My First Subscription Box From Sephora! And It’s Only $10!


How adorable is this?  Months ago I signed up for Play! by Sephora, but had to be put on a waitlist because so many people had already enrolled.  One day I finally got an email saying that I was eligible to receive my 1st box!  And it’s only $10 a month!  How exciting!  And I’m sharing with YOU guys, the contents of my box!  Here I list the products, my feedback as I test them, & links to the full size item at!




Atelier Cologne’s Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume, $25 for 1oz

This came in an envelope; with a postcard & the sample of perfume inside.  I’m not sure why such a small sample needed a big postcard.  Also the name is misleading as well: it’s a cologne but also has perfume in the same name?  So which one is it?  Is it a perfume or a cologne?  I took a whiff & for me it wasn’t pleasant.  It smells like burnt orange peels with a slight hint of flowers added in there.  Sorry, not for me.  My Verdict:  I’ll pass



Korres Wild Rose & Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial, $19 for 1.35oz

This is supposed to be a brightening facial mask, but this sample is too small for me to give any long term feedback.  It is a sleeping mask, & I put it on 1 night instead of my night cream.  It is moisturizing, & thank god not oily!  I woke up with my skin feeling soft; but at first glance it feels like any other night cream.  My Grade: B+



Origin’s Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask $17 for 1.7 oz, and Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask $17 for 1.7 oz

This is interesting..  2 masks from Origins..  After reading the instructions on the back, it comes with a maskimizer which is like a toner that you spray on before putting on one of their masks.  (I’m guessing this is just to prep the skin)

For Origin’s Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, you only need to leave it on for 10 & then rinse off.  After a few minutes, it started to harden (after all, it is a clay mask).  After rinsing, my skin was smoother.  My Verdict: B-

When I tried Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, it was a bit sticky, however I woke up with my face softer & smoother!  And I love the fact that it’s not oily!  Great deal!  My Verdict: A




Bite Beauty Lipstick Amuse Bouche in Kimchi, $26

This is a really moisturizing lipstick, but I only wish it didn’t come in this color!  Sephora has this tendency to include REALLY bright shades of pink in their makeup kits.  It is way too neon on me!  I will have to take it & use it in an ombre lip or something, to make it look less harsh.  My Grade: B




Tarte’s Tartiest Lip Crayon in Latergram, $18

I really wonder about these kind of names when it comes to makeup: Tartiest?  And it didn’t feel like a crayon; it felt more like drawing on my lips with a toothpick.  Uncomfortable?  Definitely.  Plus this shade is way too dark, I think for most people.  My Verdict:  I’ll pass



Bridgeo Don’t Despair Deep Conditioning Mask, $9 for 1 oz

Of course, this sample was only enough for one try, & I left it on for 15 min as instructed for ‘intensive treatment’.  However I felt like it performed like a weak hair conditioner.  There are lots of drugstore brands that do better than this.  My Verdict: I’ll pass


Bottom line: Do I think it’s worth it?  Yes!  I know, I did pass on some of the items in this box, but I checked one of the items online, & the lipstick alone is worth more than the box!  At $10 a month, this is a great deal!  Now being an Allure Beauty Box subscriber as well, I can see now that these subscription services are a ploy for you to buy the bigger product.  Sephora specifically will give you a booklet (that explains how to use the products) but says it’ll give you 50 beauty insider points if you bring it in store.

For me, it’s fun just to test them out, & to try things I would never otherwise buy.  Also, it gives me a chance to test out some higher end products, to see if it really is worth the price tag.  Did you like this review?  Check back for I’ll be posting reviews of my next box for Sephora!  Stay tuned..

Would you like to enroll in Play! by Sephora yourself?  (Tip: There will be a waistlist, since this is a highly coveted subscription) Click here to sign up!


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24 thoughts on “My First Subscription Box From Sephora! And It’s Only $10!

  1. Love the new “boxes fad”. I personally love the Ipsy glam bag, similar to this one, higher end, good brands… $10 USD (I must say that because I’m Canadian and we get attacked on conversion…its more like $20 to all you beautiful Canadians). They have a mix of full size and small samples, but no tiny little samples, I felt like you didn’t get enough. I subscribe to sephora emails and had no idea they had a box/bag. Like to see what they offer, keep it up 😉


  2. Thanks for sharing your Sephora review. I’ve wrestled with the idea of signing up, but tbh I haven’t been truly impressed yet with the unboxings that I’ve seen. I already get ipsy. Birchbox and allure so maybe I’ll just suck it up and give it a try, for 10$ it can’t really hurt.


    1. definitely $10 is not a lot, but there is a bit of a wait list to get a box. I had to wait a couple of months just to get my 1st one! Let me know what you get from Ipsy!


  3. I’ve never tried subscription boxes because it just seems like a waste when they’re usually sample sizes and there’s always only like one thing I might like, but this is the one box that has peaked my interest because I like a lot of the products and it’s so cheap.


  4. I’ve never tried subscription boxes because it just seems like a waste when they’re usually sample sizes and there’s always only like one thing I might like, but this is the one box that has peaked my interest because I like a lot of the products and it’s so cheap.


  5. I now want to try one of these boxes. I do hate it though, when I get samples of a product that are too small to really determine if the product works.


  6. I’ve been wanting to subscribe to a monthly beauty box for a while, so your review came at a great time for me. Is there a box which it totally personalized by skin type and makeup needs? I’m hoping to find one.


  7. I love subscription boxes, it’s like getting a present in the mail every month! I’m adding my name to the waitlist for the sephora one now 🙂


  8. Thank you for this review. I am always tempted by subscription boxes and have yet to find one that wouldn’t just accumulate stuff…


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