How To Make Any Outfit Look Expensive!



These days, you can make any outfit look expensive.  Yet this is tricky to master because there are no rules in fashion.  Only guidelines.  It used to be in the past, if someone looks good, it’s because they spent a lot of money on their outfit.  Now it’s an urban myth!  Nowadays women will mix their high end clothes with things from Forever21 & Target!  And H&M is becoming a regular fixture on the red carpet!  Because it’s not always about the label that you have on your back; but how well you dress them together.  So what is the secret to high low dressing?


-Get outerwear that never goes out of style: If you check out my list: Don’t Know What To Wear? You Can Always Rely On These Pieces!, classics like the trench coat, motorcycle jacket, bomber jacket, a pea coat, are always fashionable!  Here you don’t have to worry about trends & know that they always look good!



-Make friends with a tailor: of course, you can almost always find one at a dry cleaners nowadays.  There’s just a certain something about people who wear clothes that fit well.  You don’t want to be caught with clothes that are too long, (you could be stepping all over your hems & causing them to rip) too big (you might look like you’re drowning in them), & more!  And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either!  I know 2 tailors by me who will hem a pair of pants for $10!  Do your research, compare prices, & find one that’s affordable!  For all the things that your tailor can do for you, click to read Why your tailor is your best friend & what they can do for you!



turtleneck jewelry women

-Utilize statement jewelry.  There’s just a certain je ne sais quois that jewelry adds to an outfit.  To keep yourself from going overboard, when it comes to necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, stick to 2 out of the 3.


-Steam / Press your clothes.  There’s something to be said especially about a woman who’s wearing i.e. a suit that looks it came right from the cleaners!  (It doesn’t have to be!)  Of course on the other side, people who look like they just rolled out of bed look unkempt & look like that they just threw clothes on.  For knits, best to stick to a steamer (you usually can’t press knits).  I honestly prefer to use a steamer, for that you can use it on almost anything!  Also stay away from clothes that are pilled, discolored, or ripped.  None of the above says polished.


printed pants 2pleather top

-Dress in monochromatic.  (Essentially an outfit that’s all the same / a similar color.)  An outfit that’s monochromatic looks planned & usually well put together.  Fashion tip: stay away from loud colors like neon.  You want to look good, not glow in the dark.

-Get a structured bag, & keep it polished.   You can use windex on patent (glossy) leather, & unscented lotion on all other leather.  You don’t want a bag where the straps are peeling, or there’s a hole in it; take care of your bag & keep it well maintained.


dress jacketsleeveless jacket

-Layer with a jacket.  Throwing on a jacket always brings your look up a notch!


day to night 4white dress gold belt

-Cinch it with a belt.  Belts make great statement pieces, as well as make your look more fitted.  Especially things that have a wide silhouette, like A-line or empire waisted dresses, or tailored men’s shirts.


day to night makeup

-Keep yourself well groomed.  Well maintained hair, skin, & makeup are the finishing touches of a great look!


If you follow these tips, mix & match your pieces, & you’re almost always guaranteed to look great!

fashion girl


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  1. Nice tips,.. Make friends with a tailor is very true,.. I did find difference after I became close with my tailor, Now she stitches my clothes perfectly. I need not tell her details, she will suggest and make my stitch my outfit very nicely.

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