Cosmetics Found Exclusively At Walmart! And How To Get Their Beauty Box FREE!


flower beauty walmart

Walmart?  You probably wouldn’t think of this as a place to go for your beauty fixes, but it can be!  Like Target, they do have lines of makeup that they carry exclusively!  If I do drop by Walmart, I pick up things like cotton pads, nail polish, shampoo, & more!  Not only do you find the best prices on your daily staples, but you get access to these lines that are only sold at Walmart!


Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore

flower drew barrymore.jpg

An idea spawned by Drew Barrymore, she wanted to start a line of cosmetics that was affordable to all women.  Since releasing it in 2013, her products have won all kinds of awards!  From Redbook’s Most Valuable Products, to Allure Best of Beauty Awards!  On another note, a popular makeup artist staple, Madina Milano’s Chic & Shine Stick, is not sold here in the U.S.  According to fashion magazine Into The Gloss, Flower Beauty’s Chubby highlighter is the closest you can get to a dupe stateside.  And Drew herself boasts that they have trouble keeping it on the shelves!  Original conceived only for makeup, now it’s branding out into fragrance, & eyewear!  Click here to shop online!


Hard Candy

hard candy.png

There’s something that I love about Hard Candy.  I am a girl that loves sparkle, & they do have a wide variety of glitter nail polishes (they’re only $3-$4!), & eyeshadows!  I love their eyeshadow palettes, which come in these portable metal boxes.  Its like that you’re going to open a box of chocolates, but you’re really opening up a box of makeup!


hard candy sassy eyes eyeshadow palette.jpg

Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Sultry Eye Shadow Palette, $9

Comes in 3 different color palettes, big enough to hold 10 colors, & small enough to fit inside your bag!


hard candy strobing kit.jpg

Hard Candy Look Pro Ultimate Strobing Kit, $8

hard candy contour kit.png

Hard Candy Contour Kit, $8

Sold at Walmart only.  Heard of the trend of strobing?  (It’s not a new trend really, it’s just another word for ‘highlighting’)  They have this in a portable kit for you to grab & go!  And it’s only $8!

Click here to shop Hard Candy online at Walmart!


Moda by Royal & Langnickel

moda brushes

I’ve written about them on my blog before; Royal & Langnickel is a British based brush company, originally specializing in brushes for painting & watercolor.  Recently they started their own line of makeup brushes called Moda, sold either on their website, or exclusively at Walmart!  And you get great quality at great prices!  Check out their Prismatic Face Perfecting Kit, (a dupe for Artis makeup brushes) which are so popular that it’s constantly sold out on their website!  (And pssst: it’s cheaper at Walmart!)

moda prismatic face perfecting brush kit.png

Moda Prismatic Face Perfecting Kit, $17 at Walmart


Rude CosmeticsRude Cosmetics.jpg

A relatively new line of makeup, they sell professional tools at drugstore prices!  However, at the moment they’re not sold in store, but sold on  A lipstick is $6.  A concealer is $8 (and it’s waterproof!!)  And check out this highlighting palette that’s only $12!  Check all of their makeup at Walmart here!



rude cosmetics highlighting shimmer trio palette.jpeg

Rude Attitude Matte Lipstick, $6, Rude Reflex Waterproof Concealer, $8, Rude Cosmetics Highlighting Shimmer Trio, $12


Walmart’s Beauty Box

Walmart beauty box.png

And did you know that Walmart has a beauty box?  And that it’s free??  All you have to do is pay $5 shipping!  However, it is only sold 4 times a year, once a season.  Quantities are always limited so sign up for it!


Did you know that these brands were sold at Walmart?  Maybe, maybe not?  And recently Walmart has started offering free 2 day shipping!  (You must spend $35 minimum)  I’ve always believed, that if it’s affordable, any beauty product is worth exploring.  So then what are you waiting for?


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13 thoughts on “Cosmetics Found Exclusively At Walmart! And How To Get Their Beauty Box FREE!

  1. I had no idea that Walmart carried all of these products or a beauty box. I’m ordering the beauty box today with just 5 dollar shipping.


  2. I had no idea that Walmart has a beauty box. Amazing that it’s free too! I would love to get this!


  3. Awesome tip, I never knew that they had so much to offer. I have been visiting walmart more ever since they opened in my city.


  4. I enjoyed the article on Walmart beauty products. I was not aware that some of these were Walmart exclusives. I do like the Drew Barrymore line Flower Power. I will have to check out the entire line.


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