How To Alter Your Clothes.. Without Sewing Anything!

turtleneck and dresses

Ever wanted to alter clothes but don’t have the time to go to a tailor?  Or just don’t want to be bothered with the fuss?  Here are some tricks & tips for adjusting your clothes without picking up a thread or needle!


scarf spaghetti strap dress.jpg

-If your straps are too long: you could adjust your straps (evenly) and safety pin the excess underneath your top / dress.  Or you could the advice from fashion blogger To Vogue Or Bust, where she takes a scarf, & weaves it through her straps, adjusting them to make them higher.


-If your dress is too long: There are actually a couple things you could do: you could belt it, & pull some of the excess fabric up above the belt.  Or you could take a hair tie, or rubber band & tie up the excess at the hem.  You could tie it on the outside, but for a lovely cascade tie it on the inside, & allow the fabric to drape down.


black pants

-If your pants are too long: If your pants, (or dress) is a little bit too long, you could always throw on some heels so that you’re not stepping all over your hem.  You could also roll up the hems (for cool rolled up cuffs), or safety pin them in place.  However, for a long term fix you will need to have it hemmed.


tied t shirt shorts.jpg

-If your t-shirt is too long: Again, you could tie it with a rubber band or hair tie, in the front, or on the side, or even the back!


turtleneck and dresses

-If your dress / top is too revealing: You could wear a shirt underneath, making it more demure vs. revealing.


girl sweater tucked in pants.jpg

-If your skirt / pants are a bit big & falling down: of course, you could go the old fashioned route & just belt it.  Or you could take your top & tuck inside your pants / skirt.  You could do the fashion girl thing & tuck 1 side, & leave the other half hanging out.


Or if you are wondering what a tailor can do for your clothes, click to read Why your tailor is your best friend & what they can do for you!


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19 thoughts on “How To Alter Your Clothes.. Without Sewing Anything!

    1. I’m glad you liked it! I’m a petite girl, & it helps to shop in that section! I find that if I go there for pants, I don’t need to hem anything!


      1. I shop in the petite sections also, but some brands or designers haven’t caught up to making clothing in petite or short sizes yet!


    1. thank you! I’m glad you liked it! I have another article, called The Art Of Layering, how to transition your spring clothes into Fall! Definitely check that out!


  1. These are great tips. I have average sewing skills and I really only learned so I can make adjustments to my clothes. I work in clothing store and like to be able to make little changes here and there – all my coworkers wonder why the stuff always fits me better!!

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