100 ideas on what to do when you run into writer’s block.. for fashion bloggers!


I know that inevitably we will hit that invisible wall: writers block.  So what to write about?  Here I’ve listed 100 ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

1) Outfit of the day

2) Fashion haul

3) A trip you took (and what you wore!)

4) A wish list

5) Product reviews

6) Things you got for free!

7) A great deal / sale!

8) Highlights from the red carpet

9) Makeup haul

10) A survey

11) Beauty hacks

12) Fashion must haves

13) An event / special occasion (and what you wore!)

14) A gift giveaway!

15) New products on the market!

16) A local / new find

17) Food pics

18) A how to description

19) What would make a great present(s)!

20) Your favorite staples

21) Budget favorites

22) Runway review

23) Beauty must haves

24) High end favorites (that are worth the splurge)

25) Fashion advice

26) Advice on organizing

27) What’s in your closet?

28) What’s on your vanity table?

29) Things you bought on a trip you took

30) Makeup advice

31) Tips on saving money

32) A present you got!

33) What you pack when you go on a trip

34) What you did you on vacation

35) Your favorite store(s) and why

36) How to get this look for less!

37) Photo gallery

38) A beauty treatment & review

39) A collection of yours (shoes, dresses, etc)

40) Compare 2 looks & ask people for their opinion

41) A tour (of anything)

42) Your favorite designer / brand

43) A movie review

44) A DIY

45) What’s in your luggage?

46) Your favorite supermodel / celebrity & why

47) How to multi-task

48) Nail art (and maybe how you did it)

49) Fashion no nos

50) What’s in your makeup bag?

51) A new trend & your thoughts on it

52) Fashion fixes

53) Beauty no nos

54) A new ad campaign you love

55) An at home beauty remedy

56) What’s in your cabinet?

57) Beauty fixes

58) A beauty secret of yours

59) Your work: drawings, photos, things you’ve made

60) An inspiring story

61) A poll!

62) A collage

63) Your exercise regimen (& why it works)

64) Your favorite fashion icon

65) Replicate this look

66) How to dress like this person

67) The best i.e. lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc..

68) What to wear.. i.e. on a date.

69) Trend forecasting

70) A new up & coming designer

71) Your favorite restaurant

72) What will they wear?  (Celebrities)

73) Your favorite movie

74) A museum you like

75) A new collection that’s coming out

76) A before & after post

77) Ask your readers a question

78) An instagram post (what you or someone else posted)

79) Fun facts about yourself

80) Your favorite youtube channel & why

81) Your inspiration of the moment

82) An amazing video!  (Tips, tutorials, etc.)

83) Your favorite Item(s) of the moment

84) An art exhibit

85) Fashion news & discussion

86) Your best looks

87) A quick bio about yourself

88) Why you blog

89) Fashion news

90) The worst dressed list

91) How you got something for free

92) Your bucket list

93) Get ready with me!

94) Your favorite scent(s) of the moment

95) A day in my life

96) Essentials for the season

97) How you store your makeup (& why it works)

98) Favorite looks on the street

99) A ‘What were they thinking?’ post

100) A guest blog

There are a few more I could list here.  I hope this has helped u kick writer’s block!  Feel free to bookmark this page!

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