Lingerie!! And a NEW line featured in the US!!

The most intimate of things, your foundations, & the things you wear closest to your body. I can tell you where you buy the inexpensive ones, as well as tips that flatter your figure.

Starting with bras.. Whether we like it or not, our sizes will change. Don’t expect to be the same size your whole life. As our weight fluctutuates, so will our chests.


For a proper fit: It might be a good idea once in awhile for a proper bra fitting. There are boutiques that will gladly measure you. You never want to wear a bra that is too small, or too big. Too small: never mind it might be choking your rib cage, your breasts might look like they’re ‘popping out’ of them. (See above photo of the lovely Britney Spears)  Don’t suffocate yourself. Too big: the opposite: it’s sliding down your rib cage. This might happen if you lose weight. This is not horrible but if your cups are a little big, depending upon what you’re wearing, the fabric of your clothes might ‘slip inside’ your bra a little. Either way, people can see it, & neither are flattering.

ALWAYS try bras on in the fitting room. You never know when you buy a bra, find that it’s uncomfortable, & then have to return it. Or maybe you’re fine with that! I do like trying on clothes in the privacy of my own home.

Important tip: It’s not important for your bra to match your underwear. This bothers some women, but under white clothing people CAN see the color of your bra. Your best friend: nude color bras. Invest in a few & they will be your best friend for they go with everything. & you can wear whatever you want on the bottom.

Above: DKNY double padded push up bra, $44, Zappos

For an extra lift: My personal preference: strapless push up bras. Again this is a personal choice. I like to wear strapless things sometimes, or asymmetrical things, & I feel that straps get in the way. If you are well endowed, you probably like bras with straps. Also we’re living in this day & age where lots of women are opting for plastic surgery, but why not a good push up bra? My favorites are the double padded push up ones. No need for plastic surgery! Get a good push up bra.  The above double padded one is from DKNY, which you can find at Zappos for only $44.  Usually double padded ones at Victoria’s secret are $55.  (Save yourself some money & go with DKNY)

When you exercise: get at least 1 sports bra. You don’t want to be exercising, & get sweat caught up in your wires & pads of your regular bras. For me a regular bra feels suffocating when I exercise.  Also it’s my bra of choice when I travel (especially for long flights!)  For sports bras they have them at Target, Foot Locker, Victoria’s Secret, & Modells.

For the nights out: for the plunging v-necks, backless dresses, you might want to get some toupee tape. That actually works better than the double stick tape they sell in lingerie shops/makeup stores. Depending upon what you’re wearing, you might want to wear pasties, or wear a backless bra. I bought mine overseas but they’re basically silicone cups that are adhesive on the back of them, & they can hook in the middle. They’re washable, so you can wear them again & again.

And underwear!  Many of these are personal choices. Only don’t get sizes too big or too small. Both can give you a wedge. Personally for me I like regular panties; I don’t like boy shorts or thongs. If it gives you a boost of confidence that you are wearing sexy underneath, then go for it.

 Another tip: It’s not important to spend lots of money on sexy lingerie. Why spend a lot on something you will be wearing briefly & taking off? Most men are not going to remember what you wore before you climbed into bed. Wear it only if you want to, if it does make you feel sexy. (And probably best not to overspend on it)

Fashion no no: I personally don’t wear thongs but don’t let them peek outside your pants. The ONLY time I think this might be ok is in the privacy of your own home. Otherwise, it is super tacky. You don’t want to be known as the ‘thong’ girl at work.

Besides bras & underwear:  Spanx! I feel they are a girl’s best friend. Whether you like to wear them on top, bottom, it doesn’t matter. It gives you the extra support you need. I like the spanx shorts. I hardly wear a dress/skirt without them. For me it’s most important they’re tummy slimming, but some women like the boost up top as well. These are all personal choices.

Above: Gilligan O’Malley’s seamless panties found at Target


And finally, where to buy? I always get my intimates, pjs, & even spanx at Target. Yep, it’s pretty much my all in one, one shop store. And why not? The bras there at $15! Panties start at $5! My favorites are Gillian o’malleys seamless panties.  And they have all lasted me awhile so for me it’s worth it. If you’re a girl with a sense of humor, now they have underwear with logos like superwoman, & snoopy on them. Hey, if you like it, why not?

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 7.32.46 PM

Macy’s always has a wide selection & so does H&M. Another great place for intimates: Century21. They have lots of options & you know they have designer lingerie on discount.  If you want to go the European route: Cosabella.  Originally found in Italy, now they ship their lingerie all over the world.  In the US, you can find them at, and Nordstrom.  Their bras are a little pricey (usually start at $60, panties start at $20, but they are cheapest on Amazon.  Check below for links.)


Another European option: Intimissimi, which has recently become available in the US.  As far as I can tell, they only have online shopping.  Get lingerie straight from Italy!

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 12.16.02 AM

Of course, I cant mention lingerie without mentioning, you guessed it: Victorias secret. I personally don’t care for their clothes, I go there mainly for perfume & makeup bags. BUT they always have their 5 panties for $25 sale. sometimes it’s 7 for $25! I find a lot of their bras are overpriced, so when is the best time to go? When there’s a SALE. After the holidays, also they have their semi annual sale where underwear is as cheap as $3.

Make sure your lingerie fits well.  They don’t have to be expensive, but most importantly they must fit you properly, for all your clothes go on top. With no foundations, or bad ones, it makes you look sloppy. Be smart, be brave, be supportive. *ahem*

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