My Anti-Aging Mask Haul from Sephora, Ulta, & Target! And all $8 or less!

Ok I’m fascinated with anti-aging products.  I remember awhile ago, my mother looked at me and said, “You’re starting to have some wrinkles on your forehead..”  And I wasn’t even 30 yet!  I’ve never forgotten what she said & have been fascinated with anti-aging ever since.  I mentioned it in a previous post, that I’ve been using anti-aging products since I was in my 20s.  Other girls are fascinated with tanning; for me it was ideal to keep my skin looking healthy & great.  And I think it’s best to do the natural way, vs. botox / plastic surgery.  (The ideas make me cringe, actually)  I’m dedicated to finding things at a great price, so why not?

sheet mask

Actually it was hard for me to find a wealth of anti-aging masks within the American skincare market.  In Asia, they are huge.  Especially in Korea beauty shops!  Every skincare brand keeps shelves & shelves of individually packaged sheet masks!  And they have all kinds of ingredients, and vary greatly in price, starting $3 a mask & higher.

All of these masks below are affordable; & I picked them up in Sephora, Ulta, & Target.  And the most expensive mask I have here is $8!

Finally here is my feedback on the anti-aging masks I got!

que bella anti aging goji berry mask

Que Bella Goji Berry Anti-Aging Mask, $2 a mask

This I had picked up in Target, for this relatively new brand called Que Bella, they feature a lot of these 1 time use masks in packets.  This mask was a creamy pink paste that felt more like a face cream.  It had dried in some places after 15 min; & after rinsing off my face felt smooth, but not taut.  There are other face masks that I’ve listed here that about the same price, & my face felt amazing afterwards.  For an anti-aging mask, I’d say skip this one.  My Grade: C+


Hado Labo’s Anti-Aging Facial Masks, $12 for 4 masks, only $3 a mask!

Omg love!  My face feels super taut & smooth afterwards!  Will be buying more of these!  My Grade: A-


Sephora Collection’s Moisturizing & Energizing Jelly Mask, $19 for 6 masks, about $3 a mask

It’s become astounding to me how versatile face masks are.  They can come in sheet masks, in tubes, jars, & here they come in tiny little plastic cups that hold enough gel to coat your face twice.  The great thing about this mask is that you don’t need to wash it off!  Leave it on for 5-10 min, & then wipe off the excess with a cotton pad.  My face felt smooth & taut.  Love!  If you really want to squeeze the most for your money, I’d split one mask into 2 uses.  (Trust me, coat your face once & you’ll have plenty leftover.  Save it for the next use!)  My Grade: B+


Nugg’s Anti-aging Face Mask, $17 for 5 masks, about $3 a mask

I had high hopes for this one.  Nugg, which is a relatively new brand started by the former CEO of Tweezerman, Cornelia Wittke.  All of their masks had gotten great reviews on Target, as well as Amazon, and for about $3 a mask, I figure it was a win win situation.  It said to leave it on for 10 min, & then rinse off.  My face didn’t feel any different afterwards.   My Grade: C-

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 2.05.11 PM

Bliss’s Mutl-‘Face’-eted Clay Mask, $15 for 3 masks, $5 each mask

Here in 1 box, Bliss lets you have 3 one time use clay masks.  I find a jar of their mask to be a bit pricey; it’s $50 for 2.3 oz jar.  Pricey for one beauty product?  Yes.  But not that bad considering how much anti-aging products could cost.  (There are serums that cost in the hundreds!)  And face masks you would be using maybe once a week, not every day.  (So a jar would last you awhile)  And surprisingly, you don’t need to leave this one for that long; only 5-7 min.  Afterward, my face did feel softer and a little bit tighter.  Not bad, but not the best thing on this list.  My Grade: B


Sephora’s Lingzhi Mask, $6 for 1 mask

Not too long ago Sephora came out with these 1 time sheet masks, in all different kinds of scents & ingredients.  Lingzhi, is meant to be moisturizing & anti-aging.  My face felt tight & smooth afterwards.  My Grade: B+

dr jart anti-aging mask

Dr. Jart’s All That Lift & Firm Mask, $7 a mask, or $35 for 4 masks

This mask is slightly different than other sheet masks.  Usually sheet masks are cotton face masks soaked in serum, that you peel out of the wrapper & put on your face.  This one I had to peel off the back, & the cotton sheet was thick & adhesive on the other side.  Like some of the other sheet masks I’ve tried before, this one comes in 2 parts, one for the top half of your face, the other half for the bottom.  But this one in particular I had to hook over my ears.  Hook over my ears??  This is a first..  And they don’t leave any opening for your mouth, only a slot to cut open in case you want to talk.  Most sheet masks make you feel like Mike Myers (the serial killer character) when you have them on, but this one left me feeling like Hannibal Lector.  I guess the upside of this mask is that it doesn’t dry up or harden.  However, afterwards my skin really smooth!  Slightly tighter, but good!  My Grade: B 


Karuna’s Age Defying Face Mask, $8 a mask, or in a 4 pack for $28

Karuna, founded by a former fashion buyer named Linda Wang, started the brand Karuna when she couldn’t find the sheet masks that she was used to having.   Originally from Taiwan, she also has her masks made there.  I tried one of the age defying face masks; pretty standard for Asian face masks.  Cotton mask soaked in serum; then put on face for 20 min.  This one was a bit drippy, but I just rubbed the excess serum on my neck.  Yep, face was smoother & a bit tighter.  My Grade: B+


My favorite & which one I thought was the most effective?  Hado Labo’s Anti-aging Masks!  Good runners up are Karuna’s Age Defying Face Mask, Sephora’s Lingzhi Mask, Sephora Collection’s Moisturizing & Energizing Jelly Mask.  Get Hado Labo!  It’s the best bang for your buck!

For more on Anti-aging products, read my articles The Best Anti-aging Products: For Your Face & Your Body, and My Korean Beauty Haul & Reviews, where I tried a bunch of Korean anti-aging masks!

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