Substitutes For Tools Found At Sephora!


Ah Sephora.  Sometimes I feel like if God sent a makeup store down to earth, Sephora would be it.  Ok maybe not exactly it, but it comes pretty close I think.  I have mentioned it on my blog before that it’s my absolute favorite makeup store.  One of the most fascinating sections to look at are the tools that Sephora Collection has there.  After awhile of noticing the things they sell, they tend to be variations of different things that are already sold on the market.  Not sure what I’m talking about?  Keep reading to find out!


Here I will make a comparison of tools sold at Sephora, vs. a similar product already sold somewhere else (for cheaper!)

Eyebrow Razors

Sephora Collection Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set, $15, vs. Hearts Shop Womens Eyebrows & Facial Razors, 3 for $2

What are these?  I actually use these to define my eyebrows.  I can’t stand the pain of plucking or waxing, & this was the next best thing.  Usually they cost about $1 each; whereas Sephora sells 2 for $15.  Sorry, will pass & get the cheaper one.


Color Switch Sponge

stippling sponge.jpg

Sephora Collection’s Color Switch by Vera Mona Brush Cleaner, $14, vs. Color Removal Cleaner Sponge, $7, or Mehron’s Stippling Sponge, 3 for $5

And what’s this?  Not too long ago, a makeup company called Vera Mona came up with this idea of switching between colors while applying makeup, without alcohol or washing brushes.  And viola!  The founder Letty Calvo came up with the idea of swiping the makeup brush on a stippling sponge, effectively wiping off all the color!  So you can apply a color, swipe, apply another color & keep going!  Luckily there are dupes on the market, or you could buy a stippling sponge by itself for a few bucks!  For a demo video, watch this!


Eyebrow Stencils


Sephora Collection’s Fall In Line Brow Stencil Kit, $12, vs. E.L.F. Eyebrow Stencil Kit, $1

I know there are girls who obsess over their eyebrows; & why not?  They are 1 of the most recognizable features on our face!  However, you don’t need to spend $12 on 1, where you could get a whole set for $1!


Eyelash Curler

smoky eyeliner 2

Sephora Collection’s Show Curl Lash Curler, $16, vs. Sally Hansen’s Eyelash Curler, $3

And who doesn’t love good curled lashes?  But I’m not a big believer in spending a lot of money on one.  I have this one by Sally Hansen & it’s worked well for me!


Sephora Collection Things Are Looking Up Eye Lash Curler, $15, vs. Compact Travel Eyelash Curler, 2 for $7

I love travel eyelash curlers & the fact that they can go anywhere.  If you get the less expensive one, you literally will spend about half the amount & get double for the money!


Makeup Brush Cleansing Mat

brush trivet

Sephora Collection’s Polish Up Silicone Brush Cleansing Pad, $14, vs. Makeup Brush Cleaner Pad, $7

And you might ask, what’s this?  Some makeup artists love having a cleansing mat for when they wash their makeup brushes.  Made popular by Sigma Brushes, their cleaning mat costs a sweet $25!  Albeit a fancy tool, it’s usually not mandatory to have when cleaning makeup brushes.  Sephora came up with their own version, which is cheaper at $14.  Or you could get this one for $7, only a fraction of the cost of the original mat from Sigma!


Nail File

Sephora Collection’s Crystal Nail File, $10, vs. Crystal Nail Files, 5 for $3

And of course, every girl needs a nail file.  I do quite like glass ones, for they’re stronger than the disposable kind, but not harsh on the skin like metal ones.  I think in a makeup store near me they sell them for $2 each, or you can get them 5 for $3!  I’d say skip the one from Sephora (unless you really want the case that it comes with).



perfume 2

Sephora Collection Travalo Pocket Atomizer, $17, vs. Metallic Perfume Atomizer Spray, $5

I think atomizers are fun-and what do they do?  They’re basically small portable spritz bottles that allow you to bring your favorite perfume on the go!  You can open the portable bottle, spray into it (from your regular sized perfume bottle), pop the spray head back on, & viola!  Portable perfume!  If you want one, save yourself a chunk of money & get the one for $5.


Eyeshadow Applicators


Sephora Collection Confetti Sponge Tip Applicators, 10 for $7, vs. E.L.F. Eyeshadow Applicators, 4 for $1

I don’t personally love this, but I know there are a lot of girls that do.  The Sephora applicators cost about $.70 each, where the E.L.F ones comes to about $.25.  Especially if you’re buying a lot of them, get the ones from E.L.F.!


Silicone Mascara Wands

curl eyelashes mascara same time

Sephora Collection Disposable Mascara Wands, 12 for $7, vs. Disposable Silicone & Nylon Mascara Brush Set, 50 for $12

Some makeup artists will say that the magic of the mascara is all in the wand.  I do love having some of these silicone mascara wands on hand, allowing you to have a variety of them to play with.  And you don’t need to throw them away; clean them with a bit of rubbing alcohol & then you’re good to reuse!


Weekender Travel Bag

Sephora Collection Sweet Perspective The Weekender, $38, vs. Sonia Kashuk’s Weekender, $20

Whenever I travel I always bring a weekender makeup bag.  I love that I can just unzip it, & see everything that I have through the clear plastic dividers.  And when I’m on the go again, just fold, & zip it up!  I always get one in plastic, (not fabric) just in case something leaks, I can just rinse the bag & hang it to dry!  However the one by Sephora is almost double the price of a regular weekender bag!


There are times when I do love the new fangled tool, invention, or whatever item that’s on that market.  However, as much as I love Sephora, I’m going to save my money if there’s a dupe already out on the market, or where I can get a better deal.  And why not do the same?

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8 thoughts on “Substitutes For Tools Found At Sephora!

  1. I am scared to use the razor on myself cause I might cut my eyebrow off, so I like to get them waxed, but than again I have no idea how to shape my own brows, lol! I have always wanted to try the crystal nail files but I thought they were too pricey, thanks for the great discount tips!


  2. I enjoyed reading this article about the comparison of tools sold at Sephora, vs. a similar product already sold somewhere else (for cheaper!) I really agree with the Sally Hanson eye lash curler. I have this one too!


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