Get Organized.. With Things You Get For Free!


Getting organized..  seems like the question of the new millenium.  From Pinterest to Youtube, the internet is chock full of ideas on how to get organized.  Whether its some fancy unit that you can buy, to DIY ideas, it seems like the options are never ending.  So how is this article different?  Here I’m posting all kinds of ideas of getting organized with things you can get for FREE!


Get organized with:



Easy To Make Makeup Storage Using Shoe Boxes Find Fun Art Easy Crafts Step By Step Easy Crafts Step By Stepmap-covered-shelf-organizing-boxesshoebox organize boxesUse-a-Shoebox-to-Organize-Your-Necklaces-and-Bracelets

underwear bras lingerie

Shoeboxes as jewelry organizers, storage boxes, & drawer dividers

This idea I actually got from Marie Kondo, a highly acclaimed Japanese organizational consultant, (her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering & Organizing, has been published in more than 30 countries!) who has said that shoeboxes are one of the greatest tools of organizing.  She claims that when clients have invited her to their homes for her services, usually one of the first questions she asks is: “Do you have any empty shoeboxes?”  And you don’t have to stop with just the box.  The lid is quite useful too!  Shoebox lids are great as kitchen drawer liners, & you can also use them (like a tray) to hold all of your bottles & spices inside the cabinet.  Or you can use it to mount your necklaces!  (Shown above)


Clear Plastic Bags:

shoes in a plastic bag.png

Whenever I get clear ones from takeout food, I always save them for when I travel.  I particularly love for holding shoes; whereas if I used a a non clear bag I would have to guess what’s inside them.  Also there are times when I will grab a stash of plastic bags from the grocery section at the supermarket, & use them for lots of things!  They are great for storing things in the freezer, (i.e. if I have extra food or vegetables I want to freeze, toss em into a bag, tie it closed, & put it in the freezer!)  I hate to admit it but I also use the same clear grocery bags to hold my jewelry in my suitcase, when I travel.  Why spend more money on plastic bags, when you get that for FREE?


-Zip Up Bags For Bedding

bedding bag shoeshow-to-reuse-stuff-bedding-bags

You know when you buy sheets, duvets, or pillow cases, they come in clear zip up bag?  I’ll bet that most people throw them away.  Honestly every time I get my hands on one, I save it.  I’m a fashion designer, & I do have my own stash of markers & professional coloring pencils.  I felt that the bag that your sheets come in, can also do a double duty as a pencil case!  You could use them to hold anything for arts & crafts, clothing, toys, jewelry, accessories, and first aid kit??  Why are people throwing them away when they’re so useful?


-Wire Hangers

Wire hangers?  “No wire hangers ever!”  The infamous line from Mommie Dearest.  There are people who do use wire hangers in their closet, or others who toss them away.  Honestly, I’m one of latter.  When I pick up clothes at the dry cleaner, I usually give them back to them, or I just recycle them.  But I didn’t know of all the possibilities with wire hangers!  You can use them to hang up your shoes, glasses, belts, scarves, & more!  Supposedly you can also get rid of static cling just by running a wire hanger over the surface of your clothes!  Check out this video that gives you 20 uses with wire hangers!


-Toilet Paper Rolls


Can you believe that the above items were all made with toilet paper rolls??  Apparently as human beings, we throw away a record 17 billion toilet paper rolls every year!  And it was enough for a toilet paper company, Scott, to start making tubeless toilet paper.  Did you know that you can make a cell phone holder with toilet paper rolls?  Pen & pencil holder?  Check out this list of 23 things you can do with toilet paper rolls!


-Chocolate Box

ferrero rocher chocolate box jewelry makeup holder.png

I actually stumbled across this on Youtube, where a blogger named Ash XL Reviews shows you 8 different ways you can use a Ferrero Rocher box of chocolate!  You could use the box as is, or if you’re really crafty she shows you how to add some hinges to turn it into a functional jewelry box!  And it looks quite lovely on a vanity!


-Hotel Toiletries

hotel toiletries.jpg

I don’t know about others, but my dad LOVES to collect use these things.  If you find yourself (like me) collecting them but not really using them, there are a bunch of things you can do!  You could save them for guests (the toothbrushes are great for this), donate them (there are charities that could use them for the homeless), give them away as gifts (mix them up in a gift basket with other things or stocking stuffers), use them on your next trip & more!  You could take a bath sponge, slit it open slightly on the side, insert a hotel bar of soap, & use it the next time you shower for a nice lather!  Maybe this makes me sound dorky, but I like to save the shower caps they offer.  I do like to give myself a hair mask, & the shower caps come in handy for that.  Or you could use them to store your shoes (mentioned above).


-Cookie Tins

popcorn cookie tins reborncookie tin candle stickscookie tincookie tin tea holdercookie tin makeup boxcookie tin gift box

cookie tins candlesticks.jpg

You know for years, my mom had a sewing kit, with everything saved inside a large cookie tin box.  Eventually she passed it to me, & if I hadn’t read the label on the side of the tin, I would’ve never known that it was originally a box for cookies!  And there are so many options of what you can do with them!  You can make a recycled gift box, redecorate them into makeup boxes; boxes for tea, sugar, coffee, etc & other things for the kitchen.  Or if you feel really crafty, you could take some candle sticks & cookie tins and make your own tiered organizer!  Use it in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom!  If you would like a sturdier version (where you have to drill holes into the tins) click here, or if you would like a simpler version where you would use a heavy duty glue instead.


-Plastic Soup Containers

plastic soup containers.jpg

I always get lots of these!  Whether it’s soup, noodles, sauce; I always find myself with more than I need after I’ve had takeout.  And sometimes I have too many on hand that I end up recycling some of them.  Whenever I cook rice, I always store them in a large soup container.  They are great for storing leftovers, holding dry food items in the kitchen like seasonings, sugar, salt, flour, pasta, etc., giving away food, separating food when you’re about to cook, the list goes on!  You could also use them in other places in the house, like you could use the large container to hold things like pencils, markers, or crayons; the smaller ones you could use to hold things like paper clips, hair accessories, bobby pins, earrings, rings, it’s up to you & your imagination!


-Recycled Magazines

Recycled Magazine flowersRecycled Magazine bows

I do love magazines from time to time, but I hate to admit it they are a huge waste of paper.  You buy it, read it, hang onto to it for a period of time, & eventually recycle it.  It’s like buy, read, throw away.  But now, you don’t have to!  I think this is a great project to embark on especially if you have children!  You can make paper flowers, bowls, gifts bows, picture frames, wall decorations, etc.  Click here for a list of ideas that you can do with old magazines!


-Jewelry boxes

jewelry box clutch.jpg

You know the lovely boxes for jewelry that you may get when you buy them or get them as gifts?  Did you know that you can turn it into your very own custom made clutch?  Check out this video here!



What did you think of this list of things you can utilize that are FREE?  I’m sure there’s something else out there that I didn’t cover.  Is there something else you would like for me to add?  Which one of these ideas do you plan on using?  I have written some articles that are environment friendly.  And like I said before, the best things in life are free!


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  1. Turning shoeboxes into jewelry boxes is such a great idea, the first picture of the remade box is so pretty! I nnever thought to reuse the bedding bags, but that is a really good idea!

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