Things That Every Fashionable Woman Should Have!


There are certain things, that all fashionable women have.  They tend to be tried & true classics, or things that every tasteful woman tend to acquire.  At some point in your adult life, you grow out of colorful hair ties & beat up sneakers, & you want some things that are more sophisticated & refined.  But what are they?

-A timeless bag.  Invest in a bag that you literally could use for years, any time of the year.  Designers have named bags after women they were inspired by.  Marc Jacobs has named several bags after friends / muses; most famously the Sofia bag, after Sofia Coppola when he was the head designer at Louis Vuitton.  An Hermès bag made famous by Grace Kelly was named the Kelly bag.  If you could have a bag named after you, which bag would it be?

-A chic winter coat.  Another wise investment; pick something in a neutral color & good quality.  When taken care of properly, a good coat could last you years & years!

turtleneck jewelry women

-Jewelry you wear all the time.  Whether they’re studs in your ears, a necklace, or watch that’s a family heirloom, add a classy touch by wearing a piece of jewelry.  Carolina Herrera famously loves stacks of bangles.  And you?  What is your signature piece of jewelry?

perfume organizer

-A signature scent.  Perfume has been scientifically proven to get men’s blood flowing!  Perfume can turn them on, or evoke memories.  If perfume has that kind of effect on a man, don’t you think you should get some?  If you would like to see a list of what kind of scents turn men on, click here!

lips lipstick

-A versatile lip color.  Pick a shade that’s flattering on you, but something you could wear almost anywhere.  Sorry, no gold shimmer, or black lipstick.  Got a date?  Meeting some friends?  Have to go to work?  Pop on that lip color & you’re ready to go.  Tip: Get one that’s a lip cheek stain, so for those days you’re in a rush, you can add some color to your lips & cheeks all in 1 product!

women's suits ny & co

-A well fitted suit.  Lots of women will need this for work, but most importantly, the job interview.  You may have a job that doesn’t require it, but at some point you will need one.  You may need it for a meeting, presentation, or even on parent teacher night!  (Your children’s teachers will take you far more seriously if you are dressed well, vs. a slob)  Be on the safe side & have one in your closet.


-Classic shoes.  You need classic shoes whether they’re pumps, flats, or boots; something sophisticated that you could wear every day.  At some point you have to take those beat up Keds or Converse sneakers, throw them away, & replace them with something chic!

woman model.jpg


How many items do you have?  Can you think of another that every woman should have?  Also check out this list of related articles & for places to shop!

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21 thoughts on “Things That Every Fashionable Woman Should Have!

  1. great list – I have a few of these items – but its hard finding a classic suit being plus size and wearing orthotics I have the same problem find classic shoes or any shoes really that i can wear


    1. Dear Louisa May,

      I have an article on affordable plus size clothing, you should check it out! Sorry to hear that you have to wear orthotics, I used to wear them & I can only imagine how difficult it can be! I did write an article called Tricks For Shoes For Wide Feet, you should check it out! I hope I have helped you!


  2. Excellent advice. I’ve had a signature scent since I was 14 and it’s one I get compliments for regularly.


  3. Great list! I wanted my signature scent to be JPG Classique when I was a little bit younger but I couldn’t help myself to exploring other scents. There are too many gorgeous bottles and fragrances to try and it’s so hard to find “the one”.


  4. I have trouble with signature scents. There are a lot of good ones. I tend not to like floral scents. Instead I love more masculine scents that are spicy and woodsy. My taste changes from time to time and I try something new. I like perfume samples for this reason. Some of the department stores will make a small sample for you to take with you. This helps. It is hard to choose in the store.


    1. I agree! If you ever travel, I love to buy coffrets (sample sets of perfume) at duty free! This lets me try them without buying the whole bottle! If you love something, go for it!


  5. I would go beyond just having a fitted suit – really, all one’s clothes should be fitted properly. I’m also always aware that clothes that look good on a hanger were made to look good on a hanger.


  6. I have a stack of sterling and bronze bangles that I wear almost every day, I add a new one every year or so.
    I’ve also worn Coco by Chanel since I was 17 (26 years ago!) but I love fragrance so much that I wear others as well. Right now, Prada Ambre and J’Adore are the other 2 go to fragrances I’m wearing.


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