How To Use Every Last Drop Of Your Makeup!



Are you tossing out your beauty products before you finish them?  Or you just don’t know how to get down to the very bottom?  Keep reading to find out!


mascara saline.jpeg

-Get to the bottom of your mascara with saline solution.  You could also do this with gel eyeliner, or cream eyeshadow!  Did you ever want to finish a mascara but it’s starting to dry out?  Add a few drops of saline solution to bring it back to life!



-Or put it a glass of warm water.  Warming it up to loosen the product off the sides of the tube.  However, if it’s past its prime, it may be time to toss it.



-Loosen a tight nail polish bottle also with a cup of warm water.  You only need to dip the handle, for the warm temperature can change the consistency of the polish.


false eyelashes spoolie.png

-Clean up your false lashes with rubbing alcohol.  I’m sure you bought an expensive pair of false lashes that you just don’t want to throw away after 1 use.  And why should you?  Dampen a spoolie with rubbing alcohol to clean up the lashes.  Get some eyelash glue to reuse!


lipstick lighter.jpeg

-Fix a broken lipstick with a lighter.  My heart sinks when this happens to someone.  Imagine if it were high end lipstick?  Take the 2 ends, & warm both of them with the lighter, & seal them back together before it dries.  To make sure that it has set, close the lipstick & place in the freezer for 10 minutes.  Viola!  Lipstick is healed!


-Scoop out the last drop of your lipstick & put it into a container!  Have you ever gotten to the bottom of a lipstick & wished that you could get more out of it?  You can!  I actually stumbled this on instagram, where an Italian beauty blogger actually dug out the remaining part of her lipsticks, melted it in a spoon, & then poured the liquid lipstick into a separate makeup container!  To watch the video click here!


Avene Ultra Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion, $19, Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil Free Foundation, $14

lotion foundation.png

-Get to the end of your foundation with lotion.  If you have trouble getting to the bottom of your foundation bottle by adding some lotion to it, & shake.  (Or you could mix them into a small container)  Of course, use a light weight face lotion.  This way you can turn it into a tinted moisturizer!  This is great for women who like foundation, but like sheer coverage.  If your foundation comes in a tube, try the next tip to get to the bottom.


-Cut open a tube to get to the very last of the product.  Whether it’s foundation, hair conditioner, lotion, etc, when you think that you’re about finished with a tube, you’d be surprised much remains inside when you cut it open!  Usually I slide the top half to fit in the bottom, (as pictured) or you could spoon it out into a travel sized container!


-Store your perfumes, body mists, & nail polishes in the refrigerator.  Giving them a cool, dry environment extends the shelf life of these products!



-Fix a broken eyeshadow or blush with rubbing alcohol or coconut oil.  Pour a few drops of either rubbing alcohol or coconut oil into & smooth the powder with a clean spoon, & allow to dry.  Alcohol will return it to its solid form, while coconut oil will turn it into a cream blush / eyeshadow!


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 1.56.50 PM

-Or mix powdered makeup with vaseline to make your own custom shade lipstick!  I mentioned this in a previous post, 8 Hidden Uses In Your Eyeshadow Palette! If there’s a shade you would love as a lipstick, by all means scrape a bit off your makeup palette & mix with vaseline!  Apply with a lip brush!


Kiko Cosmetics Pigment Loose Eyeshadow, $5 each, Kleancolor or L.A. Colors Loose Eyeshadow, $1 each

pigment into nail polish.jpeg

-Turn a loose pigment into a new shade of nail polish!  Loose pigments are very versatile products; you could use them as eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, the list goes on!  By pouring some into a bottle of clear nail polish, you can create your own custom shade!


cream-travel-size-containerperfume organizer

-Make your own scented lotion with perfume!  Are you like me, that keeps on getting perfume samples but don’t know what to do with them?  Now you can turn it into a scented lotion if you want to!  You could add a few drops of perfume into a small tube of lotion, or you could mix the 2 into a travel sized container!


how to use the last of lip gloss.jpeg

-Get to the bottom of your lip gloss by removing the plastic ring around the neck.  The ring in your lip gloss is meant to squeeze off excess before you apply.  However if you’re down to the bottom, you could remove it to get to the very end.  Hey if your lip gloss is expensive, or has been discontinued, why not?


woman makeup

I’ve listed here all kinds of tips to salvage, or get to the last drop of your makeup!  Is there one that you can think of that I haven’t mentioned?  Drop a line below!


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20 thoughts on “How To Use Every Last Drop Of Your Makeup!

  1. Omg 😲…this is so helpful! Loved this! Will be doing all this…that’s money in the bank!!! Thanks again for sharing!


  2. This is so helpful! I’m definitely going to use some of these tips! Makeup is expensive so being able to get the most out of it is so worth it! Thanks so much for sharing this!


  3. I especially hate getting down to the bottom of my moisturizer – they’re so expensive! I have cut open more than one tube to get a few more uses out of them. I have also been know to dig out the last of a favourite lipstick with a butter knife…


  4. oh wow! I never thought of using saline solution in my dry mascara…duh! There is no telling how many I have thrown away…knowing that they still had some life! Thank you for the tips!


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