What to do when you feel tired or fatigued..


You’re probably overworked, or didn’t get enough sleep.  You’re exhausted.  So what to do?

If you struggle with sleep, or suffer from insomnia, you can check out my article, For women who are stressed or have trouble sleeping, for tips on relaxing & falling asleep.  If you’re just plain tired (& don’t want to look like it) keep reading to look & feel more refreshed!



This gets more important as you get older, for the rate that your skin cells replace themselves slow down.  Get rid of all those dead skin cells, so that you look & feel more refreshed!


The Body Shop’s Exfoliating Gloves, $5

I love The Body Shop.  They have lots naturally derived ingredients, & have many products to solve all kinds of skin problems.  And they have lots of tools for exfoliating!  These bath mitts are great in the shower; I use the hemp mitt to give myself a good scrub.  They have other options for the face and body too!  Click here to check it out!


Neutrogena’s Wave Sonic Power Cleanser, $15

This microdermabrasion brush is amazing!  And a steal at $15!  Think of all the money you save vs. getting other brushes that cost $200, $300!  Exfoliate to radiate looking skin now!

If you’d like, for more options, read my article on Exfoliating!


-Use really rich skin care products.

Especially products rich in retinoids & vitamin C.  Not only do they moisturize, but give the skin an instant boost as well.  If you have circles under your eyes, check out my last post, How to get rid of circles underneath your eyes!


The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer, $21.  Click here for more of The Body Shop’s other Vitamin C products!

The Body’s Shop’s whole Vitamin C line is meant to deal with dry or damaged skin, giving it an instant boost!  Said to contain 20x more vitamin C than an orange!

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 7.32.54 PM

Lumene’s Bright Now Vitamin C Night Cream, $20

This is a great night cream with a combined vitamin A & C to revitalize & soften skin!

ROC deep wrinkle filler

Roc’s Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Filler, $20

A cream for deep wrinkle treatment full of retinol, that helps repair skin!


If you’d like to try a mask for an instant boost:

skyn iceland skin hangover emergency relief kit.png

Skyn Iceland’s Skin Hangover Kit, $25

Skyn Iceland, which I’ve featured on my blog before, is a brand that comes straight from Iceland, that specializes with stressed skin.  This kit includes an eye relief pen (for those circles under your eyes), hydro cool firming eye gels, antidote cooling daily lotion, & includes 2 fresh start masks!

pacifica deep hydration mask.png

Pacifica’s Vital Immersion Deep Hydration Mask, $18

Pacifica, which is a brand relatively new on the market, boasts all natural products & is here made here in the U.S.  This deep hydration mask helps quench dry or damaged skin, & you can leave it on for 30 min, or even overnight!  Afterwards wash it off, & wake up with refreshed skin!

sephora lotus sleeping masksephora pomegranate sleeping mask

Sephora Collection’s Pomegranate or Lotus Sleeping Mask, $4 each

These are one time use sleeping masks.  What is a sleeping mask?  A face mask that you would leave on your face all night long, & then wash off the next morning.  The great thing is that your skin has had all night to absorb it.  Both scents, pomegranate & lotus, are meant to reduce signs of fatigue, & hydrate skin.




-Fake a glow with a highlighter.

Pur miracle mist hydrate set.png

Pur’s Miracle Mist, 1 oz, $10

Travel sized, can fit in your bag, infused with 70 essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & amino acids!  And also great to help set makeup!



L’Oreal’s True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator, $13

Pretty new product on the market, L’oreal has made a whole line of affordable shimmery makeup!  This powder happens to come in 3 different shades, ice, rose & golden.  They also have a Lumi Primer & Liquid Glow Illuminator as well!  For this one, you can take your blush brush, & dust some on your cheeks, forehead, & your nose, if you’d like.


NYX’s Illuminator, $9

This comes in 5 different shades!  Get it in a golden shimmer, or a shiny blush!  How you highlight is up to you!


-Fake a glow with the rest of your body as well.  

Of course to have the rest of your skin glow is optional.  But if your face is radiant, why not have the rest of your body as well?  Something to think about..

argan oil

Physician’s Formula Argan Wear Illuminating Oil, $15

This is argan oil with actual glitter in it!  Moisturize & shine at the same time!

dry oil the body shop

The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil, $22

This is an actual body bronzer that has some shine to it, & smells of sweet honey.  Not only does it give you a slight tan, but a nice glow & scent as well!

-Most importantly, rest more, eat well & drink plenty of water.  Your body will obviously function better once you’ve been well rested & hydrated.  Try to stay away from alcohol & caffeine, for both are dehydrating, & will affect your skin as well.

Take a rest, a break, from whatever you’re doing.  As busy as we all are, we still need it.  o-RELAXATION-facebook

9 thoughts on “What to do when you feel tired or fatigued..

  1. I’ve seen exfoliating gloves at a few different places, but never used them. It’s good to see someone recommend them. I’m very interested in trying them out now.


  2. Thanks for all the great tips! Especially exfoliating. That is something I don’t do enough of because half the time I put off a bath because I’d rather go to bed! I should do it more!!


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