How To Be Fashionable.. When You’re Expecting!

maternity dresses

Whew!  Sorry for not having not posted in awhile.  I’ve had a good reason to though: I just had a baby!

When you’re expecting..  I wrote another article, Where to shop on a budget.. when you’re expecting! on where to shop if you should expect a bun in the oven.  As women,  we want to look good, but ideally not spend a fortune on maternity clothes because it is just a temporary phase in our lives.  Think about it: after the birth, these clothes will just sit in your closet (until you are expecting again) or decide to give them away / donate them.  So click on that link if you’d like to check out some places for inexpensive maternity clothes!

Being an expectant mom for the 1st time, working in fashion, and knowing what works for my figure (and also trying to stick to things that are work appropriate) I thought that maternity clothes would be a challenge.  For the longest time, women complained that maternity clothes were well, downright ugly.  So let me tell you now for the 1st time: You don’t have to buy maternity clothes.  That’s right!  You heard me say it!

Here are some tips on what to wear while your bump is growing, & yet still look good at the same time.

The few maternity things I did buy: I will admit, there are a few exceptions I made to the ‘no maternity clothes’ rule: I did buy some maternity pants & camis.  However, most of my pregnancy occurred during the spring/summer.  What you get obviously, will need to fit in with the season that you are due.

-For colder weather, hang onto your long sleeve tees, & loose sweaters.  I feel like open cardigans are your best friend during this time.  Whenever you feel chilly, throw it on & you never need to worry about the fit.


open cardigan.png


-Don’t be afraid of dresses.  And why would you be?  I’ll bet there are some dresses that you already own that you could continue wearing during this period!  The best silhouettes are obviously A line, empire waisted, & anything made with stretchy fabrics.

-Fashion no no:  Just in terms of fit you’re not gonna be able to wear certain things that are super fitted; anything button up (pre-pregnancy clothes) would be a no go.  And stay away from TINY prints, for they will only make you look bigger.  If you’re going to wear dresses (that are not originally maternity clothes) wear something that drapes right over the tummy.

maternity dresses.jpg


Fashion Tip: Wrap dresses are usually quite accommodating, regardless of your waistline.  Wear one while you’re expecting!

wrap dress

maternity wrap dress


Fashion no no: No mumus.  (Or muumuus, depending upon on how you spell it) You’re a woman, not a tent.  I don’t think this is how one would embrace this period in her life.

mumu muumuu.jpg

Fashion maybe:  Skirts.  This is a hard one because either it’s pulled off really well; or really badly.  When it comes to bottoms in terms of maternity clothes, they are either categorized as ‘over the bump’ (above the waist), or ‘below the bump’ (under the waist).  I had a problem with my ‘below the bump’ maternity pants; they need to fit REALLY well or else they keep sliding down, which is a problem.  If you really want to wear maternity skirts, in my opinion ‘over the bump’ tends to look better.


Fashion tip: Statement necklaces.  Why not embrace them?  You will have a harder chance of wearing them after the baby comes.

blake lively maternity.jpg


-Do get some maternity pants.  There are maternity leggings, ‘over the bump’ pants, that accommodate your growing belly.  Leggings are the best because they will stretch to accomodate, no matter how big you get.

Fashion no no: Having your belly stick out from underneath your top.  There are some women that love to show off their bump, but sometimes it ends up looking like your clothes don’t fit; on top of being not work appropriate.

maternity clothes tummy.jpg

Another fashion no no: Don’t wear clothes that don’t fit, are old, or stretched out.  I hate to pick on Alicia Silverstone (because usually I love her) but people in general will judge you of what you wear, regardless of what phase you are in life.  Quite often you’re expected to have a ‘glow’ about you (even though that may not be realistic) but at least dress like you have your act together.  Dress like the beautiful proud mommy you’re going to be!

alicia silverstone sloppy maternity.jpg


-Do get some maternity spanx.  That is, if you need it.  If you find part of your pregnancy in the Spring/Summer, I find them quite useful with dresses.  You get that extra support for your baby, as well as prevents chafing between the thighs.

maternity spanx.jpg

Fashion no no:  Wearing Stripes.  I have seen some pregnant women pull them off, but generally not successfully.  You want to look good, not look like a gradation chart.

maternity stripes.jpg


-Stay away from: High, high heels.  There are women who are super fashionable and live in high heels.  This is not the point in your life where you should be embracing 5″ stilettos.  There was at one point when I did fall & trip when I was pregnant, and twisted my ankle.  I didn’t fall flat on my face; I did put my hands forward to protect myself and the baby.  And I don’t even wear shoes that high!  You don’t want to put yourself in that kind of position, and save those high heels for after your pregnancy.  If you really like having a bit of a heel: wedges & clogs, are safer bets.

shoes 2



Fashion no no: Dresses with sneakers.  I live in NYC and this is super common in the summer.  Also women who wear suits with sneakers!  (They just change their shoes at work) For me this is a fashion faux pas, for any woman.  It might be cute on students, but that’s about it.

dress sneakers.jpg


-Don’t Forget: Do take care of yourself.  Get that massage, facial, mani/pedi, whatever it is that makes you look / feel good.  Struggling with morning sickness, sleepless nights, it’s important to take care of your health & your body at the same time.  And remember, whatever you’re feeling, your baby will feel it too.  So it’s important to not neglect your health & well being.

face mask

I don’t mean to sound critical regarding maternal wear, but I think it is important to continue dressing well, and accommodate the growing tummy.  In my opinion, in general it’s hard to feel good about yourself when you’re dressed badly.  So that slight umpf into what you wear on your back might go a long way.  You want to have a positive outlook on life, and want to look and feel good about yourself especially during this important period in your life.


Check out the link to website to shop for maternity clothes or other articles!

Where to shop on a budget.. when you’re expecting!

SHOPPING ONLINE!!! The stores that are online, and online only…




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