9 Ways You Can Wear A Dress In The Winter!


Hey everybody!  Sorry I haven’t blogged a whole lot lately; been very busy.  But finally a new post!  And I thought I’d write about my favorite article of clothing:

Dresses!  I’ve come to realize that I love dresses & they’re pretty much all I wear in the summer.  But for years, I thought they were reserved for spring / summer time only.  Pantyhose has never been able to keep me warm in the winter; so it was a idea that I completely gave up on.  Here with these ideas, you can utilize your summer dresses in the winter time!


Dresses with Leggings

dresses leggings stockings

This is great if you live especially in a cold area.  There are insulated ones, even fleece lined ones if you would like to be even warmer!  Colors you should go with: Black, nude, or other dark colors like grey or navy.  Fashion no no: White.  It’s a really hard color to pull off (unless you’re a young girl in elementary school)


Wear A Turtleneck Underneath Your Dress

turtleneck and dresses

Not a lot of women sport this look; so this would make you look more unique & stand out from the crowd!


Pair Them With Long Boots


Another great solution to cover up your legs is to get a great pair of long boots.  You can wear whatever you want on top to keep yourself warm (whether it be a jacket / coat)!


Wear a Pullover Sweater Over It


I saw a girl on the street once wearing a sweater over a shirt dress; which I thought was really chic but something I had never thought of wearing.  Why not let that be your look too?


Wear It With Pantyhose / Textured Stockings

sweater over a dress 2textured stockings pantyhose

I had a coworker who would wear dresses / skirts in the winter, but cover them up with long boots & a coat when she went outside.  After coming inside, she would simply change her shoes (like high heels or flats).  She liked to mix up the variety of dresses / skirts, with different kinds of textured stockings.  Fashion no no: stay away from printed pantyhose.  After a certain age, colored stockings with hearts on them are just for the kids.


Wear It with A Cardigan / Vest / Jacket


Of course you could pair a jacket / cardigan with almost anything.  A cardigan for more a casual look, wearing a blazer brings your look up a notch.  What about a (faux) fur vest?  Why not introduce something different into your look?


I’ve written in other posts, why not fully utilize your makeup?  And here, why not fully utilize your wardrobe?  And the great thing about these ideas?  You can mix and match them!  Which look are you going to pick up?


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