My Korean Beauty Haul..

This was my Korean store haul of my 2 fascinations: facial masks & anti-aging products.  Sure they have lots of things like nail polish & makeup, but I already have lots of that stuff.  So what else is there for me to explore?  Pls keep in mind that most of these masks I picked up in a Korean cosmetic store not far from my house; I will try to provide links for all of them in case you would like to try them yourself!


TONY MOLY’S Red Wine Face Mask Sheet, $4 for 1 mask

I actually picked this up from Sephora.  They’re starting to pick up more & more of TONY MOLY’S products, namely their sheet masks.  For some reason I expect this mask to be red, but it was a white sheet mask soaked in serum, like any other one.  Left it on for 20 min, and WOW, was my skin smooth afterwards!!  I will be definitely buying this again!


Innisfree’s Skin Solution Mask for Wrinkle Care, $5

This mask was great too!  It had a tiny bit of oil, but still good.  I can’t decide which one’s better!  I can’t deal with oil this time of year, but maybe for the drier months.  (Now anything with oil will cause me to break out)


Regen’s Double Effect Collagen Care, $5

I had trouble finding a website that sells this mask, but I found one!  (I had picked all of these masks up in a Korean cosmetic store) but it’s a great mask too!  My skin feels soft & smooth afterwards!  And thank god, not oily!  Another thing I will definitely be picking up again!


Fascy’s Collagen Mask, $23 for 10 sheet masks

The only places I found online that sell this, sell them in 10 packs.  It’s so cheap, (at barely $3 a mask) that it’s not worth it to sell them individually.  But ANOTHER great mask!  Left it on for 20 min, my skin felt really soft & smooth afterwards.  This is really hard to pick a favorite!


Skin Food’s Gold Caviar Nutrition Mask sheet, 5 sheets for $24

You know sometimes I open up these packages hoping to find them colored or something, only to find another white sheet mask soaked in serum.  I thought the Red wine mask would be red, but no.  I thought I might see some gold caviar in this one, but no.  This one is a little bit different, came in 2 pieces; one for the top half of your face; one for the bottom half.  Skin Food also has a Gold Caviar Collagen Mask, if you would like to try that.  My skin came out afterwards really soft; but a TINY bit oily; and definitely sticky.  It would be something I’d try again.


L’affair’s Snail Mask, $2

This mask is HARD to find online!  Snail masks usually claim ultra-moisturizing properties.  It’s strange to me, too, anything with snails!  But they have added vegetable extracts to it; honestly it smelled like fresh apples when I took the mask out!  This is a good mask as well!  My face feels smoother & more taut afterwards!  I think all the masks are good (no matter which one you pick)!


Etude House’s Darling Snail Mask, $2

When I took this mask out of the package, it was super slimy.  It also came in 2 parts, but had the consistency of a booger.  BUT afterward my skin felt SUPER taut & smooth!  I love snail masks now!


dr jart anti-aging mask

Dr. Jart’s All That Lift & Firm Mask$7 a mask, or $35 for 4 masks

This mask is slightly different than other sheet masks.  Usually sheet masks are cotton face masks soaked in serum, that you peel out of the wrapper & put on your face.  This one I had to peel off the back, & the cotton sheet was thick & adhesive on the other side.  Like some of the other sheet masks I’ve tried before, this one comes in 2 parts, one for the top half of your face, the other half for the bottom.  But this one in particular I had to hook over my ears.  Hook over my ears??  This is a first..  And they don’t leave any opening for your mouth, only a slot to cut open in case you want to talk.  Most sheet masks make you feel like Mike Myers (the serial killer character) when you have them on, but this one left me feeling like Hannibal Lector.  I guess the upside of this mask is that it doesn’t dry up or harden.  However, afterwards my skin really smooth!  Slightly tighter, but good!  My Grade: B 


the face shop red ginseng mask.jpg

The Face Shop’s Red Ginseng Anti-Aging Mask, $7 a mask, or 3 masks for $20, or 5 masks for $25

I actually have a Face Shop not far from my house, & it only cost me $7!  This one is strange; it comes in plastic packaging like most sheet masks do, but this is an actual sheet of clear gel that you put on your face.  It had some red particles in it (obviously from the red ginseng), & had a slight herbal smell.  It seems that quite often masks provide a strange experience, but yet has great results!  My face was really soft & smooth!

My Grade: A-



Tony Moly’s Premium Intense Care Snail Hydro Gel Mask, $8 a mask, or 5 for $18

Yep, another super slimy mask.  I guess that ‘snail’ should’ve given me that hint.  But the last snail mask that I tried was SO good that I was curious to try another.  You take it out of the wrapper, & you have to peel off the gooeyness & try to take the slippery mask & try to slide it onto your face.  And the fact that it comes in 2 parts, doesn’t make it easier.  BUT the results are AMAZING!  Not intended as an anti-aging mask, but my skin felt tighter, smoother, & softer afterwards!  Will definitely be buying this again!  My Grade: A+



The Face Shop’s Lovely Me Pet Perfume Lotion, $5

How adorable is this??  Small, cute, and fits in the palm of your hand!  The one I picked smelled of baby powder.  And sorry, at the moment the only places that sell this online is: Ebay.  And it made a nice thick, creamy hand lotion!  If you want one, get one!

I hope my Korean beauty haul & review was helpful for you!  I feel the effects of most of the masks are similar, with some slight differences here & there, depending upon the ingredients.  Get some!  Your skin will feel amazing afterwards!

7 thoughts on “My Korean Beauty Haul..

  1. Oh lovely masks and thanks for introducing these goodies. I am big fan of Etude and Tony Moly.. have you tried any of their products? Other then the one above… where do you get normally.. i buy from and wonder if you have other recommendations too?


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