30 Places where you can wear the little black dress!

Fashion design

We all know what the LBD stands for: The little black dress.  Every woman has one, or least should have one.  And why not?  It’s the most versatile thing you could wear (second to a pair of jeans), and most importantly it’s stood the test of time.  Black is always chic, matches everything, & makes the body look slimmer.


Trends will always come & go in fashion, but there are always staples that never change: and the LBD is one of them.  I not a big believer in spending LOTS of money on clothes, but if you do, your basics are where you ought to be you should be spending them.

Because you will always need your basics, & when you invest in quality, they will last you much longer in your closet.  Don’t waste a lot of money on the trend of the moment.  Then you’ve just spent a lot of money on an item that was hot for a season.  (And now the season’s over.)  If you invest money more in the basics that you can mix & match, the farther your money will go.  The more you utilize your clothes wisely; you will also utilize your money more wisely.  


Here I’ve listed 30 occasions you can wear the LBD, & all you have to do is change up your accessories!


1.To the movies

2. Out to dinner

3. To a wedding

4. An after office party

5. To a semi-formal

6. To the prom

7. On a date

8. Out for drinks

9. When giving a presentation

10. To Church / Temple

11. Out for brunch

12. On an anniversary

13. To a graduation

14. Entertaining guests at home

15. Out shopping!

16. Baby shower

17. An engagement party

18. Family get togethers

19. A barbecue

20. At work

21. Happy hour!

22. Bridal shower

23. Going to a friend’s house

24. To a museum / art gallery

25.  Out dancing

26. Hosting a party

27. Bachelorette party

28. A business meeting

29. When making a speech

30.  Meeting up with friends!

women girls generation snsd celebrity high heels black dress bracelets 1440x900 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_95.jpg

Have you got another one?  Feel free to drop a line!

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