The most moisturizing soap ever!!


cecile's soap.jpg

During Fashion Week, I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie Granchamps, who has her own line of handmade soap, called Cecile’s Bath & Body!  Whilst we watched the fashion show, there were vendors set up around the runway, selling all kinds of things from jewelry, to makeup, in her case, soap!  I struck up a conversation with her, & she told me how she makes all of her soaps by hand!  And infused with all natural ingredients like goat milk, coconut milk, argan oil, & more!  And of course, I had to have some.


I picked up a bar that was goat milk, but scented of sweet black cherry.  For me, a really rich moisturizing soap (even for my hands) is really important for me, for my skin gets really dry in the Winter.  And what a great idea!

ceciles lip balm.jpg

She sent me an invite to her store for Black Friday.  And of course, I had to go.  And she introduced me to other things I love!  She makes this great lip balm that’s infused with shea butter, beeswax, olive, argan, wildflower honey & eucalyptus oils!  This season, my lips have been exceptionally dry.  And what a great save!

Ceciles charcoal soap.png

And she also introduced me to something else: her detoxifying charcoal soap!  Infused with shea butter, activated charcoal, olive, coconut, & palm kernel oils, it’s great for drawing out impurities.  I’ve written an article on charcoal before, & she told me that this was great for acne & blackheads.  And the great thing is that you can use it either on your face / body!  She sells mini versions of it, called “lumps of coal”, which I had to snatch up.


ceciles universal moisturizing balm.png

She also showed me that she had made a ‘universal body balm‘, which comes in different scents, like black cherry, brown sugar, or brown sugar & fig.  A portable moisturizing stick, think of it as almost a chapstick for your skin!  Like to moisturize your hands during the day?  If you get this, you never need to worry about a tube of lotion leaking in your bag!  Small, fits in your hand, & great for travel or the girl on the go!



Displays from her store, with all natural ingredients


Meeting Jackie at her store opening

Before meeting Jackie, I hadn’t recalled the last time I used an actual bar of soap.  (I usually use liquid soap)  Now I’m a convert!  Now I have to contact her once I run out or when I want to get more as gifts!


Thank you Jackie Granchamps for introducing me to your labor of love!  Looking forward to yummy bars of soap!  If you’d like to shop her website, go to: Cecile’s Bath & Body!  Or if you’d like to contact her directly, you can email her at:!

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