How to get rid of circles underneath your eyes..

woman bags eyes cucumber

Everyone has had them, at one point or another.  Whether we didn’t sleep enough, partied too much, or were just simply overworked.  But there are people who have chronic bags underneath their eyes.  Whether it’s for any of the reasons above, no one wants panda eyes.  Like me, for instance, lately no matter what I do, I still have bags underneath mine.  I could literally sleep all day & still have them!

I feel like I’ve been through a lot, skincare wise.  My blog has been a way for me to document lots of things I’ve dealt with, all on a budget.  Oily skin?  Wrote about it.  Acne.  Wrote about that too.  Blackheads?  Been there, done that.  Now I’m going to list here the best products to use, if you have dark circles!

For an instant fix: 

These are for times when you get them once in awhile, like i mentioned earlier, if you’ve had a rough night or didn’t sleep well.

Slices of fresh cucumber isolated on white background

-Put on some cucumber slices underneath your eyes.  The great thing about cucumbers, is that they are rich in moisture, & if you ever make yourself a cucumber mask (as in cover your face with cucumber slices) you will feel that the moisture from the cucumbers will get absorbed into your skin.  If cucumbers can do that for your skin, you can imagine what they can do for your eyes?  Don’t buy cucumbers often?  Buy a small one, slice it up & put it in a small container & freeze them.  When you feel like you need them again, you can take out the slices, rinse it off with warm water (so it’s not so icy on your face) & then lay them down on your eyes.  Or go the natural route & use the whole cucumber as a mask!

sephora depuffing mask

Sephora Collection’s Instant Depuffing Eye Mask, $6

-Put on an effective eye mask.  This one time use mask is infused with hydrogels that eliminates signs of fatigue.  Look tired?  Put one on for an instant pick me up!  Below I will list other masks you can use, as well as ones you can leave on overnight.

green tea

Celestial Green Tea Bags, 40 tea bags for $4

-Put on green tea bags over your eyes.  My friend, who’s a makeup artist, told me of this trick.  Get some green tea bags, boil some water, & place the tea bags in.  Once warm enough to put on the eyes, place them on.  Once they reach room temperature, then dip them in ice water & replace them over the eyes.  The caffeine in the tea is give the instantaneous results from baggy eyes.

If you would like more at home remedies for under eye bags, read this: Best Natural Home Remedies To Treat Eye Bags

If You Have Long Term Issues With Dark Eye Circles, Try Using An Eye Cream: 

An eye cream on a nightly basis is great, for many reasons.  The skin around the eyes is the most delicate on our faces, & without proper maintenance (moisturize & sunscreen) you can age prematurely.  To put it on at night, gives you the optimal effects because your skin will have had all night to absorb it.  Scroll down & pick one!

yes to grapefruit eye cream

Yes To Grapefruit Correct & Repair Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream, $13

The great thing about the Yes to line is that they’re all made with natural products, right here in the US.  This eye cream is infused with vitamin C, grapefruit, licorice extracts, & crambe abyssinica oil to reduce redness, puffiness, & improves skin tone.  What a great idea!

olay eye brightening cream

Olay’s Total Effects CC Eye Brightening Cream, $18

Olay has been making a lot of great products for skincare.  This cream is not only for dark circles, but ant-aging as well!  They claim that it fights 7 signs of aging: dullness, fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, uneven tone, gentle exfoliation, & moisture barrier.  A steal at $18!

origins eye cream

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream, $30

This cream is infused with caffeine, ginseng, magnolia extract, & natural brighteners that quickly restores the skin around your eyes.  And the great thing is that you can use it for all skin types!

kiehls eye cream

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream, $36, 0.5 oz

Kiehl’s has actually been making skincare products since 1851!  Their packaging is very simple, only plain bottles / tubes with writing on them.  This eye cream has added essential oils to make sure that your eyes feel refreshed in the morning.

tarte eye cream

Tarte’s Maracuja C-brighter Eye Treatment, 0.38 oz, $38

Tarte indicates that this eye cream is infused with maracuja oil & vitamin C to replenish, rebuild & brighten skin.  I don’t know why they chose to use the word Maracuja, which is Spanish for passion fruit.


For Roll on Moisturizers:


Tony Moly’s Panda So Cool Eye Stick, $12

How adorable is this packaging?  From a Korean brand named Tony Moly, they have a growing presence in the US, now with some of their products being featured at Ulta, & at Sephora as well.  This portable serum is like chapstick for your eyes.   It cools & soothes the skin while it hydrates.  I have this & tend to put it on at night, & I think it is great!  After a few uses the circles are already starting to disappear!  The great thing about this is that you can slip it in your purse & put it on anytime of the day!

garnier eye roller concealer

Garnier’s Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller, $13

This is a concealer & serum in one!  I have this too & it is great.  This is something you would put on in the morning.  Not only does it conceal, but it has added moisturizer & SPF 28 to protect your skin.  Rub it underneath your eyes, after washing your face, & then blend it out with a makeup brush or sponge.


Pomegranate Firming & Refreshing Eye Roll on, $27

The great thing about this roll on is that you can use it anytime of the day.  The pomegranate line, which is new at The Body Shop, features this under eye roll on moisturizer.  It refreshes, hydrates, softens & brightens up the skin around the eyes.  Catch them when they have a sale!  Quite often their sale is buy 2 get 1 free, or buy 3 get 3 free (Almost anything in store)!  They also feature other under eye roll ons, i.e. Moisture White Shiso 2 in 1 Brightening Eye Cream, $30, or Anti-Aging Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate Serum, $31, if there are other products that you’d like to try!


If you just want to cover them up: 

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 8.58.59 PM

Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Concealer, $9

Sure you could use any concealer to hide circles, but this one in particular is concentrated with goji berry & haloxyl to help erase dark circles & fine lines.  It’s an anti-aging product & concealer in 1!  I also use the same concealer when I’m contouring..  It’s great as a highlighter as well!


For Masks:

There are women that LOVE masks & there are great ones to try for your eyes.  Leave it on your eyes for 15, 20 min & your skin is left feeling refreshed!

tony moly eye mask

Tony Moly’s Panda Dream Eye Patch Dark Circle Sheet Mask, set of 2 pairs $3, or 10 pack for $19!

More adorable packaging from Tony Moly.  This one comes with 2 pairs of small circular black masks that you would put on your eyes after washing your face.  If you love it, you can get it in a 10 pack for $19!

tony moly gel eye masks syn ake

Tony Moly’s Intense Care Syn-Ake Eye Mask, $8 for 1 pair, or $15 for 5 pairs

I know I keep mentioning products from Tony Moly, but there’s a reason for it!  Korean skincare is becoming a more dominating presence on the global skincare market!  This pair of eye masks is supposed to provide moisture & elasticity to the skin directly below your eyes.  After washing your face, you’re supposed to leave this on for 30-40 min, & then you can remove them.

skyn iceland eye gel travel kit

Skyn Iceland’s Eye Gel Travel Kit, $15 for 4 pairs, or 8 pairs for $30

These eye patch shaped gel masks, comes with 4 pairs.  Skyn Iceland is a brand that come directly from Iceland, aimed at dealing with stressed skin.  These eye patches are meant to de-puff, tone, reduce fine lines, puffiness, improve blood flow to your skin.  Love them?  They sell them in a bigger package, 8 pairs for $30!  They were awards Travel + Leisure’s Best Travel Beauty Product of The year, as well as Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 award!  I’m going to get myself some now!

sephora lotus sleeping masksephora rose sleeping mask

Sephora’s Lotus Sleeping Mask, and Rose Sleeping Mask $4 each

What are sleeping masks?  These are masks that you would apply (like night cream) after washing your face, & let it work its magic all night while you sleep.  And if necessary, you can rinse it off in the morning.  If you would like to brighten up underneath the eyes, the scents lotus & rose are meant to treat them.  Lotus is meant to lock in water & reduce signs of fatigue, while rose is supposed to replenish skin & give immediate radiance for a fresher & brighter look.

sephora eye mask

Sephora Collection Eye Masks, 1 pair eye masks for $5

These are their 1 time eye masks, if you specifically want to use them under the eyes.  (I recommend getting the sleeping masks above, vs. the sheet masks)  Of course, it’s up to you to choose whichever one you want to try.


Sephora sells these masks in the one time use sheet masks that you can buy individually as well, but I feel you get more for your money when you put on a sleeping mask.  Why leave a sheet mask on for 15 min when you can leave one on & allow your skin to absorb it all night?  You can buy these masks separately, or you can buy them in a 6 pack for $25!  (You will save more if you buy them in a set.)

I’ve listed here lots of products for you to try, if you indeed have this problem.  Remember, our skin is one of those things, you treat it well, it will treat you well back.  (Also conversely it will show if you don’t treat your skin well)  Check out my next article that I’m going to write, What To Do When You Feel Fatigued. I wrote in a previous post, you have one body in this lifetime.  It’s up to you to take care of it.  

woman eye cream

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  1. Your blog is very useful is helping me decide which products to try. I have dark circles around under eye area. Now I can treat them easily. Thanks for sharing this blog.


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