hanging organizer.  These are wonderful, sturdy, & start at about $7.  I use them usually to fold up my sweaters, but i.e. if you have a collection of bags & nowhere to put them, this would be a great idea.
For the girls who don’t have closets:  Consider getting a wardrobe.  The plastic wardrobes at Ikea start around $18, whereas a real wardrobe starts at $100.  I’ve seen girls who don’t have closets just hang their clothes on a clothing rack.  It seems a little bit tacky because everyone can see your clothes.  Plus this doesn’t prevent dust from getting on your clothing.
If you ARE on a budget, don’t have a closet, the next best thing would be: Rubbermaid 60″ garment closet, at Walmart for only $34.  This is a temporary fix if you don’t have a closet/wardrobe.  This is also another great way to store seasonal clothes.  Check below for link if you want to purchase.
For your expensive garments: Keep them in garment bags.  I mean for your evening gowns, for the men, their suits.  You can get them at the dollar store.  They also sell them in sets at Ikea.  Protect the most expensive garments you have.
For makeup: Caboodles does have plastic organizers that you can leave on top of a dresser/vanity table.  These are great because everything is available for you to see.  They sell these at Target, Ulta, TJMaxx, & the Container store.  And they have all kinds of varieties.  For me, I prefer to put all of my make up in makeup bags.  (Check on my post for makeup bags)
For nail polish: Honestly I take empty containers (that are meant for the refrigerator) that they sell at TJMaxx & Marshalls, & I use them to hold all of my nail polish, and I put them on my vanity table. LOL.  Hey it costs like $5 and it works.  So why not?
For my makeup brushes: I usually keep the smaller ones in my makeup bags, but for the larger make up brushes I use Sonia Kashuk’s vanity cup, which only cost me $6.  Honestly you could take any cup & do the same thing.  I like it because I use it to hold my brushes & my roller balls of perfume.  I’ve seen pictures of women keeping their makeup brushes in all different kinds of cups / glasses; the important thing is that if you do use them on a regular basis you will need to keep them dry.  (Or else they will mold.)  If not, just put them away in your makeup bags.
Above: Sonia Kashuk vanity cup, $6 at Target
img_2056Makeup Organizer 9
For the more portable option: This is how artists carry their brushes around: They usually carry them in a roll-up case, i.e. like the bamboo mats that are used to make sushi.  This way you can protect your brushes, bring them with you, & still let them air dry.
Tip: When letting your brushes dry, let them dry flat.  If you always let them dry standing up, it can eventually cause the base to rust.
Dressers:  Every girl needs a dresser.  And at Ikea, they’re not expensive, they start at $35, for a basic 3 drawer.   However, if you need something lighter, i.e. like inside your closet, you can always get plastic ones.  They’re usually about $20.  And throughout the years we’ve used different kinds of plastic drawers, even for filing documents.  My mom has got smaller ones inside her closet, for socks & intimates.
I know I’m going to keep mentioning the store over & over again, but they tend to have the best deals for things/furniture around the house.  Even if you don’t live near an Ikea, you can always request a catalog (which is free) just to get some ideas about how to go about organizing your things.  I’ve only bought hanging organizers from Ikea, but they are a great source of ideas.
I hope this was useful to you!  Now get your life together & get organized!!!
Ikea drawer dividers sold on Amazon (buy on Amazon only if you can’t get to an Ikea):

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