The Most Elegant DIY Gifts!

Fabulous DIY gifts!  My interest was piqued when I was searching for inspiration when I wrote Have A Wedding To Go To? Check Out This List Of Inexpensive Wedding Gifts!, & I came across some lovely DIY gifts that I had never seen before.  And if I’m going to be making anything, it’d better be really chic presents; sorry I’m not the make-your-own-throw-rug-out-of-yarn kind of person.  And here they are: the most chic DIY gifts!


coffee filter paper flowers.jpg

Painted Paper Flowers.  Did you know that these lovely flowers were made from coffee filters?  How pretty!  For some reason I prefer displaying artificial flowers around the house; vs. the real thing (unless it’s a plant) which will die.  An easy, beautiful way to brighten up a room!


ombre bag.jpg

Dip Dyed Ombre Bag.  This is actually quite simple, & beautiful!  Ombre is a dip dying method, made popular by the French.  In the past it used to be found only in expensive fabrics; now you can find ombre dyed clothes at your local department store!  You do have to get a bottle of Rit fabric dye; I was familiar with it because in fashion we do use it from time to time.



Gilded Agate Coasters.  Look complicated, don’t they?  Actually it’s quite easy!  This blogger bought Agate from Urban Outfitters, & then painted the edges in gold.  An easy, & gorgeous gift!


glass candle holders.jpg

Elegant Candle holders.  Doesn’t this look like something you would find at Neiman Marcus?  Did you know that these candle holders were made from glasses, rubber bands, & spray paint?  And so chic!


doily candle holder.jpg

Doily Candle Holder.  Another lovely candle holder idea!  And this one is made of paper doilies!



Watercolor Dipped Mugs  How beautiful are these?  And if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, how do you do that?  All you need are plain coffee mugs, nail polish, & a container of water.  You could literally make this in a few minutes!


DIY gifts

Instagram cards.  The instructions on how to  make them are actually more complicated than they should be; all you need to do is to print out your favorite photos on card stock!  Have a ruler, scissors (more ideally, a paper trimmer for sharp edges), & viola!  Personalized cards!


bath bombs

Homemade Scented Bath Bombs.  Have you heard of them?  Made popular by LUSH, they’re powdered bath fizzies that that melt once they touch water.  So popular that lots of imitations have popped up!  And now, you can make it in your own home!  And why not?  This would make an amazing present!


bubble bath bottle

Custom Made Bubble Bath & Monogrammed Bottle.  This is actually quite lovely; & the blogger who lists the instructions for it recommends it as a gift for your bridesmaids!  But after reading her instructions, all I see is that you literally print out a label on your computer, & stick on an empty bottle with double stick tape.  *Yawn*  I say secure it with some mod podge, making your bottle waterproof & won’t ruin your custom made label.  Click on the link for your own bubble bath made from scratch!


Photo coasters

Photo coasters.  So cute..  And who wouldn’t love this?  It never dawned on me that you could make them from tiles!  The only tip I would give is to pick good quality photos; not really bad amateurish ones.


marbled clay ring dish

Marbled Clay Ring Dish.  And how pretty are these for mom?  And you could brag to her that you made these yourself!  (Unfortunately these dishes are not safe for food)


monogram soap bottle

Monogrammed Soap Bottles.  This would be a great gift for a couple, or for kids!  For a couple you could write a personalized message; for kids you could put their names with fun images!



Tie Dye Bookmarks.  Aren’t these beautiful?  And would you imagine that they’re made with a vinegar bottle & sharpie markers?  I think this a great gift for any bookworm, or a way to encourage kids to read!


printed candles

Printed Candles.  How lovely are these?  The instructions here show you how to do are for Christmas, but you literally could put any image you want on a candle!  A great personalized gift!

Was this inspiring?  Do you feel like going out now & making some presents?  Give a special present & have fun while doing it!


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11 thoughts on “The Most Elegant DIY Gifts!

  1. These are so cool! I really love the doily bowls and nail polish dipped mugs – I have all kinds of doilies from my thrift store digging and polish that turned out to be the wrong, wrong color. I’m keeping them for myself though. 😉 I’m refinishing a cabinet with chalk paint and the bowls would be gorgeous on it.


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