How I Never Pay Full Price On Designer Handbags..


Bags..  Purses.  As women we all have one, & adore them.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen women fawning over each other’s bags, wallets, etc.  And they are almost always appreciated as gifts.  But what if I told you that I never pay full price for a bag? Keep reading to find out..

I have picked up some shopping habits from my husband; who is quite the thrifty shopper.  He seems to have never ending patience; he will wait for months for a good deal.  And his patience reaps its rewards; he could save a couple hundred dollars in a sale!

Up until a few years ago, I used to buy cheap bags.  Bags that cost me at most, maybe up to $30.  And then I would find myself infuriated at how cheap & quickly they would fall apart.  The handles would start shredding, the zippers would break down, etc.  I thought that when most modern day women spend $200, $300 on a bag was being excessively materialistic & wasteful.  Now I see it as investing in something long term with quality.  Now here is my comprehensive guide of the places I go to when I need to buy a designer bag!



Check out the sale section of your favorite designer: 

I mean in store & online; check out their flagship store, as well as their website, for at the end of the season (and also on holidays) for how much the prices have dropped!  Like i.e. one of my favorite designers is Michael Kors, so I will check out the sale section in store, as well as the sale section on their website!


purse bag

Also check out the sale section of your local department stores: 

Whether it be Macys, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Ave, etc. check out their discounts (for end of the season / holiday discounts)!


clutches bags

Check out flash sale / discount websites

Like Hautelook, Gilt, Rue La La, all specialize in quick flash sales that are online for several days & then they’re over.  But you can still score great deals!  They require you to sign up (don’t worry it’s free), & you can opt in their emails to see what they’re offering day to day!  Also check out 6pm, & Bluefly which are other discount websites (flash sales not required!)


bag clutch

Also check out the discount department stores

Due to the sheer popularity of outlets, some department stores have created their own outlet stores like Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off Fifth, Century21, as well as other outlet stores like TJMaxx, & Marshalls!  Tip: Check out what they have to offer in store, as well as what they offer online (for the inventory varies)!  



Look into sample sales

If you live in or near a big city, check out if there are sample sales near you!  For NYC, you can check out The Stylish City or Racked; for email updates!


outlet bound

Check out outlet stores

I love outlet shopping.  And the best time to go is when they’re having a sale!  Check out the outlet closest to you on Outlet bound!


You may say to me, ‘oh you’re just shopping all the sales’, which is true; but how often have you heard anyone proud of paying full price?  No one.  And wouldn’t we all like to have saved some money somewhere?  Did you like this article?  Let me know which tip you ended up using!




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3 thoughts on “How I Never Pay Full Price On Designer Handbags..

  1. You are a woman after my heart, any time you want or need to clean your handbags out I am available. I love my handbags and I try to take good care of them before I store them till the next time. I do watch the clearance sales etc but never thought of the other things you listed. I have several purses from TJ Maxx. I will be using your tips, Thanks!

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