Where to shop on a budget.. when you’re expecting!

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Pregnancy..  It’s supposed to be magical time of your life, when you have the privilege of carrying a child.  While how a woman actually feels varies; some women claim that they feel sexier while others feel lousy being dogged down by morning sickness.

However, regardless of how we feel pregnant, we still want to look good.  And that perhaps is one of the biggest fashion challenges: where can you buy maternity clothes & be well dressed?  And do it on a budget?  You’ve come to the right place!



Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.08.26 PM.png

This trendy fast fashion store has widened the spectrum of the clothes they offer: they originally started selling juniors, but now they sell missy, plus, mens, girls, & now maternity as well!  Pls note that they don’t have a wide selection of maternal wear, but it is trendy & budget friendly, & I think worth looking at.




They have started to offer a lot for maternal wear!  They have tops, bottoms, jeans, dresses, & more!


Old Navy

old navy maternity.png

Did you know that Old Navy has a whopping 17 categories just for maternity clothes alone? And you can shop by trimester!  Check them out when they have sales!



target maternity.png

America’s favorite superstore has 14 categories for you to shop from in maternity clothes!  Shipping is free if you spend $25; or sign up for their Target debit / credit card, get 5% off every time you shop, & then shipping is always free!



Kohls maternity.png

They also offer a wide selection of maternal wear, with their own brands designing for expecting mothers which include: A: Glow, LC Lauren Conrad, & Pip & Vine.




Your favorite British online store offers (currently) over 1,000 items for expecting women!  And shipping & returns are always free!


Motherhood Maternity

motherhood maternity.png

Who could mention maternal wear without mentioning them?  Not only do they offer a wide variety of clothes & accessories for expecting women, but they offer brands like A Pea in the Pod, & Destination Maternity!


Pink Blush

pinkblush maternity.png

This website has the most adorable clothes.  They have maternity & maternity plus; & their clothes start at $20!



macys maternity.png

Your favorite department store offers 52 brands just for maternity clothes!  And you can shop from fashionable brands like BCBGMAXAZRIA, Rachel Zoe, & Jessica Simpson!


Top Shop

top shop.png

This British fave has maternity clothes?  You’d be surprised!  They offer not only everyday clothes, but also intimates, bathing suits, pjs, & more!


When should I shop for maternity clothes? 

This depends entirely on the woman, for there is no exact math for when you should buy them.  (i.e. 5 months)  Get them when you start showing, or simply when your pre-pregnancy clothes don’t feel comfortable.

No no: Don’t buy them far in advance.  You have no idea what size you’re exactly going to be, & it’s best to buy as you’re growing.


You don’t want to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes, for they are clothes that you wear during this period of time, & then never again.  (Unless you save them for a future pregnancy)  Now you know where to go without spending a lot, but yet still look good!


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