Affordable Italian beauty products!

I will always love Italian beauty products.  Probably because they remind me of the time that I lived there; a time when life was simpler.  When life was more about art & design, eating outside and enjoying life.  Here I’ll list some Italian beauty items that you can get your hands on today.


Kiko Nail Polish, $4 each

Kiko Milano is a popular brand of makeup that’s sold throughout Italy.  They literally sell nail polish & eye shadow in every shade of the rainbow.  They have started to open up stores in the US, but only in NY, NJ, CT, & FL.  They have just started to offer online shopping in the US!  Check out their website if they have a store near you!  Kiko Cosmetics


Madina Milano’s Black eyeliner, $9

Madina Milano is actually famous for her Chic & Shine stick.  Unfortunately, at the moment it’s not sold in the US.  They do offer other beauty products from their label here in the US.  To check out all of their products click here: Madina Milano, or on Piro Cosmetics


Proraso’s shaving soap, $10

This is more of a gift for him.  Proraso was created in Florence more than 80 years ago, & are staples in barbershops throughout Italy.  Hey, if it’s that good I may just use it when I shave!


Pink Sugar by Aquolina, Roll on shimmering perfume, $18


Pink Sugar rollerball, 0.34 oz, $20

Made by an Italian brand called Aquolina, Pink sugar is a sweet perfume with a mix of different fruits (Orange, & strawberry) with vanilla, & caramel.  And it gives you a nice shimmery look for a special occasion or night out.  If you don’t care for the glitter, they sell the fragrance in a bottle & rollerball as well.  You can find this at your local Sephora or Kohls!


Gardenia milk soap, $18

Made by Santa Maria Novella, one of the oldest pharmacies in the world, was established in Florence in 1221!  Luckily for us, they have opened up shops here in the States, & offer shopping online.  They have a large variety of ‘milk’ scented soaps, i.e. rose milk soap, sandalwood, verbena, the list goes on & on.  To check out the wide variety of products they sell, go to: Santa Maria Novella

diego dalla palma

Diego Dalla Palma’s eyeshadow, $23

Based out of Milan, he has been making beauty products since 1970!  I actually stumbled across this while looking on  Check out this eyeshadow which comes in 17 different shades, or the rest of his makeup!


Davines Love Shampoo, $24

Davines has found a cult following in the States.  With olive oil & fig extracts, it can tame the most difficult hard to tame hair.  The link I’ve provided is at Barney’s, but to see the wealth of products they offer, you can go to Davines.


Versace’s Bright Crystal rollerball, $24

This was inspired by Donatella’s favorite floral scents, including pomegranate, peony, magnolia, lotus, musk & amber.  Click here for other Versace perfumes & rollerballs!


Bulgari Omnia Coral Travel Spray, $25

This perfume smells of goji berries, flowers, pomegranate & cedar wood.

Bulgari has had a long history of making jewelry, watches & perfume since the 19th century.  My actual favorite fragrance from Bulgari is BLV.  To see more click on: Bulgari Perfumes

Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 1.41.56 PM_190x300

Santa Maria Novella Rose Water, $35

Another product from Santa Maria Novella.  Supposedly this is 1 of their most popular products.  You can use it as a toner, fragrance, or hair rinse, etc.  It’s very versatile!


Acqua di Parma deodorant, 2.7 oz, $40

This deodorant has a nice blend of rose, citrus fruits, & verbena.  Aqua di Parma has a wide range of perfumes, & has been making perfumes since 1912.  A bit pricey for a deodorant, but this is actually 1 of their more affordable items.  To check out their wide variety of products click here: Aqua di Parma 


Eau D’Italie Shower Gel, $42

I know, quite pricey for a shower gel.  BUT this is the signature scent of The Sireneuse hotel in Positano, which opened in 1951.  They only began making their own fragrances in 2004.  Click here for more of Eau D’italie’s products, or check out their website for all different kinds of products, from perfume, incense, soap, moisturizers, & more!


3 thoughts on “Affordable Italian beauty products!

  1. Pink Sugar is my guilty pleasure, but the scent is great and lasts all day! Thanks for sharing. I’ll check out Kiko Nail Polish since I live in NJ. Would love to visit one of their store.


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