The best anti-aging products: For your face & your body

*Sigh*  Will wonders never cease?  When I was younger, I had to deal with acne.  Now it’s about blackheads.  And in all honesty I’ve been using anti-aging products since I was in my 20s.  A little bit early, you think?  I do have some wrinkles now on my forehead.  Why did I start so early, you ask?

My mother has always had a reputation of looking a lot younger than she really is.  Now in her 50s, she could easily pass for 35.  She knows how to take care of her skin, & never went tanning.  I guess her hard work has paid off.  I guess you could say that I want to maintain something across the generations.  Plus, she used to give me anti-aging lotions at that age, but expensive ones by Shiseido & Dior.  Nowadays, I find just as good products for half the price.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 12.41.51 AM

Generally I try to take good care of my skin; I always moisturize after washing my face, & I always use sunblock at the pool / beach.  There are a good wealth of products out there nowadays for anti-aging, yet there are plenty of people willing to bake in the sun, & forgo sunblock.  I read a statistic that 80% of women don’t use any protection from the sun but yet keep heading for anti-aging products.  And for some reason they don’t put 2 and 2 together.  I read in an article once that sunblock is the best anti-aging product you will ever use.  

I recently read this article about how a girl (who was obsessed with tanning) ended up getting skin cancer at 27.  Click here to read the article & see the pictures: 27 year old graphic selfie serves as warning against skin cancer.

If you have mature looking skin (or are afraid of it like I am) you should always use sunblock in the sun.  And never go in a tanning booth.  I think spray on tans might be ok, but I never liked this idea of looking orange.  And what is wrong with pale skin?  I think pale skins are beautiful.  When I think of women like Cate Blanchett or Tilda Swinton, I think they are gorgeous with their complexions the way they are.  Now imagine them trying to look orange!

I’ve tried all kinds of anti-aging products, & here are the best and the most affordable ones.  Also check out a previous post that I’ve written, where I wrote about Facial Serums & Creams.  Think of this as a continuation of that post.

Facial Serums: I mentioned before that 1 of my favorite night creams is Boots Triple Night Cream Renewal, $15.  And it is an amazing, amazing night cream.  They also make a serum, if you want to ADD to that.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 12.36.23 AM

Botanics Triple Age Renewal Facial Serum, $17

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 12.44.40 AM

Garnier Ultra Lift 2-in-1 Wrinkle Reducer, Serum & Moisturizer, $14

Facial creams: 


Garnier Ultra Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream, $12

A steal at $12!!  Fast absorbing, & suitable for many skin types.  Garnier has been coming out with some great affordable anti-aging products.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 2.14.43 PM

Yes to Blueberries Deep Wrinkle Night cream, $16

New, Organic, & aimed to diminish fine lines!


Oil of Olay, Regenerist micro-sculpting cream, $19

I think this is one of Oil of Olay’s most popular products.  Don’t buy it at your local drugstore for they’ll charge you more.  Get it either at Target or Amazon.


Sephora Age Defy Night Moisture Cream, $30

A great facial cream to have (if you haven’t already checked out the ones I mentioned)

If you want an anti-aging facial cream without oil: 

If you have combination / oily skin: This can be a challenge to find because most anti-aging creams come with oil (it’s meant to help revitalize sagging skin), but I have combination skin & creams with oil can cause me to break out.  Here below, I will list some night creams that oil free that won’t break you out:

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 8.41.59 PM

Mario Badescu’s Seaweed Night Cream, $22

Infused with seaweed, collagen, & hyaluronic acid to soften & hydrate skin without making it oily!

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 8.44.03 PM

Neutrogena’s Ageless Deep Wrinkle Intensive Moisturizing Night cream, $21

This is also infused with hyaluronic acid & retinol to renew the skin & reduce fine lines.


Skin Food’s Black Pomegranate Anti-wrinkle cream, $19

An anti-aging night cream that smells of sweet pomegranate, & is not oily.  There is also a serum, & pore minimizer in the same scent.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 8.13.15 PM

Hado Labo Tokyo’s Skin Plumping Gel Cream, $25

Made by a famous Japanese skincare line called Hado Labo, this gel cream is anti-aging without added oils!!  If you would like to get the travel sized version of this cream, which is only $9!  I have it & love it!  I use it as a night cream, & my skin feels super soft in the morning & is not greasy!


Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask, $30

This bouncy sleeping mask, can also be used a night cream, & helps balance out combination skin.  And it doesn’t hurt that it’s anti-aging as well!  The link I’ve provided is to The Body Shop, but you can get it on Ulta as well!  Also watch the video on, for they’ve indicated how you’re supposed to massage the mask onto your face.  Check out both places for their coupons & sales, & find out which one is cheaper!

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.10.26 AM

Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing Cream, $30

An anti-aging cream that’s also meant to balance combination skin.  (Don’t buy it directly off, they charge like $50 for the same thing!)  What a great deal!

If you have deep wrinkles:  Like me, I have deep wrinkles on my forehead; probably from frowning or raising my eyebrows all the time.  This would be great for people who have the same problem, or crows’ feet.  Here is a wrinkle filler by ROC, which is an amazing brand!  If you would like, they also have a Deep Wrinkle Night Cream as well, for the same price.

ROC deep wrinkle filler

ROC’s Deep Wrinkle Filler, $20

A new find:


Furlesse!  They’re basically stickers that you can stick on your face, leave on overnight; & it diminishes the fine lines on your face.  The founder, Cathy Tousley prides herself on having an anti-aging product that is an alternative to botox / plastic surgery.  They have different packets, for frown lines, crows’ feet, lip lines, & forehead lines.  Each packet of stickers cost only $20, and have a 30 day supply.  Click for their website or to buy off Amazon!

If you’d like to try a mask: 

There are so many on the market.  I’ll start with the most affordable ones.


Sephora’s Lingzhi mask, $5, one time use sheet mask

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 1.04.05 AM

Mario Badescu’s Super Collagen Mask, $18

A New York original, Mario Badescu has been making skincare products since 1967.  Sold exclusively on his website & at Ulta, it’s getting rave reviews there.


Sephora’s Jelly Mask Moisturizing & Energizing, $20 for 6 masks


TONY MOLY’S Red Wine Face Mask, $7.50

Made from a brand called TONY MOLY, this is one of the best anti-aging masks I’ve ever tried. LOVE IT!  Will be buying it again!  This is a great mask, for it’s pore minimizing, skin tightening & purifying.  All in one mask!!


Nugg Beauty Ant-aging mask, $20 for 5 masks

A relatively new brand on the market, they sell these adorable little one time use packets for $3 each at Target.  Unfortunately they don’t sell these masks online there.  If you can catch them at your local Target, you can buy them individually, if you would like, instead of buying them in a stack.


Mizon’s Sheet Mask Bundle, $18 for 5 masks

Sold by a website called Peach & Lily, who specializes in selling Korean & Japanese products.  Here they have a set of different kinds of anti-aging sheet masks for you to try.  It comes with a collagen, peptide, syn-ake, starfish & shangpree premium collagen masks.  If you like it, you can buy the set again!

For your Body: 


Shea moisture Olive & Green Tea Body Butter, Anti-aging & ultra moisturizing, $10

A relative new line, that’s being sold at Target and Ulta.  They have a bubble bath, body wash, & massage oil in the same scent!  All of them are ultra moisturizing & anti-aging, this body butter has a sweet green tea smell.  (You won’t smell or olive oil or avocado).


J.R. Watkins Body Serum, $9

J.R. Watkins has been making skincare products for over 135 years!  Check them out when they have a sale!  When it’s on sale it’s only $4!  You can get it off Target or which is usually about $9.


Vaseline Intensive healing serum, $9

If you use a body serum, you can skip lotion altogether.  This is great if you would like something to tighten your skin other than your face.  

What you should also do if you are concerned about anti-aging: Exfoliate.  It does wonders for the skin, gets rid of dead skin cells, unclog pores, help with acne, & your clean will look cleaner & more luminous afterwards.  Remember your products will work better if there isn’t a layer of dead skin blocking them.  Click to read my article on Exfoliating!


If you have checked out both pages, this one and Facial serums & creams, I’ve given you lots of options for anti-aging products.  But pls don’t go out buy all of them, & put them on your face & hope to look younger tomorrow.  Health & beauty always go together, and the key is maintenance.

The most important thing, to look young try to stay out of the sun, if you do go out in the sun, use sunblock, stay hydrated & always moisturize.  If you feel it’s necessary to use serums / masks then, use them.

Also read this article on bad habits that might be making you look older: 13 habits that are aging you

I do think it’s important to look young, well maintained & healthy.  Nobody wants to be 40 and look like they’re pushing 60.  But don’t be tanning like there’s no tomorrow without sunblock, wonder why you have wrinkles, & then head off to the plastic surgeon for botox injections.  I write my blog because I think its important to be wise with your money, but even more important to be wise with your health too.  You have one body in this lifetime.  Take care of it.  

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  1. I’m always trying to find affordable products that also have good quality, thanks for your review. 🙂 I agree with you in regards the sun protection, it is a must, we need to check if the beauty products we buy includes some, if not we need to add a sun block to our daily beaty routine.

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  4. Hello, thanks for sharing this blog. It is very informative one. Really now-a-days anti aging creams are very much essential both for men and women to maintain yourself and look better at the growing age. No doubt the anti-aging products described here are very good, but I also like to introduce one of the best anti ageing cream that is Annimateo. My mother regularly uses it and I must say it is very much effective. So if you want to look young then once try it.


  5. Thank you for this post!! I never know what products to buy there is so many out there. I need the best products as inexpensively as possible!


  6. Thank you for outlining all the idfferent products out there, great to see there is a great selection, with varying price ranges.


  7. Thank you for listing affordable options for anti-aging skincare. Paying more doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting better quality when it comes to skincare. I do check ingredient labels because you don’t want to put anything that has SD alcohol as one of its primary ingredients. I also am particular about how the skincare is packaged because exposure to air (like products in jars) reduces the effectiveness of the active ingredients. I was completely ignorant about sun damage in my younger days and I have taught my daughter to never leave the house without SPF on her face!


    1. great advice! and thanks I’m glad you liked the article! I started writing my blog as to provide women with options for looking & feeling good, but all on a reasonable budget! Check back for more updates!


  8. I had no idea about many of these products. I just hit the big 4-0 and am looking for products to help keep me young. I have not see Furlesse! Where can you purchase it?


  9. I’m 36… so obviousy Anti-Aging is on my mind quite a bit lol I have actually been eyeing the Nugg face masks and the Boots Serum (and now I need to try the night cream!). I am good with moisturizing in general.. but I think these additions would be helpful!


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