7 Ways To Wear A Shirt Dress!

I wrote in an article, Don’t Know What To Wear? You Can Always Rely On These Pieces! clothes that you can always wear & rely on to look good.  One of the items, was a shirt dress: the great thing about the shirt dress is that it’s versatile, & as long as you pick a flattering silhouette, it looks good on anybody!  But did you know that you can wear it 6 different ways?  Keep reading to find out!


shirt dress

-Wear it with a belt & shades.  Of course, this is a great idea for when you don’t feel like planning anything to wear but just feel like throwing something on.  Cinch it with a belt, & sunglasses, & you’ll definitely look chic when going out.


shirt dress with a jacket.jpg

-Make it work appropriate.  When you cover up with a blazer, you bring it up a notch and looks more professional!

shirt dress witha  vest.jpg

-Look street savvy by pairing it with a vest.  It doesn’t have to be a fringe vest; you could literally pick any kind!  A leather (or pleather) one looks great with a shirt dress!


open shirt dress vest.jpg

-Wear it open like a vest.  You could pair it up with a shirt & pants, which looks chic but informal.


shirt dress leggings.jpg

-Pair it with leggings.  In the colder months, you could make this summer staple slightly more winter friendly.


sweater with a shirt dress.jpg

-Wear it with a sweater.  Again, when it’s a bit chilly you could always put a sweater on over it.

shirt dress tied around waist.jpg

-Take a cardigan / another shirt & tie it around your waist.  Especially in seasons like Fall, or Spring, you could bring a cardigan & tie it around your waist, for those times you feel chilly.


Did you like this list?  Are there any other ways that I haven’t thought of here?  List a comment below!  Or click to read a related article, or where to shop!

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18 thoughts on “7 Ways To Wear A Shirt Dress!

  1. I love these idea’s. I love my shirt dresses and hate to put them away for the fall and winter so I am definitely trying these ideas! Thanks!


  2. I love short dresses but I can never find a good fit, I bought a junior size shirt dress and it ended up being too long so I chopped of the bottom and then it was too short. But layering is a good way to change up a dress.


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