What’s In Your Beach Bag? The Essentials You Need Every Time You Go To The Beach Or Pool!


beach bag

Summertime!  Best time of the year!  Time to prep the beach bag!  And what should you throw in there?  You want to bring the essentials; things that you need but not overcrowd the bag.  You don’t want to drag a heavy bag back & forth between the beach and the car.  Ok, bathing suit, towel, and what else?



-A large beach towel.  Ideally when going to the beach, you should bring 2.  (1 for you to lie on, & the other to dry yourself off)  You don’t want to be drying yourself off with your towel that’s been lying in the sand.


bathing suit bikini

-Bathing suit.  And this runs the gamut of where you could pick this up.  The most important thing about a swim suit is that is fits well.  Don’t go too big or too small.  Of course, this can happen with changes in weight.  If it’s too small it might hurt (not to mention you risk having a wardrobe malfunction if the top is too tight), & too big you risk losing your swimsuit if god forbid you’re hit by a strong wave out in the ocean.  Most stores nowadays allow you to buy them separately, if you’re bigger / smaller on top or the bottom.


tunic cover up

-A coverup.  This allows for the convenience to slip on & off if you should wander into the water, without needing to change your whole outfit.  Caftans / tunics are always great choices!


aviator sunglasses

-Chic sunglasses.  And you’d definitely want a pair, to keep the sun out of your eyes.  And make it a chic pair; you’d want to pull off an Audrey-Hepburn-tanning-in-the-sun-kind-of look.  When in doubt, stick with aviators.  They’re timeless & look good on both genders.


aquaphor lip balm

Aquaphor, $4

-Lip balm with SPF.  You’d be surprised to know that the least protected part of our body is: our lips.  There are people who do get cases of sun poisoning, so stick to the safe side & pick a lip balm that has some SPF!


makeup brush bag

A waterproof makeup bag.  Ok this isn’t really the time to pack a lot of makeup, (you don’t want it dripping all over your face) this is convenient to put your wallet, your keys, so you don’t get sand in them or get them wet.  For makeup when swimming, I tend to stick to lip products (i.e. a  lip stain) so you can do a bit of touch up for pics, without having to be completely barefaced.


sandals flip flops

-Flip flops!  Of course, I prefer the kind that have a slight platform to them, or at least contoured slightly.  The great thing about flip flops (because they are inexpensive) you could wear them on wet or dry land, & just throw them in the washing machine at the end of the day.  Inexpensive & convenient!


neutrogena sunblock suncreen spf 45

Neutrogena’s Body Mist Sunblock, $11

-Sunblock.  You’d be surprised at how many people just skip sunblock.  Lots of women head towards anti-aging products, but don’t realize that sunblock is the most important anti-aging product of all!  And I feel bad for people that I see constantly put on sunblock that’s not waterproof (cause it washes off) or that’s not spray on.  Go the easy & simple route by getting a waterproof spray on sunblock!


shortssarong skirt 2underwear bras

-A set of clean dry clothes.  Me, personally I’ll wear my cover up to the pool / beach, & then afterwards I’ll change my bottoms to a pair of underwear & shorts.  I don’t like the feeling of sitting on a wet bathing suit, & just those 2 items are enough to complete my outfit.  Depending upon what you’re wearing on top, a sarong looks chic & easy to pull together.  Bring a fresh change of dry clothes that you can change into at the end of the day.


plastic bag

-A plastic bag.  You’d be surprised at how often people forget this too.  And where are you going to put your swimsuit on your way home?  You don’t want your soggy / sandy bathing suit packed into your bag with your towels.  (Or maybe you do!)  Once changed into fresh clothes, you can pack your wet swim suit away in a plastic bag, & just toss it into the washing machine once you get home.


water bottle

-Cool drinks.  I have a lightweight cooler bag that allows me to bring drinks to the beach / pool without lugging a heavy box.  Bring some drinks / snacks with you there in case the snack bar is overpriced.  I personally prefer to bring my own things vs. being forced to pay $5 for a bottle of water.


beach bag

-A colorful beach bag.  Well obviously you’ll need this.  Ideally get one made in canvas, & not straw, for straw bags will rip.  Also even better if it zips closed, so you can keep out sand / water.  And how big should it be?  Big enough to carry a few towels, & then you’re good to go.


Are you packed and ready to go?  Most importantly, don’t forget the sunscreen!


10 thoughts on “What’s In Your Beach Bag? The Essentials You Need Every Time You Go To The Beach Or Pool!

  1. I always like to take baby powder with me because when you go to leave the beach you just put some on you and it takes sand right off! x


      1. Thanks for this fantastic article. Now I know what to pack for my beach holiday in Bali 🙂


  2. When I take the kids swimming I always forget the plastic bags and extra dry clothes so they soak my seats on the way home sitting in wet towels. I’m thinking of going today so I will pack smart this time. The lip balm with spf is something I’m going to pack for me and the kids as well. I usually only carry it in the winter.


  3. I think I am all set for the beach! Although I am not in love with my current cover-up, so I might stop and grab myself a new one that I like more. I don’t go very far without my Neutrogena sunscreen – so important!


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