The Most Affordable Makeup Ever!

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*Sigh*  Makeup..  Probably the most fun part of being a girl!  But not all of us can afford to spend $30 on a single lipstick, or want to; as glamorous as it might be.  As especially in this day & age, lots of drugstore makeup can be just as convincing as their high end counterparts.  And in all honesty, i.e. I have found drugstore mascara far better than high end ones.  I wrote an article once, THE BEST PLACES TO SHOP FOR MAKEUP & ACCESSORIES ON A BUDGET!!, where I featured all kinds of places to buy makeup & accessories on a budget.  But what are they?  You can probably name a few brands, but do you know all of them?  Here I will list all the least expensive makeup on the market!


elf store

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E.L.F. Makeup Remover Wipes, $2, E.L.F. Tone Correcting Powder, $4, E.L.F. Powder Brush, $4, Concealer Brush, $3, Eye Primer & Liner Sealer, $3, E.L.F. makeup brush set $30 for 11 brushes,

-E.L.F.  I’ve written about them before in the past; which stands for Eyes.  Lips.  Face.  They’re my ultimate go to brand for makeup brushes when I don’t feel like spending a fortune on them.  And lots of their products are $1-$3!  One of my favorites to get from them are their false eyelashes, which only cost $2!  They usually sell their products in Target, CVS, & Walmart, but they’ve also recently started their own stores, which I’ve been lucky enough to stop by.  And let me tell you when I was there it was packed with women lining up to by their products!


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Wet N Wild’s Cream Glitter Eyeshadow $1, Photofocus Setting Spray $5, 1 Step Wondergel Nail Color $5, Makeup brushes $1-$4 each

Wet N’Wild  I’ve mentioned them before, but they’ve changed a lot since I was a kid!  Supposedly they sell an eyeliner every 20 seconds!  I remember when I was a kid, they only offered eyeliners & lipsticks.  Now they’ve branched out in a wide variety of different products!  They pride themselves that they came out in 1979 with $1 lipsticks & nail polishes, and their prices have stayed the same ever since!


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L.A. Colors Shimmering Loose Eyeshadow $1, L.A. Colors Matte Lipstick $1, L.A. Colors Lip / Cheek Tint $1, L.A. Colors Shimmering Loose Eyeshadow $1

L.A. Colors  You’d be surprised at how many products are only $1!  One of the few drugstore makeup brands that’s budget friendly & cruelty free!


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 Essence Gel Nail Polish $2Essence Soo Glow Highlighter $4, Essence’s Say No To Imperfections Concealer $3, Essence Blush Box $10, Essence Contour Powder $4,

Essence  This German import is making their debut stateside!  Find them in your local Target or Ulta, and almost everything is $10 or under!


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Animal Lip glosses $4, Hairbrush $5, Shimmer Lip Gloss $2, Nail Polish $4,

Forever21  Yes it seems that our favorite fast fashion store offers lots of makeup & accessories too!  And when you check out the beauty section of your local Forever21, you can find some Korean cosmetics mixed in as well!  However, to find a wider variety & avoid the long lines, shop online!


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NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Eye Shadow Kit $5,  NYC New York Color Eye Shadow $3, NYC New York Color Matte Lip Color $2, NYC New York Color Waterproof Eyeliner $2,

NYC New York Colors  You might have seen this in your local drugstore.  Recently they started a collaboration with pop star Demi Lovato, called Lovatics.  The Demi Eye Shadow Kit (seen above) is widely seen as a dupe for Urban Decay’s Nude Palette.  Get it literally for 1/5 the price!


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Shany Cosmetics 24 Color Nail Polish Set $20, Shany Cosmetics Eyeliner Set $10, Shany Cosmetics Lip Gloss Set $13, Shany Cosmetics 88 Color Eyeshadow Palette $18

Shany Cosmetics  They are more well known for their large makeup kits.  They may not seem like a great deal at first glance, but when you check out how much you’re getting for the price it’s actually a great deal!  And these make great presents!


Click on the name of the brand to shop for more products!  If anything, makeup is supposed to be expressive & fun!  Here are examples that you can get what you want, & not let it break your wallet!  Go out & put your best face forward!



32 thoughts on “The Most Affordable Makeup Ever!

  1. I’m so glad you did a post on this! I have recently started using wet & wild again (I hadn’t used it in years) and I really like it so I was looking for more beauty budget brands. I’ve never heard of Essence but for the price I’ll have to check it out


    1. Thank you! I agree! That’s why I started writing in the first place! Because we want to look good, but not spend a fortune! Check back for more articles!


  2. I love the Essence products too. So affordable but good quality too. Just a side note-their make up pencil sharpener is of equal quality to ones I have gotten at Sephora for $30!


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