Sexy Pieces To Wear In The Fall / Winter!

winter outfit

It’s wintertime!  And boy is it cold..  I’ve written a couple articles on what to wear in the winter, from Staying warm in the winter.. and still be fashionable!!How To Layer Your Clothes: Incorporating Your Spring Clothes Into Your Winter Wardrobe.. & Still Look Chic!Winter clothes.., 9 Ways You Can Wear A Dress In The Winter!  & you can check out more other fun articles also!  I’ve mentioned this before, but people use the winter as an excuse to be frumpy; but – don’t.  Whether it’s at school, work, friends, dates / your partner, still make an effort to look good despite the low temperatures.  Don’t allow the weather to affect your ability to make a good impression!  Here are some pieces that I think more women should stock up on in the winter; pick up some of these sexy pieces now!


tuxedo jackettuxedo jacket 2

-Tuxedo Jacket.  Whether you get it in black or white, this definitely brings your look up a notch.  You could technically wear this anytime of the year, but I think it’s a jacket that commands respect, & I love it especially in white.  For women, either get it a fitted one, or a short version (like the 2nd pic).



-High Boots.  Either get thigh / knee high boots.  The great thing about high boots is that you get you wear your favorite dresses (even from the summer!) & keeps your legs warm!  For that extra warmth, you could wear pantyhose / leggings.  (To be even warmer you could get insulated leggings).  There are high boots that are fur lined, so you don’t have to worry about your feet being cold.  Tip: Don’t get vinyl or leather.  Get them in i.e. (ultra) suede.  The shiny ones give off a hooker look, which I don’t think you would want.


pleather faux leather leggings.jpg

pleather faux leather pants.png

-Pleather Skinny Pants / Leggings.  This is a chance to show off your gams without being revealing.  And for the ultra low temperatures, there are fleece lined skinny pants to keep yourself extra warm!



sequin skirt lace top.jpg

metallic skirt

-A Metallic Dress / Skirt.  Of course you could wear this in the Spring / Summer, but I feel like to wear one of these are more festive in the winter season for the holidays. It also allows you to be a bit decorative without having to be overly ornate or have to rely on accessories (if that’s not your thing).


sleeveless jacket

-Sleeveless jacket / Long Vest.  You could get it w. a button, boxy or fitted silhouette.  Not a lot women sport this look; let it be your look & be more unique!


capelet jacketcapelet jacket 2

-A Capelet Jacket.  Whether you choose to get it fitted or boxy, both look amazing!



aviator sunglasses

-Sunglasses.  A usual summer staple, but who says you can’t wear them in the winter?  There are always dangerous sun rays, especially when it reflects off snow / ice.  And they always look good with whatever hat you pair them with!


-A Chiffon Kimono / Cardigan.  I mentioned before in an article How To Layer Your Clothes: Incorporating Your Spring Clothes Into Your Winter Wardrobe.. & Still Look Chic! that you could wear a turtleneck underneath a chiffon/georgette blouse.  Here is something similar; wearing a chiffon kimono / cardigan.  Note: Be careful in the styling with the chiffon kimono.  It can very easily make a person look larger; if you don’t like the effect it’s better to go with a more sheer chiffon.


bomber jacket

printed bomber jacket.jpg

sarah jessica parker sex and the city movie bomber jacket.jpg

-A Bomber jacket– A jacket originally designed for pilots, looks super fashionable on women!  Even better if you could get it in a print, or another texture.  Check out above photo of Sarah Jessica Parker from The Sex & The City Movie.  Functional & fashionable!


turtleneck lace

lace sweater.jpg

-A Sweater with Lace Accents.  I love lace & I think that it’s the epitome of being girly.  So why not spruce up your winter wardrobe with it?


beaded sweatersequin clutch bag.jpgstatement-jewelry-gabriele-frantzen-black-and-white-dior-disi-couture-06

-Sparkly Accents / Accessories.  You are definitely missing out if you don’t have statement jewelry.  Take an otherwise plain simple sweater & make it more interesting with them!  If that’s not your thing, you could definitely spruce up your bag / other accessories!


printed jacket blazerprinted blazer.jpg

-Printed Blazer.  This is another way of bringing more color into an otherwise dark color palette for the season.  Here is a look that also not a lot of women sport, & also it’s very easy to go extremely gaudy.  Pick an attractive print that’s easy on the eyes, (stay away from loud colors), & keep the rest of your outfit solid.


There has been an ongoing trend of mixing prints, but can be quite hard to pull off without looking like a hot mess.  If you want try the mixing print trend (without looking like a mess), stick to prints in the same colors, like above.


fitted and flared coat

flared jacket

-A Fitted & Flared Jacket / Coat.  For a season that can easily get very bulky, a fitted & flared silhouette is always in style, & flattering!


jacket coat winter pleather sleeves

sweater with pleather panels

jacket with pleather

alessandra ambrosia leather jacket

-Faux Leather Accents.  Whether you have them on your outerwear, or on your sweaters, a touch of pleather just brings up the sex appeal.  Or you could always go with the always fashionable motorcycle jacket.  I say go with pleather because it’s less expensive than real leather (& better not to hurt animals).


Did you like this list?  How many pieces do you have?  Which ones would you like to get?  Check out my other winter articles for other fun pieces to wear!  Read all of them for my being in fashionable winter guide!  And click on SHOPPING ONLINE!!! The stores that are online, and online only… for places to shop!

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