Bras!  Every woman wears one (mostly), but yet there are always aspects of them that remain a mystery.  Are you wearing the right size?  How often should you go for a fitting?  Here are some tips from bra fitting experts that we ought to be changing the way we wear & take care of our lingerie:

-You should be wearing your bra on the outermost hooks.  Basically if you constantly wear your bra on the tightest hooks, you are more likely to wear out the elastic faster.  Some women buy bras with a bigger band size, & then hook them on the tightest hooks; but this is the wrong idea because it will wear out quicker.  To elongate the life of your bra, hook them on the outermost hooks.


-Your bra size fluctuates throughout the year, & most women have one breast that slightly bigger than the other.  Don’t focus on the number.  Most importantly, focus on fit.  Recommended: get a bra fitting at least once a year.  Your size changes on average, at least 6 times in your life!


-The best bras are adjustable: that come with flexible straps that can be removed / adjusted.

-You can have your bra tailored.  The shelf of a bra, that is, if you take care of it properly is about 1 year.  If you feel that the band is getting a little bit loose, you can bring it to a tailor, & they can make it slightly tighter for you.


-Don’t wear your bra two days in a row.  The same could be said for shoes.  Giving your bra a day off will help extend its life, because the elastic does break down over time over exposure to heat & oils from the body.  Regularly rotating your bras will help extend their lifespan!


-You should wash your bra every 3 to 6 wearings.  Washing by hand is best, or you can also use the mesh bags when you put them in the laundry.  Make sure you usually wash them with cold water, on a delicate cycle.  And always let them air dry.  Keep them away from the dryer!


Hopefully you’ll be taking care of your bras properly!  On the places to shop for lingerie on a budget, you can click on Lingerie!  And a new line featured in the US!  


  1. This article was very helpful, especially the don’t wear the same bra two days in a row and wear your bra on the outermost hooks. I never thought of those two hints to keep my bras lasting longer! Thank you!


  2. I would have never thought of bringing a bra to a tailor. I’ve had quite a few favorites that I wasn’t ready to let go of. I used to wash them by hand until investing in a mesh bag set. I love mesh bags for all of my delicates, especially bras.


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