Changes you need to make in your winter skincare routine..



Find that your skin & lips are drier in the Winter?  Most people do.  And you simply can’t expect to have the same skincare routine as you did in the Summer.  Our skin is constantly changing throughout the year; sometimes day by day!  And we should adapt to our skin’s changing needs.  And you may find that the products that you were using in the Spring / Summer, are drying your skin now.  So what to do?

-Switch your current face wash for a cream cleanser.  That is, unless you have oily skin all year round.  A hydrating face wash won’t strip your skin as much as other cleansers tend to do.

lancome cream cleanser.pngaveeno clear cream cleanser.pngburts bees hydration face wash

Splurge: Lancome’s Galatee Comforting Milky Cleanser, $30  Save: Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser, $8, or Burts Bees Cream Cleanser Intense Hydration, $7

-Switch your lightweight facial moisturizer for a heavier one.  Colder temperatures naturally hold…

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