Shopping Hacks at TJMaxx & Marshalls!


A lot of people love shopping at TJMaxx, & Marshalls.  Not only do they have discounts on clothes, but lots of other things too!  You could literally shop for the whole house there!  My favorite things to get there: velvet hangers, scented soaps, & chocolate.  Not to mention they usually have great deals on towels & bed linen.  And quite often from great brands!  But did you know that there are ways you can save money there?  Check out my list of ways to save money at TJMaxx & Marshalls!


woman shopping clothes

-Follow them on social media.  They announce their sales on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube!

-Yellow tags are a great sign.  A yellow tag means an item is marked down to its lowest price!

-The biggest sales happen in January & July.  These are the times of year where they are getting new inventory for the upcoming seasons, (Spring & Fall, respectively) so items will definitely be on sale during those times.

-The best time to shop is Wednesday morning.  This is when they restock their items, & certain things will be on sale.


-The best gift sets are sold right before the holiday season.  After Halloween, it’s time to stock up on Christmas gifts!  It’s this time right before the holidays, that you’ll find the best gift sets, whether you need to go Christmas shopping, or you’d like to get something for yourself!  Don’t wait til after the holidays, for it’s slim pickin’.

-Defected items will get you a bigger discount.  This goes for any store, really.  If something is damaged, you can request if they can give you a discount for it.

gift card

-Discounted gift cards can save you more money.  You can save between 10-20% when you buy a gift card from!


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18 thoughts on “Shopping Hacks at TJMaxx & Marshalls!

  1. I love shopping at TJ Maxx, I could always find a good bargain there. Hence I do have to travel over to the US to shop there but one of my favorite stores. 🙂


  2. Good tips, I am going to TJ Maxx next week. Hopefully to find some new pants, I may go on Wednesday to see if I can score a bargain!


  3. They just built a new TJ Maxx at our nearby mall and I am loving it. Thank you so much for all of the tips. I will definitely be using them when shopping there again soon.



  4. These are my 2 favorite stores to shop at and they are 5 minutes from my home so we go by there often. I buy lots of gluten free foods for my son there too at great discounted prices. Just bought new drapes for 2 rooms in my home love the household items too.


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