ALL THE SWIMSUITS YOU CAN BUY!! Where To Buy, & How To Take Care Of Them..

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The most affordable places to buy a swimsuit!  The great thing nowadays is that most stores sell 2 pieces separately, for we are not always the same size on top, as we are on the bottom.  As the summer season starts to begin, I’ll tell you where I get my best deals on swimsuits, and which ones you can shop online or in store!

Tip: Be careful & check the return policies of the store before you buy.  For some stores intimates / swimwear is NOT refundable.

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H&M:  I used to have a swimsuit also from H&M, and it lasted me years until the elastic finally wore out.  And you can always mix & match your pieces!  Their price range is like $10-$40 for a bikini.  They have tops & bottoms for only $5 each on sale!  How great is that?  Shopping: Online & In store

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Victoria’s Secret: They have some amazing, amazing swimsuits, and when on sale they’re as cheap as $30!  And they have a large variety of coverups online as well!  Tip: They don’t sell swimwear or clothes in store, so you must buy them online.  If you don’t like it, they offer the convenience of returning it in store!  So you don’t have to spend money on return shipping!  And hurry up because Victoria’s Secret is discontinuing their swimwear line!!  Shopping: Online only

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Venus:  This is a great site for swimsuits, but honestly I buy mostly clothes from them.  (They offer that too!)  And great coverups for when you’re not in the water.  They have bathing suits year round, both 1 and 2 pieces.  Shopping: Online only

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Target:  I just bought my last swimsuit from there.  And they offer a wide variety, from junior, missy, and also plus size!  And they’re so inexpensive they could be $30 for a bikini.  And you can pick up your sunblock & flip flops while you’re there, too!

Shopping: Online & and in store

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Aerie: A part of American Eagle Outfitter’s, they have really affordable bathing suits starting at $10 a piece!  And they have a large variety, from bikinis, one pieces, cover ups, and accessories as well!  From solid pieces to florals, this is more for the fun, funky girl.  Shopping: Online & in store

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American Apparel: They have pieces starting at $15!  However, they only have bikinis & one pieces only.  Shopping: Online & in store

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Forever21: How could I not mention Forever21?  This is like a woman’s best friend.  Also you will find some totes, flip flops that you can also bring to the beach!  Shopping: Online & and in store

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Joe Fresh: I didn’t even know they sold swimwear!  And their pieces start at like $16!!!  You can search among their bikinis, one pieces, & cover ups!  Nothing is over $40!  Shopping: Online & in store

71335_x This website specializes mostly in swim & resort wear.  They do have pricey items, but using their search filter you can find tops / bottoms starting at $30!  Shopping: Online only

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.15.53 PM They have some pricey & gorgeous swimsuits on this site.  BUT they do have good deals starting at $20-$30 for a top / bottom.  They have so many products that they have separate sections for tops, bottoms, coverups, one pieces, & many more!  Take a look at ALL the bathing suits they have to your heart’s content!  Shopping: Online only



To Try Something British: 


Top Shop: Bikinis start at $20!!  And they have almost 200 pieces from you to choose from!  Mixed in with one pieces, & caftans.  Shopping: Online only

338332277D2 Also coming to you straight from the U.K., they have over 200 pieces for you to choose from!  They have tops & bottoms that start at £8 ($13 USD!)  They have been making clothes since 1969, and have stores spread all over Europe, Asia & Africa!  You can get something shipped to your house today!


ASOS.COM: Their bikinis also start at $20!  And they have almost 2,000 pieces for you to choose from!!  From floral, to funky; from avant garde to cute; they offer plus sizes as well!  Try something British!  Shopping: Online only

One place I CAN NOT recommend: Old Navy.  I bought a swimsuit from them once, & every time it would get wet, the colors from the suit would bleed EVERYWHERE.  And ALL over my other clothes.  I mean I am budget friendly, but things that are TOO cheap are not worth it.




Tips on swimsuits & tan lines: If you hate tan lines it’s best to go with a string bikini, or a strapless one.  But never, EVER forget sunblock.  You want a bit of color, but do it safely.  Avoid swimsuits with strange cut outs, for the last thing you want is a diamond shaped tan mark on your back.

If you are plus sized: Best to go with a one piece bathing suit.  I think it’s best when girls are really curvy, it’s better to be more discreet.


Tips on cleaning them: If you swim a lot, or are going on vacation, best to have at least 2 swimsuits.  For me I hate to wear a wet bathing suit from yesterday.  Wear one, wash it, (you can even wash it with shower gel if you are on a trip) & let it hang to dry, while you wear a fresh dry one the next day.  When washing them at home, normally I just put them in mesh bags, like with some of my other intimates, and make sure you always wash them with COLD water.  Mesh bags you can pick up at the dollar store, Amazon, or Ikea.  Mesh bags are so convenient when it comes to delicates; I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to wash things by hand.

Usually it’s best to wash a swimsuit right away after swimming in it.  I know it’s not realistic, you probably want to wait til you have a full load of laundry, but our swimsuits do take a beating from chlorine & salt water.  Best to wash them by hand with some detergent, rinse, & hang dry, or just wash them inside the mesh bags, (with some other items) on a small cycle.  After swimming, you probably have a load of towels you probably want to wash right away as well.

bathing suit swim suit bikini

The best time to buy a swimsuit:  Is when summer’s almost over or when there’s a sale.  In July or August, they’re going to go on sale & many stores are already prepping for Fall items to come in.  The best time to buy Christmas decorations?  Right after Christmas is over.  Some people may find it silly & laugh, but YOU be the person that laughs all the way to the bank.  Remember, no one brags about buying anything full price, & the only person really concerned about your wallet is you.

Get your bikini on & get over to the pool or beach!  And never forget sunblock!  Spray on waterproof sunblock is always the best!

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