New Affordable Cosmetic Finds At Ulta!



Ulta..  One of the great beauty stores along with Sephora..  Honestly there are more perks to shopping at Ulta than there is than Sephora..  Both allow you to accrue points as you spend money, (Sephora‘s Beauty Insider vs. Ulta‘s Ultamate Rewards) Ulta actually allows you to accrue points to spend more at their store.  So basically, it’s free money to spend there!

Now to the topic at hand..  Did you know that Ulta has a bunch of affordable beauty lines that you could get right at your fingertips?  Some of them have been introduced with much fanfare, others have snuck in quietly for online purchase only.  And what are they?  Keep reading to find out!


wet n wild

Wet N Wild – This drugstore fave is now available at Ulta!  However at the moment, they only sell it online.  Not only is Wet N Wild affordable, they boast that they’re vegan & cruelty free!


zoella beauty.png

Zoella Beauty – British blogger Zoella has started her own bath & body line inspired by sweets!  And the most expensive thing is only $18!  Sold online only.


Lottie London.png

Lottie London – This popular British brand is making their debut stateside!  They have lots of cute palettes that are small & pocket friendly!  As of the moment, they’re sold online only.


memebox i dew care.png

Memebox – This Korean favorite has popped up at your local Ulta!  Under Memebox, they sell different brands.  Their most popular product at the moment, is their I Dew Care Berry Bubbly Clay Mask, which is a clay mask that turns into foam that helps clear your pores!  Check out this video for a demo & review!  Sold online, as well in some stores.



Biobelle – This all American company has been making a splash in sheet masks amongst fashion magazines; from Allure, to Refinery29, to Bustle, have all recommended Biobelle face masks!  Completely biodegradable, no preservatives, chemicals, not tested on animals; and they’re affordable too?  Each mask is about $5!  Or buy a set of 6 masks for $27!  Sold online & in store!


ella & mila 7 free nail polish.png

Ella & Mila – Check out this affordable 7 free nail polish!  And what does that mean? Most nail polishes contain toxic chemicals that could be harmful.  (Formaldehyde, resin are among some of them!)  7 free, means that it is free of the 7 commonly found toxins in nail polish.  And it’s vegan too?  Each bottle is about $11, & is offered in lots of colors! Sold online only.


j. cat beauty.png

J. Cat Beauty – This California based beauty brand likes to make fun, affordable makeup that’s not tested on animals.   Check out their website for more products!  Sold online only.


bronx colors.png

Bronx Colors – You’d be surprised that this brand is actually based in Switzerland!  Saying that they’re inspired by the colors & the urban lifestyle of the Bronx; they offer wide variety of makeup & tools, & all at drugstore prices!  Sold online only & exclusively in the US online at Ulta!


sleek makeup.png

Sleek Makeup – This British brand is making their stateside debut at Walgreens & Ulta!  They specialize in makeup palettes; & none of them cost more than $14!  Check them out!  Sold online & in store.


elf store

E.L.F. – Gosh, I’ve blogged so many times about Eyes. Lips. Face.  One of the most affordable lines of makeup, sold in most drugstores, & now at Ulta too!  However, it’s online only.


2b colours makeup.png

2b Colours – This Belgian based makeup brand is popular throughout Europe, & now we can get our hands on them too!  Supposedly they sell over 100 different colors of nail & face products!  A mascara is $7?  Nail polish is only $4?  My favorite are their duo nail polishes that snap together; making it easier for travel!  Why not get some?  Sold online only.


skin & co.png

Skin & Co – You wouldn’t guess that this brand is actually Italian!  Founded in 1928 in Umbria, founder Gabriel Balestra decided to use his grandmother’s love of growing truffles, & turned them into skincare products!  Featured in all kinds of fashion magazines, now you can your hands on some!  This is one of the higher priced brands on this list, but I feel like I had to mention it.   A toner is $27.  A set of 3 hand creams is $28!  Get something Italiano today!  Sold online only.



Skinfood – This popular Korean beauty staple has been staking out a spot at your local Ulta.  Inspired by nutrients naturally found in food, they’ve been making products since 1957!  If you haven’t gotten into the Korean beauty craze, you better get on it!  Sold in store & online.


models own makeup.png

Models Own – Another British brand?  Originally made for models, & affordable.  What else can you can ask for?  Shop online & in store.


Have I got you excited?  Get ready, get set, shop!



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