What’s In Your Beach Bag? The Essentials You Need Every Time You Go To The Beach Or Pool!


beach bag

Summertime!  Best time of the year!  Time to prep the beach bag!  And what should you throw in there?  You want to bring the essentials; things that you need but not overcrowd the bag.  You don’t want to drag a heavy bag back & forth between the beach and the car.  Ok, bathing suit, towel, and what else?

towels-A large beach towel.  Ideally when going to the beach, you should bring 2.  (1 for you to lie on, & the other to dry yourself off)  You don’t want to be drying yourself off with your towel that’s been lying in the sand.

bathing suit bikini-Bathing suit.  And this runs the gamut of where you could pick this up.  The most important thing about a swim suit is that is fits well.  Don’t go too big or too small.  Of course, this can happen with changes in weight.  If it’s too small…

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