The Least Expensive Places To Shop For Clothes Online!!

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Love to shop on a budget?  I definitely do.  But where else can you go besides H&M and Forever21?  Both stores are popping up all over the world, but yet there are times when you see a girl on the street, & think, ‘Yep, she bought that at H&M.’  You don’t want to look like everyone is shopping at the same catalog, but yet you don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes.  So where else can you go?

Here is a comprehensive list of places where you can shop on a budget!


10 DOLLAR MALL:  Everything is under $10!  Great for everyday basics like tanks & tees!

urbal original.png

Urban Original: At this site that sells only womens wear, & quite often they have sales!  Click to check them out!


Sammydress: this website that really inexpensive clothing for both men & women, & arrive in approximately 2 wks from China.


go jane.png

Go Jane: They sell a wide variety of things from clothing, accessories, bathing suits, makeup, jewelry & more!  And the most expensive thing on their website is $68!  What are you waiting for?


Love culture.png

Love Culture: This versatile website sells clothes, shoes, & all kinds of accessories!  Sometimes they have sales, i.e. buy one get one free!



Delia’s: This website (which was once a catalog) has lots of dresses in the $50 range & shoes for $25!


Papaya clothing.png

Papaya Clothing: This website offers a wide variety of things from accessories, clothing, shoes, & accessories!  And the most expensive thing on their website is only $40!  Sign up for their email & get an additional 10% off!


shoes 2

Two Lips: This website actually specializes in shoes, with prices starting at $20!


Clothes rail in cupboard, men's and women's clothing on wooden hangers

Mod Deals: inexpensive cute items that range from jewelry, accessories, clothes, purses & beauty products!


6pm: This site sells lots of designer clothes discounted! Not only womenswear, but mens, childrens, & accessories too!


styles for less.pngStyles For Less: This website also has lots of store locations!  They feature a variety of products, & the prices are great!  The dresses range from only $20-$35!  Check out their deals & sales sections that start at only $2!  What?  That’s crazy!


necessary clothing.png

Necessary Clothing: I don’t know if lots of people have heard of Necessary Clothing, but here they have shops in NYC.  And so affordable!  Their dresses range from $15 to $40!  And they have a wide variety of things: accessories, shoes, outwear, rompers, dresses, tops, & bottoms!


rue 21.png

Rue 21: they offer lots of clothes for men & women!   And they always have sales going on!


charlotte russe.png

Charlotte Russe: Lots of you girls probably already know of Charlotte Russe.  They have dresses starting at $20!  Now they have featured collections on bridal shower, LBD, graduation, & bachelorette party!  I think that they’re giving Forever21 a run for their money!


Now I’ve listed lots of places for you to shop!  One of the reasons why I started blogging was because as women we want to look & feel good, but yet we don’t want that to take a back seat to everything else we need to pay for.  So what are you waiting for?  Go out & get your shopping on!


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21 thoughts on “The Least Expensive Places To Shop For Clothes Online!!

  1. This is a great list of resources! I’m a big fan of budget friendly stores and I love thrift stores! But these are the next best thing if you want to shop online! Ps. Please consider this my entry into the buxom lip colour giveaway. Thx! ☺


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