12 Ways To Save Money At Ulta!


Ulta..  One of my favorite stores..  The nationwide makeup store that carries both drugstore & high end makeup.  And you know there are so many ways of saving money there?  And what are they?  Here I’ll list all the tips on saving money whenever you shop there!

-Always check out the sales section.  Among the wide variety of brands they have, there are always brands that are buy one, get one free, or get one half off!  That’s the time if you have a favorite eyeliner, face cream, etc, is time to stock up!


-Sign up for their free Ultamate Rewards membership & get a free birthday gift!  Like Sephora’s Beauty Insider card, Ulta has Ultamate Rewards Card membership where they allow you to accrue points as you shop, & get a free gift on your birthday!  I don’t know what their gift is this year, but last year it was a full size lip gloss from Benefit Cosmetics!  And unlike Sephora’s Beauty Insider card, (which accrues points but is designed for you to redeem them for samples of makeup / skincare) Ultamate Rewards allows you to accrue points for money to spend!

Every dollar equals 1 point, & when you have 100 points = $3 to spend.  Yes I know, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but several times a year Ulta will have promotional offers where you can get 2x, 3x, or even 5x the amount of points!  i.e., if you spend $10 when they offer the 5x the points period, you end up getting 50 points!  (10 x 5 = 50)  And I’ve gotten LOTS of things for free because of all the points I’ve accumulated!  And the only way to earn & redeem points, is to sign up for their Ultamate rewards membershipAnd don’t worry, it’s completely free!

-You get double points during your birthday month, on top of your free gift!  Yep, you read that right, anything you buy during your birthday month, you get double points!

-Always utilize their coupons.  Ulta always has a coupon going around.  And it’s usually posted right on the center of their webpage!  It’s usually $3.50 off your $15 purchase, or 20% an item.  A couple times a year, they have 20% off any item.  And that’s any brand in store!  That’s the time to get something for yourself, or stock up on presents!

-Check out their gifts with purchase.  They indicate this both online, & in store when you shop.  With certain brands, if you buy something, they give you a free makeup bag, clutch, or lipstick, etc.   They do offer more of these in store so don’t forget to ask!


gift card

-Become a Platinum Ultamate Rewards member & save even more!  Once you sign up for their rewards card, & if you spend $450 in a year, you automatically become a platinum member!  What does that mean?  You become available to offers that not available to other members!  You get the 20% off more often than the regular Ultamate Rewards member, & plus there are times when you get to earn 10x the points!  So if you spend $50 (during the 10x point period), you get 500 points!  That’s already $18 off your purchase!

-Bring in manufacturer’s coupons.  Yep, Ulta does honor them, & you can use them with the Ulta coupon as well!

-Shop their clearance section in store.  Of course, they don’t offer this online, but only in store.  When products become discontinued, or they were holiday specials, Ulta will mark them down on clearance.  I know that lots of people think clearance & they think: ick.  But you don’t have to!  I’ve gotten lots things that were holiday specials, & after Christmas they’re 50% to 70% off!  And of course, that’s my time to stock up on my favorite scents.

 -Hold onto your points.  If you can get up to 2,000 points, that’s $125 off anything online or in store!

-Combine offers.  There are times when I go in to buy something buy one, get one half off, I use their coupon, & I might even use my points as well.  Utilizing all their offers, I never pay the full price on my purchases!

-Their refund policy is amazing.  Any product that you buy from Ulta, even if you open it, use it, & as long as it’s within 60 days, you can return it for a full refund!  Their policy is that as long as there’s 80% of the product left, & have your receipt, you can still return it if you are unsatisfied with it!

ulta gift

-Definitely sign up for their emails.  Of course, you naturally will be enrolled in their emails once you join their Ultamate Rewards program.  Not only do you receive the coupon with every email (that’s right!), you see what’s on sale, & every week they have a large gift with purchase!  At least once a week, they feature a makeup bag full of varying sized samples; & depending upon the offer you will have to spend $50-$75.  I’ve gotten HUGE make up bags full of different things!  Of course, if there’s something you  need to get, this is a great bonus!  (You’re not getting anything like this at Sephora!  Or really, any other makeup store!)


Have I gotten you excited?  Would you like a $10 off coupon for Ulta?  Leave your email below!  (Pls note: You will receive an invitation to join their Ultamate rewards membership, don’t forget, it’s free; & once you sign up you’ll get the coupon!)


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  1. wow! this was sooo helpful! and i was just thinking about going there to pick up a few products! tahank you so much!


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