Hidden Benefits with Amazon Prime! And Other Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Membership!


Lots of people nowadays have Amazon Prime membership. Either someone you know has it, or they use it at work, or heck maybe you even share the membership with other people.  But are you utilizing it for the most out of your money?

-Share the membership.  For $99 a year, you can get most of the things shipped to your house in 2 days.  Did you know that you can share it with 4 other people?  And why not?  Split the cost among the 5 of you to get the most out of the price!

-Stream Movies & Music for free!  When you have the Prime membership, you can watch certain movies / stream music for free!  If you would like you can also utilize video add on subscriptions, where you can get movie channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, for a few extra bucks a month!

-Use their unlimited cloud photo service.  Running out of room for pictures on your phone?  And icloud?  Take advantage of Amazon’s unlimited cloud photo service, included with your membership!

-Shop their outlet store.  There you can find new & used items in every category, with a great discount!

-Get shopping credit!  If you choose no rush shipping, (instead of the regular 2 day delivery) you can accrue credit that you can use towards movies, ebooks, or Prime pantry orders!

-Get something delivered in the same day.  Some regions Amazon offers Prime Now, where you can get things delivered in 2 hours!


laughing baby playing with mother

-Get free baby stuff!  This is great when if you’re a parent, or have friends / family members with babies.  With Amazon Prime, members who create a baby registry can get a welcome box full of baby stuff, along with 20% off on diapers!  And every baby goes through a lot of them!

-Sign up for email alerts.  If there’s something you need, you can sign up at Camel Camel Camel, which is an email alert for when a price drops on Amazon!  It also shows you the price history for millions of Amazon products!

Subscribe & save.  Amazon has started a subscribe & save program, where you can subscribe to products to have it delivered to you on a monthly basis.  (If monthly is too often, you can opt for less frequent deliveries)  Each subscription entitles you to 5% off, however when you subscribe to 5 items, you can get 15% off!


Did you know about all of these perks?  Have you gotten an Amazon Prime membership yet?  Is there one that you can think of that I haven’t mentioned here?  Drop a line below!  Stay posted for I will include other articles about Amazon!


10 thoughts on “Hidden Benefits with Amazon Prime! And Other Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Membership!

  1. I had no idea that Amazon prime offered so much! I really like that you can get credit for not getting 2 day shipping. I am rarely in a rush for things!


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