Affordable Japanese cosmetics!!

Japanese cosmetics!  Why not use some of the best skincare products that are used throughout Asia?  They are one of the reigning kings of cosmetics in the Asian world!  In Asia, usually women buy Japanese, Korean, or Western brands.  Think it’s expensive?  (Some of them are)  But I will list some affordable things for you to buy & you can have shipped right to your front door!


Daiso Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask, $6

In the world of Japanese cosmetics, there are lots of black peel off masks aimed at blackheads.  This one happens to be a black charcoal mask.  Luckily for us, there are a few in the US market.  I have a different one at home; these directions say to leave it on for 10-15 minutes, & then peel off.  You will see your blackheads once you peel off the mask!  Far better than the nose strips because you can put it anywhere on your face!


Pilaten blackhead remover, $8

Another blackhead peel off mask, but this one happens to be black mud, whereas the 1st one was charcoal.


Sumi Haigou Settuken Charcoal Bar soap, $11

Never tried it?  The Japanese have been using charcoal in skincare for hundreds of years!  This medicated soap is meant to draw out impurities, treat oily skin, acne, & exfoliate.


Tatcha body butter 1 oz, $12

A new line of beauty products inspired by Geishas!  Usually their stuff is expensive but this is 1 of their more affordable items. They have their own website & sell some items at Sephora.  (They sell more items on their website) All of their items are quite pricey, but to TRY them, you can check out their travel sized section.


Naris’s Natural Pack A, Japanese Egg Shell & Collagen Facial Masks, $12

This actually a peel off facial mask, said to deal with acne, blackheads, mature skin, & moisturize all kinds of skin tones.  Quite versatile, you can use it up to twice a week!


Kracie Hadabisei Facial Mask 3D Aging Moisturizer, $13 for 4 masks

Made in Japan, these masks are made with fruit extracts & keratin to soften skin.  You can leave it on from anywhere to 5-20 min.  (I say leave it on longer, make the most of your money)


Konjac Sponges, Charcoal, Green tea & Natural Exfoliating Beauty Sponges, $13

Konjac sponges are actually all the range in Japan.  And with the 3 colors, you get 3 different kinds to try!  The black one (charcoal) is meant for acne / blackheads, the green one (green tea) is meant for mature / damaged skin, and the white one is for gentle skin (i.e. babies)  Cut into these adorable heart shapes, before using you’re supposed to soak it in warm water, & wait for the sponge to expand.  Then you can use them on your face to exfoliate, then rinse, & then simply press them between your hands to expel the water & hang them to dry.  I read an article that you can use them for about a month, here they claim you can use it up to 3 months.  Because they’re made from natural plant fibers, they’re biodegradable!  You can just toss these into your garden when you’re done with them!

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.19.05 AM

Gatsby Hair Styling Foam, Super Hard, $14

This would be for the girls who love the high updos.  Don’t want your hair to fall down?  Are there too many bobby pins holding up your hair?  Then this would be the hair mousse for you.


Muji’s High Moisturizing Milk, 0.8oz, $15

This is actually a travel size lotion for dry skin.  Muji, a Japanese brand that is expanding worldwide, actually means “no brand” in Japanese.  They pride themselves on having very simply basic packing, with no prints or designs.  Only simplicity.  Click here if you’d like to shop more Muji’s products.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 12.53.17 AM500

Hada Labo Tokyo Replenishing Hydrator, $18, Hydrating masks, 4 for $15

They also have hydrating masks, if you’d like to use.  The masks are 4 for $15.  Originally from Japan, claims that a bottle of this serum is sold every 2 seconds.  And a great deal at $18!  Click here for more Hada Labo products.


Binchotan Charcoal Body Scrub Towel, $18

Would you like a nice exfoliation?  This dual textured towel, infused with Binchotan charcoal, is meant to remove toxins & oils from the skin.  Charcoal is becoming a more popular ingredient in skincare products nowadays for drawing out impurities.  No need for a scrub down at the spa!  Give yourself a nice rub down at home in the shower!


Juju Cosmetics Aqua Moist Essence, $19

A nice serum that contains 3 types of hyaluronic acid, that’s mean to replenish mature skin.  There are other Japanese skincare products that also contain hyaluronic acid, as an anti-aging agent.


Sana Nameraka Isoflavone cream, $19

Made from organic soy beans, this is a thick night cream for dry skin.  This is great because it’s not scented, not oily, & no colors added!

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.37.00 PM

Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler, $20

He was the king of eye lash curlers, false lashes, & cleansing oils.  For $20, you can buy it off his US based website & make it your own, & see if it really is worth all the hype.  If you would like, his false lashes start at around $20 (and go up).  Shu Uemura is not known to be an inexpensive brand, but if you buy a pair of lashes the good thing is that you can reuse them again with some eyelash glue.  With the eyelash curler you could use for years & years.


Shiseido’s Tsubaki Shampoo & Hair conditioner, $21

Made by Shiseido, it infuses body & sheen into almost any kind of hair.  And the fact that it’s red camellia flower scented, doesn’t hurt, either.  Most of my links are from Amazon, & quite often they have good prices!  I just checked this out in a store & they were $16 each!  If you would like to get their shampoo & conditioner for dry / damaged hair, click on Shiseido’s Damage Care Set.


Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation for Foot Peel, $25

There are actually a couple of products in Japan and Korea like this; exfoliants / peels for your feet.  With all the walking / running that we do, our feet do take a beating.  Tired of filing your feet?  Try on this exfoliation treatment & watch the dead skin peel off your feet!


Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Trial set, $30

Koh Gen Do has actually been making skincare products for the past 30 years.  Here in this trial set, it includes travel sized facial wash, lotion, cream, cleansing & moisture packets.  If you like the whole set, get it again!


Yu-Be set, $31

Yu-Be is well known in Japan for their moisturizing lip balm & lotions.  Here in this set, a sampler of all their products, which includes skin cream, lip therapy stick, body lotion sample, & foaming skin polish sample.  And all of their products are affordable!  The most expensive product they have is their lotion, which is $30!  Check out Yu-Be Products

I hope I’ve gotten you excited about Japanese cosmetics!  Add some culture & history to your regimen!  Another reason why you should get some?  Is because they also have new advancements in skin care that Americans have just barely woken up to recently.  And why not have something exotic to your repertoire?  Go get some, drop a line, let me know what you think!

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  1. Great collection of skin care products. You can easily buy this on stores that won’t hurt your budget but still giving you a wonderful result. Thanks for sharing. Hoping to see more of this in the future.


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