Accessory Hacks That Cost Almost Nothing!


You know there are techniques that you can utilize to fake a new wardrobe?  And what are they?  Here are some accessory hacks help you mix things up!


-Wear a skinny scarf.  You could literally wear this anytime of the year, & it’s up to you how you want to tie it.  You could wear it like a scarf, or tie it in the back like a choker.  And this matches almost anything you would want to wear!


-Or wear a scarf as a headband or necklace.  One time I saw on the subway a woman who had taken a small neck scarf & tied it around her neck like a necklace.  And she wore it with a dress in the summer; something that I had never thought of before.  If it looks good, why not?



-Accessorize with brooches.  There are so many possibilities when it comes to brooches; for they are an underrated accessory.  And there are other places you could pin them besides on your lapel.  Charlize Theron famously pinned two brooches on the straps of her dress, the first time she attended the Oscars.  You could also pin it to an elastic hair tie, or hair clip, & wear it in your hair!  Pin it to a ribbon, & tie it around your wrist / neck, & wear it as a bracelet or necklace!  It’s up to you to be creative!


flower hair ties.jpg

-Turn a floral hair tie into a brooch.  Conversely you could also take a hair tie & turn it into a brooch, by simply pinning it with a safety pin!


-Wear a necklace in your hair.  Of course, this you could do for more formal occasions.  I read in book by Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, (who’s an editor for Allure & Cosmopolitan) she recommends pinning a strand of pearls in your hair.  Of course this is the time to break out the bobby pins!



-Decorate your hair with bobby pins or other hair pins.  Nowadays there are lots of hair accessories on a hair pin; ones with rhinestones are always pretty.


-Wear a long necklace as a belt.  Of course this meant to be decorative, not something you’re expecting to tighten your pants.  I bought a pair of pants once that came with a decorative chain belt.  I actually took the belt & wore it as a necklace instead!


Where I buy accessories: Of course this really runs the gamut of where you could buy them.  For costume jewelry I tend to go to Forever21 or New York & Company (both have a wide selection on jewelry), or for more boutique like jewelry I would go to Bauble bar, or Charming Charlie.

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9 thoughts on “Accessory Hacks That Cost Almost Nothing!

  1. Great ideas! I love wearing accessories except during winter when I’m all bundled up! Lol! Spring is almost here and I can’t wait to try wearing necklaces in my hair!


  2. That enormous bee brooch at the top of the page is GORGEOUS. I don’t wear a lot of pins but I do have a nice collection of little insect pins – ladybugs, bees, etc. They are pretty cute all grouped together on my heavy wool coat.
    I find quite a lot of costume jewellery at Marshall’s – trendy and not too expensive to hack!


  3. I love skinny scarves for their versatility. Also they just fit me better as I am smaller in stature. Some big scarves can overwhelm my frame. I like the idea of wearing them around my head as well as my neck.


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