The Most Adorable Beauty Products!


There’s something infectious about the invasion of Korean & Japanese cosmetics.  Not only do they have the higher end products, but they have affordable beauty products as well!  And some of the packaging is beyond adorable.  Some other brands have picked up on the trend, with products that just make you go Awwww…



physicians formula happy booster powder.jpg

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder, $13

How adorable is this?  And you could ask, what is it?  I actually came across this when I was watching a Youtube video, where a blogger recommended this powder as a highlighter that is also photo friendly.  (You don’t want that white cast showing up in your pictures!)  This drugstore staple brand Physicians Formula, also offers this cute compact in a blush as well!

tony moly hello bunny perfume bar.jpg

Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar, $12

And how cute is this?  Each one is a stick of perfume, portable, & you don’t have to worry about anything leaking in your bag!


too faced soul mates blush bronzer.jpg

Too Faced Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer, $31

I think this is beautiful..  A blush / bronzer in 1, with 2 shades named after 2 famous tv couples!  One is Ross and Rachel, which is more of a pink blush, and then Carrie & Big, which is a more of an orangey shade.  And you?  Which soul mate are you?



Plus Bath Bomb Sweet Macaroons, $18, Brubaker 6 Handmade Bath Bombs, $20

Love sweets?  Love bubble baths?  I sure do!  If you haven’t heard of bath bombs, (made popular by LUSH) which are basically scented bath fizzies, (usually shaped in a ball) that you can drop into bath water for moisturizing & scented experience.  Now they have bath fizzies in the shape of candy & macarons!  I think this makes for a great gift! Drop them into your bath water & watch them melt!  Enjoy the sweet scent, & relaxing bath!  Click here to check out more Fizz & Bubble products!


Fizzle Bubble’s Bubble Bath Milkshake in Coconut Cream, $15, Mr. Bubble’s Bubbletini Bath Bombs, $10

“My milkshake brings all the boys in the yard..  And they like it, better than yours..”  This actually might bring some boys to your yard..  For Fizz & Bubble has created not 1, but 6 different confections for you to choose from!  And comes with a set of different scented combination of bath bombs!  Mr. Bubble, has made a similar creation, but placed it in a cocktail shaker, & has 3 different scent combinations for you to choose from!  Perhaps you like your martini shaken, not stirred?  


Love is Kindness Royal Langnickel Makeup Brush set.png

Love is Kindness 8 PC Makeup Brush Set by Royal & Langnickel, $20

Royal & Langnickel, a British based brush company, has been well known for their paint & watercolor brushes!  However, recently they started a line of makeup brushes, which will be sold in the US at Walmart!  However, until then you can buy them straight off their US based website!  And all of them are affordable!  This collection of makeup brushes, are for those who are hopeless romantics at heart.  They’ve named each collection after love.  i.e. another brush set is named Love is Patience, each in a lovely pastel shade!  And also comes in a convenient travel case!



Etude House Missing U Hand Cream, 4 PC set, $25

Etude House, a popular K beauty brand, has some of the cutest packaging of all!  And can you believe that each one is a different scented hand cream?  Portable, adorable, & can fit in your bag!


too faced sugar pop palette.jpg

Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette, $28

Too Faced Cosmetics I think has some of the most adorable products on the market.  First they started out with their Chocolate Bar Eye shadow Palette, which is mixed with real cocoa powder!  MMmm makeup never smelled so good when it smells like chocolate..  And then they made a Peanut Butter & Jelly inspired palette, and now this one inspired by sweets!  There is something to be said when a company puts thought into their packaging as well as their products!  Check out their website for more!


its skin mini bebe hand cream.png

It’s Skin Mini Bebe Hand Cream, $5 each

This K-beauty brand is making their debut at Sephora!  This hand cream comes in 3 scents, & check back when they start offering more of their products!


pokemon powder.jpg

Pokemon Club Airy Touch Powder, $27

And how cute is this?  If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go, or just a fan of Pikachu, this lovely compact actually is a pressed setting powder!  Whip it out, powder your nose, all with the adorable face of Pikachu.  If you would like to get other anime inspired cosmetics, including Hello Kitty & Sailor Moon, there’s a selection of them sold at that ships directly to the US! Click here to check it out!


The Manizer Sisters the balm Highlighter Palette.jpg

The Manizer Sisters by theBalm, $20

Some of you may have heard a company called theBalm Cosmetics, but all their packaging has vintage inspired art, with tongue-in-cheek names (no pun intended)!  They are sold on their website, Amazon, as well as some drugstores.  theBalm Cosmetics are actually really popular among vloggers on Youtube!  These 3, (which are also sold separately) happen to be their most popular highlighters!  Click on the link for their website or check them out on Amazon!


Essence How To Make Your face glow contour and highlight box

Essence Blush Box, $10

In this box that could easily pass for candy, this European based makeup brand is making their debut stateside!  So convenient & small enough for travel, it has a bronzer, highlighter, & blush all in 1 compact!  Find them at your local Target, Ulta, or shop on their US based website!


Soap Glory Pink Pamper.jpeg

Soap & Glory’s Pink Pamper Set, $25

Doesn’t this look yum?  If you haven’t already heard of this British import, their specialty is in bath & body products, that come in all kinds of sweet scents!  In this set, you get a face wash, hand & foot creams, shower gel, body scrub, body butter, loofah, & all in a pink zip up bag!  Time to bring out the girly side in the shower!


Beyoung Starfish Hemp Loofah Body Scrubber, $8, Houseware Mesh Body Pouf Sponge, $11, Divo Cute Animal Shape Bath Sponge, $11

Who knew that bath time could be so much fun?  You could have an exfoliator, in the shape of a starfish, with 1 side made of cotton microfiber, & the other side made from hemp; you could shower & exfoliate all in 1 tool! The above yellow loofah which is sold at Walmart, has little sponges inserted inside, to give you an extra lather when you wash!  And finally the Cute Animal Shape Bath Sponge, has an adorable animal holding onto your loofah for you while you shower!  Not only does it come with a pig, you can get it with a rabbit, teddy bear or duck as well!


Spongeables Travel Size Pedi Scrub Foot Buffer, $3  Earth Therapeutics Intensive All-Over Moisture Gel Booties, $25

And finally what are these?  The one on the left is a foot scrub, infused with shower gel that has olive oil, glycerin, vitamins A & E, & shea butter to keep your feet super soft!  And the one on the right are gel infused booties, intended to moisturize your feet whether you’re lying down or walking around the house!  And has a non skid surface on the bottom, so that you’re not slipping & sliding all over the floor!  What I can’t stand about moisturizing my feet, is that I’m unable to do anything afterwards without stepping in my moisturizer.  Therefore usually, I moisturize them right before I go to sleep to avoid the problem.  Now with these booties, you can walk around & moisturize your feet at the same time!


I literally could keep going on, but I figure why not just give people a sampling?  I wrote this article mainly because I love products that feel personalized, or have a sense of individuality, or even humor to them.  How boring would the world be if all our possessions looked the same?  And why not?  Enjoy being a girl!  


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40 thoughts on “The Most Adorable Beauty Products!

  1. I am OBSESSED with TONYMOLY and those perfume sticks are no exception. They legit look like cute little babies in bunny outfits-Im in love!


  2. Adorable! I love the colors used in the Too Faced palette! And I will keep an eye out for the Essence palette at local drug stores; I love that brand!


  3. These are completely adorable!! I clicked on almost each one and put them on my Holiday list for myself and my for teen daughter! She is sure to love every one of them! Thank you for sharing these cute finds~I would have never found them myself!


  4. Ack…my comment disappeared. I just posted that I think your post came out at a great time. I need really great gifts before Thanksgiving a well as before the big holidays in December. These are not only adorable but so useful!


  5. I love how cute some of these products are! The little pink jar with the lid is my favourite. Its’ adorably luxurious.


  6. Oh my, these are absolutely adorable. I love all of the pastel colors and cute animal shapes. I’m dying! Definitely will have to buy some of those cute perfume sticks!


  7. I must admit, if the packaging is cute (like Too Faced or Benefit), I’m a sucker. Fortunately the products are great also. I especially love the Too Faced Chocolate (and scented!) products.


  8. I love reading reviews on products I have not seen so I can see if I would like them to buy for myself or as gifts for my friends and family. So many amazing items here. ILove is Kindness 8 PC Makeup Brush Set by Royal & Langnickel, these look so nice I need some new ones.


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