Shop For Clothes From All Over The World! And Do It On A Budget!


Have you ever wanted to shop from different countries around the world?  Now you can!  With the advancing global market, now you can have clothes shipped to you from a wide variety of countries!  Sure there are lots of high end, expensive brands that sell internationally, but is there clothing that you can buy that is budget friendly?  That’s where I come in!  Here I will list stores by country that ship internationally!

UK: Oh boy.  The list I could make of stores where you could shop online, wouldn’t end!  Some of the more popular ones tend to be ASOS, Dorothy Perkins, and Missguided.  I wrote a whole article on clothing websites based in the UK here!

british fashion london

Canada: When you visit Canada, you will find that there tends to be a tendency to carry a lot of American brands.  However, there are local brands that they do carry in Canada, & be sure to check them out!


Simon: or really La Maison Simons started in Quebec in 1840, by the Simons family, have been making clothes for almost 200 years!  And they make clothes for both men & women! Tops start at just $10!  What are you waiting for?


Aritiza: founded in Vancouver in 1984 by the Hill family, now you can find their stores all over North America!  They do have some pieces that are bit pricey, but dresses there start at $30!

joe fresh.png

Joe Fresh: and who could mention Canadian fashion without mentioning them?  A relatively new brand, they got their start by selling clothes in Loblaws, a grocery store.  They’ve since expanded by opening their own retail stores through the US & Canada!  And they have clothes for men, women, & children!


Italy: the country that created Armani & Prada has budget friendly clothes?  You’d be surprised!  You should check out this brand named Kaos; with dresses that start at $20, made in Italy, you can get it shipped right to your house!

Kaos italian clothing.jpg

Kaos Clothing, Made in Italy


Intimissimi: This popular Italian intimate chain just started selling to the US!  Panties start at 11!  Bras start at $30!  If you can get lingerie sent to you from Italy, why not?


Calzedonia: This popular Italian chain primarily sells leggings, pantyhose, socks, & bathing suits!  Bikini tops start at $30, while bottoms start at $15!  Shop the same brands that Italians do!


Sweden: From the country that brought us H&M, & Ikea, what else does Sweden have to offer?  Also from the same company that brought you H&M, check out & Other Stories, & they offer not only clothes, but jewelry, shoes, bags, & lingerie!

& other stories swedish.png

Korea: the country of K pop, Gangnam style, is making strides in many fields, from technology, fashion, beauty, as well as social media.  Korean clothing nowadays, is one of the continent’s most fashion forward.  And why not get some for yourself?  Check out Mixx Mix, Kooding, and Storets!

mixxmix korean fashion.png

kooding korean fashion.png

storets korean fashion.png

China: There are lots of websites that I could list here.  In this manufacturing giant, it is ridiculously easy to find inexpensive clothing.  So easy, that there are lots of knock off websites running amuck on the internet.  Here I’ve listed 2 of the most reputable websites based in China that ship worldwide.  Stylewe, is known for more unique, fashionable clothes for women, while Yesstyle is a mammoth website that sells clothes, shoes, accessories, & lots of beauty products!

stylewe china fashion.png

yesstyle china fashion.png

Japan: the country of geisha, Shibuya, & Sony has been at the forefront of fashion for decades now.  Many of you probably have come across Uniqlo, which is like the Gap of Japan.  If you have a feminine taste in clothes, you will love Minkyshop, which also specializes in Japanese street wear.  Take a look!

uniqlo japanese fashion.png

minky shop japanese fashion.png

Denmark: you’d be surprised that Danish fashion brands are quite popular throughout Europe, whereas they’re virtually unheard of outside the continent.  And why not get some for yourself?  Get something that nobody else you know is wearing!  Check out Vila, Vero Moda, or Just Female.  Just Female tends to be the more higher priced among these 3, but they do have items starting at $30, $40!

just female danish fashion.png

Spain: the country of bullfighting & flamenco dancers is also one of the most fashionable countries in Europe.  With international giants like Zara, & Mango, you should also check out Bershka, & Desigual.  Bershka (is like the Forever21 of Spain) just started selling online in the US!  Tops start at just $10!!  Desigual tends to be the more expensive out of all of them, but famous for their bright colors & whimsical prints, which I think is worth looking at.  zara.png


desigual spain.png

Have I whetted your appetite for international clothes?  And why keep shopping at the same places?  Have you reached the place where people can guess the stores you’ve shopped at?  In my short lifetime, I’ve traveled to 3 continents, & can honestly say that I have bought clothes from all of them.  And now you can too!  Is there a brand that I missed out?  Drop a line below!

international shopping

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12 thoughts on “Shop For Clothes From All Over The World! And Do It On A Budget!

  1. What a wonderful variety of stores and items to purchase online. There are some amazing deals! I especially liked the Sapling Body lotion on the & Other Stories site. You can even order a sample for a small shipping charge.


  2. I am a subscriber and Canadian

    Good post !

    Joe Fresh is big here and it is good quality for much less

    You inspired me to look into more Canadian clothing brands !


  3. I have never heard of some of these! I have so much shopping to do now!
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C


  4. Haven’t heard of some of these, thanks for sharing, these are helpful, as I shop for clothes online some times. I don’t like to buy them too often and don’t spend too much on them. Anyway, uniqlo ftw!


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