Amazon & Ebay Announce Their Own $10 & Under Sections!

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Have you heard?  Amazon & Ebay have started their own $10 & under sections!  And guess what?  THEY ALL SHIP FREE!  Both companies have stepped up their game to compete with another budget friendly website/app aka Wish.  If you haven’t shopped on Wish, it’s the internet’s most popular $1 (and up) store.  Unfortunately for Wish shoppers, all of the orders come from China, so that delivery times are a bit long.  (And going by reviews online, customer service is not great)




And now you have less to worry about!  On Amazon they also sell menswear & accessories (if you want to pick up something for your man or other friends / family); for women they mostly sell clothing, accessories, electronics (i.e. cell phone cases, plugs, ear phones, etc).  And the great thing is that if you have Amazon Prime, it’ll get to your house in 2 days!



On Ebay they sell a wider plethora of things, but if you know anything about Ebay, everything is sold by individual sellers (so therefore the return policy is different for every item).  For women you’ll find shoes, accessories, makeup, electronics, kitchen gadgets…  the list keeps going!  So what are you waiting for?  Get your shopping on!



I have another article on Amazon coming up, so check back!  Otherwise you can check out my other article, Hidden Benefits with Amazon Prime! And Other Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Membership!


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