My FREE Beauty Box From Walmart! Unboxing & Reviews!



My 1st beauty box from Walmart!  I get other beauty boxes, but the difference with this one, is that this one is FREE!  (You only have to pay for the shipping) For $5 Walmart sends me a beauty box, once a season.   Here is my unboxing, reviews, & links to the actual products!  (Pls note that the links will be for the full size product)



Plackers Micro Mint 12 count Dental Floss Picks in Travel Case, $6

This is actual full size; which is worth more than the value of the box itself!  I’ll be honest: I was never a fan of floss picks before I got this; it’s more of a thing that’s meant for my husband.  I love how this came in a case (that I can reuse!) & bring it with me wherever I go!  And flossing your teeth with floss picks is a lot more subtle (if you want to floss in public) vs. taking the conventional floss & running off to the bathroom so no one’s staring at you.  My Grade: B+



Gold Bond Ultimate Radiance Renewal Cream, 5.5oz, $6

I’m reluctant to try some new products at times, especially with lotions.  I’m a die hard fan of body butter, & most other lotions just feel like watery substitutes.  But I was pleasantly surprised by this one!  This one actually was thicker & more moisturizing than some body butters I’ve tried!  Sweet!  I’d buy a full size one!  My Grade: A



Soo Ae Donkey Milk Sleeping Mask, $2.50

Ah!  I do like sleeping masks.  There’s something that irritates me about sheet masks; just lying there for 15-20 minutes with nothing else to do & wait for the effects to kick in.  The great thing about sleeping masks is that it’s like a night cream, put it on, & get some shut eye.  But donkey milk?  I have tried goat milk based lotion, so this shouldn’t be that big a stretch.  My face was pretty soft in the morning.  And I was able to get a couple uses out of 1 packet!  Nice!  My Grade: A



Tresemme Tres Two Extra Firm Control Hairspray, $5

Strangely, they don’t sell this on  For me personally, I have a preference for hairspray that are light & don’t make your hair crunchy.  This I will say does have a strong hold.  If a strong hold, & budget friendly are what you’re looking for, I’d say this is a good bargain.  My Grade: B



SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo, $3, & SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Conditioner, $3

I always get tons of samples of shampoo & conditioner.  But usually the shampoo one I usually give away.  So I’m sorry I can’t give feedback on it.  But the conditioner was quite good; I’d recommend it.  My grade: B



Body Fantasies Layering Collection Eau De Toilette Sprays, $6 each (full size bottle), Body Fantasies Layering Collection Layering Kit, $17

I got a small packet of 2 perfume samples of body sprays.  One is called Cozy Cotton, & the other one is called Tropical Wish.  The Cozy cotton I’m not crazy about, Tropical Wish smells more like something I would wear.  I just checked on, & this is an actual set of roller ball perfumes you can buy!  I know that eau de toilettes are not well known for lasting long, but here I’m just commenting on the scent & whether or not I would get it.  My Grade: B+



Hello Extra Whitening Pure Mint Flouride Toothpaste, $5 (full size price)

Toothpaste!  I do like getting samples of toothpaste because I could always use them when I travel.  However, I tried this one & it tastes weird to me.  I’m sorry I couldn’t get past the taste & I couldn’t bear to even try it again.  My Grade: I’ll pass


Bottom line:  Would I recommend this to others?  Of course!  It’s only $5!  And the products that you get really vary from box to box, & it’s a sampling of beauty products sold at Walmart.  The great thing about getting beauty boxes in the mail is the the surprise; for you never really know what it’s inside.  What are you waiting for?  Click here to sign up for one yourself!


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