Layering Ideas In The Winter You Never Thought Of!

Layering clothes can be quite challenging..  To be honest Fall & Winter are the least favorite seasons of mine during the year..  However, the major perk of the colder seasons is that you get to play more with layering!


off shoulder blouse with turtleneck.jpg

rachel green blouse tie.jpg

-Off The Shoulder Blouse with Turtleneck- Maybe you have lots of Spring blouses that stay in your closet during the winter.  Here’s a way of making it winter friendly!  Or take a tip from Jennifer Aniston (as Rachel Green on Friends), where she paired an off the shoulder blouse with a man’s tie.  Why not have that as an accent to your turtleneck?  No one else would be wearing it.  Stand out from the crowd!


turtleneck with shirtshirt with turtleneck

-Turtleneck Underneath a Button Down Shirt- Of course you could wear a turtleneck with a button down shirt as well!  Why not make it more fun & wear contrast colors or prints?  And I think this is a great opportunity to utilize some statement jewelry!  I think a necklace is quite lovely, on top of the turtleneck (but peeking out from underneath the shirt); but earrings or a brooch would look lovely as well!


sweater with lace skirtsweater with lace skirt 1

-Sweater with Lace Skirt / Dress– Why keep the lace skirt / dress only for the warmer seasons?  Bring it out of the closet & keep your legs warm with pantyhose / leggings!


shirt with tube top

Twofer shirt top

-Button down Shirt with Strapless Top– I’ve done variations of this look: I have worn it with a fitted turtleneck on the inside (instead of a shirt); on the outside I’ve worn strapless tops, bustiers, or corsets.  Sometimes you can find twofers (like the 2nd pic) where it’s like 2 garments in 1.  Twofers I find make lives easier & instead of layering, are less bulky.  And who says that your strapless tops are only for the summer?


dress with jeans 2dress with jeans

-Dress with Jeans-  Another opportunity to bring more prints into the Fall!  Of course, you need to find a dress that matches appropriately with your jeans.  Personally I think a shirt dress goes best with dress / jean combo.  Tip: Go with skinny jeans.


sweater shirt blazer jacket.jpg

Shirt with sweater & vest.jpg

-Button Down Shirt, with Sweater Underneath A Blazer / Vest- Of course you need to try on this look first (before stepping out) to see if your pieces match proportionally.  This is a great look for those really chilly days; & you could accent it with whatever accessories you choose!


Turtleneck with camisole.jpg

-Turtleneck with A Cami On Top- Turtlenecks by themselves, are well, boring.  Dress them up with a cami that you would normally wear during the summer!  Even better if it’s colorful / printed!


boots with jeans.jpg


dress with leggings

-Skinny Jeans with High Boots- Did you think that your tall boots were for dresses only?  Of course not!  If you’re not a jeans type of a person, you could always wear this look with leggings instead.  Tip: I’ve worn tall boots, nude leggings with a dress (to give the illusion of bare legs, not exactly like the pic above, but just to give you an idea) when in reality I’m actually quite covered up & warm!


shirt : blouse with dress.jpg

-Shirt / Blouse Underneath A Dress- I mentioned in an article before How To Layer Your Clothes: Incorporating Your Spring Clothes Into Your Winter Wardrobe.. & Still Look Chic!, that you could wear a turtleneck underneath a dress to utilize them in the winter.  Using the same concept, you could wear a shirt / blouse underneath a dress as well!  Fashion challenge: Try the mixing print trend & wear them in 2 different prints!


sweater with peplumpeplum top & jacket

-A Sweater / Jacket Over A Peplum Top- I love peplums.  What is a peplum by the way?  It’s a flared flounce that starts usually right at the waistline.  And they come in all different kinds of garments: tops, skirts, & dresses.  And I find them really flattering.  You could take a peplum top & throw a sweater on top (ideally a crop top sweater), or just wear it underneath a jacket.


motorcycle jacket and dress 2motorcycle jacket and dress

moto jacket with dress.jpg

-Motorcycle Jacket Over A Dress- Quite often in fashion we simply call them ‘moto jackets’: which was originally designed for men, looks quite flattering on women!  Pair it with a dress, & accessorize it however you’d like!


Coat with statement belt

Coat with statement belt 2

-Jacket / Coat with Statement Belt

Sometimes jackets / coats come with a contrasting belt; but you don’t always need to stick to what’s given to you.  And who says you can’t wear your belt on the outside?  A lovely belt outside a plain coat is a lovely accent & cinches the waist, giving it a more flattering silhouette!


jacket with sleeveless vest.jpg


sweater jacket with vest

-Jacket with Vest / Sleeveless Coat On The Outside-

This could be a challenge to pull off.  You could give yourself a more unique look, with a jacket on the inside, & an open vest / sleeveless coat on the outside.  Tip: If you want to try this look, stick to a fitted jacket on the inside.


Did you like this article?  What layering idea will you pick up?  Also I have other articles on winter clothes, layering, for more ideas!

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