Shopping Hacks For H&M!

H and M Rendering

*Sigh* H&M..  Love it or hate it, H&M is one of the fastest growing companies worldwide in the new millennium.  Some people shop there so often that they probably know the store inside & out.  But did you know that there are short cuts you can take?


-Best time to shop is in the a.m.  The store is clean, organized, & no line for the dressing room!


-New items are featured in store before online.  If you really like something, best to snatch it up quick!


-Check back for new deliveries.  The larger stores restock every day, whereas the smaller stores restock a couple times a week.


-Get on their mailing list!  Get special discounts & coupons sent right to your email!  And when you subscribe, you get 25% off!  Sign up here!



-Download the H&M app, & follow them on social media.  When you sign up for their email, they do send out coupons that can be 20-30% off.  There might be a chance that you get a 30% off coupon after you download the app!  Following them on social media keeps you in tune with discounts, events, & sales!


-Scan bar codes with the app to find your size online.  If a store happens to be out of stock in your size, you can scan the item with the app, & it’ll pull it up on the website for you!  If it’s not the exact same thing, they will recommend something similar!


-Teachers & students get a semi-annual discount.  It’s usually about 15% off for teachers & students, on special discounts days twice a year.  Sign up for their mailing list to get notifications for the next one!


-The best times to shop are in the Fall & Summer.  The best sales go on in November & June.  Also check them out for their deals on Black Friday!


-If a store is sold out of your size or color, a sales advisor can contact another store for you!


-They have a generous return policy.  Their policy gives you 30 days to return an item (with receipt) for a full refund.  If it is past 30 days, or you don’t have a receipt, you can exchange it for store credit / gift card.  Also, if you buy something online, & don’t feel like returning it in the mail?  Return it in store to avoid the shipping fee!


-Donate used clothes for 15% off in store!  H&M has started a garment collecting initiative in 2013 & has collected over 40,000 tonnes of clothes!  Donate any type of clothing you want, (even if it’s a towel) & when you bring it to the register you can get 15% off your whole purchase!


h&m beauty products

-They started beauty & skincare lines in 2013.  Shop from a wide variety of makeup, nail polish, lotions, brushes (and more!) that are reasonably priced (and you can always get the 15% off with them!)  Click to shop here!


-Use the 15% off to combine with sales, to save even more money!  Usually coupons are not combinable, but the rare exception is the 15% off when you donate something.  What are you waiting for?


-Get a deeper discount with gift cards!  You can get your hands on some discounted gift cards at, &!  Raise has discounts up to 16%, giftcardgranny has up to 30%.  Donate a piece of clothing for a whopping 45% off!!


-They started a Conscious Exclusive Collection.  As a product of their garment collecting initiative, they have begun to make recycled clothing!   Their Conscious Exclusive collection has pieces that are made from BIONIC, a polyester made from recycled plastic! They also use lyocell, cotton, & recycled polyester in this collection!

h&m conscious exclusive.pngA dress from H&M’s Conscious Exclusive Collection 

-Some of their pieces in the Conscious Sustainable collection is made up of 20-30% from recycled garments!

-Keep in mind that their sizing runs small.  You may have to go up a size (or two!), keep that in mind that it’s the brand, not you.


Which tip did you like most?  Or will be using?  Check out my other articles on H&M or drop a line below!

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9 thoughts on “Shopping Hacks For H&M!

  1. I love these tips! I had no idea about the donation program so thats awesome, will definitely use it!


  2. Thanks for all these great ideas! My girlfriends are always raving about H&M, but I’ve never really checked them out enough – but I will now 😉


  3. I really like H&M and these are some good tips. I especially like the idea of scanning the barcode to find out if they have your size online.


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