Reviews On My Body Shop Collection, Including The New Drops Of Youth Cream! And Save Money Every Time You Go!

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I admit, I’m an avid lover of The Body Shop.  They have shower gels, body butters, scrubs, soaps, & much more in all kinds of scents; not only that but they have products that help with my troubled skin.  They have products for dry skin, oily skin, acne & more!  So I can use their seaweed line for my T zone, their body butters for the parts that are drier, & their new day cream which happens to work great with my skin!

There have been products that I love & adore, & there are things that make me go ‘..meh.  Nothing special.’  Keep reading to see my reviews!

Mind you you I didn’t buy this all in one trip; these are all products that I’ve bought over time, & I tend to pick them up when there’s a sale.  Here I will start out with my favorite products, first, & my least favorite at the bottom.


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the body shop drops of youth cream.jpg

For A Great Night Cream For Oily / Combination Skin: Drops Of Youth Cream, $34

This is great for my face!  I have a horribly oily T-zone, but the strange irony is that my skin is getting drier because lately most moisturizers tend to break me out.  So, I have no choice but to avoid them, for the sake of not getting acne.  Any moisturizer that has a bit of oil in it; & I will start to see something to pop up.  Not with this cream!  Moisturizing, & not oily!  I wouldn’t say that it has any real anti-aging effects, but right now my concern is having a good moisturizer that doesn’t break me out!  This is great for people with oily / combination skin!  I will be buying this again!  My Grade: A


For A Great Night Mask / Mattifier for Combination / Oily Skin:  Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask, $32

One of my top staples from The Body Shop!  I buy this all the time!  But in all honesty, I don’t use it the way it’s intended.  I have used it as a sleeping mask, & it works well for what it’s worth.  The only thing that bothers me is that when you do use it alone as a sleeping mask; it doesn’t feel as hydrating as a face cream would.  So how do I use this?

Honestly I use this as a day cream!  For whatever reason, my face went crazy oily this past summer.  And I tried ALL kinds of products on my face to mattify it.  And nothing worked!  I tried high end products at Sephora, to drugstore favorites at Target.  And the only thing that has worked for me is this bouncy sleeping mask!  I put it on in the morning, let it dry for a few min, (it is quite sticky) & then I dust on some setting powder with a big makeup brush.  And it keeps my skin shine free all day!  LOVE!  After having stocked up after sales, I usually keep in store a few jars in my cabinet!  If you too have oily skin, I highly recommend this technique!  My Grade: A+


woman bath

hemp body mitt

A Great Exfoliator: Hemp Body Mitt, $10

You may ask, what is this?  This is actually a body exfoliator; a bath mitt for giving yourself a good scrub in the shower.  This is actually one of my favorites!  I’ve been to the spa, & checked out the their exfoliating treatments; where someone scrubs your body down with a bath mitt.  I bought the bath mitt from the spa; & let me tell you that this one is far rougher than theirs!  Why is that good?  Because then it gets rid of more dead skin!  There is a lot of talk of exfoliating in magazines; but what I find is that the everyday American woman doesn’t do it.  And why not?  Why not give your skin a clean slate to start with, so that your moisturizers can work more efficiently?  No one likes the appeal of dead skin.  Rub, rub, away!  My Grade: A


red lips

lychee lip balm

An Ultra-Moisturizing Lip Balm:  Born Lippy Stick Lychee, $7

Ugh, one of my favorite lip balms.  Creamy & thick, has a slight shine to it, & smells of sweet lychee.  Unfortunately it doesn’t taste like lychee; & maybe it’s better that it doesn’t, because then I’d probably end up eating my lip balm.  Soft lips are always more appealing than dry cracked ones, and in this case when a guy says, “You smell nice.  What’s that smell?”, you can answer, “My lips smell like lychee.  Want a taste?”  Sorry, I have to laugh after putting an innuendo here.  My Grade: A+

face mask

body mask brush.jpg

For A Face / Body Brush: Spa of the World Body Mask Brush, $15

A few months ago, The Body Shop put out a Spa Of The World Collection, with products mostly aimed at massage / anti-aging.  Supposedly their Hawaiian Kuikui Cream (it’s a huge jar of body butter) is supposed to give you a really healthy glow.  (I have yet to try it)  This brush, was meant to brush on a mask for the body; but honestly I got it as a brush for my face!  I thought it would be relaxing to brush on moisturizer onto the face; but I could use it to brush on facial masks as well!  With bristles as soft as velvet, you would swear that it’s made from real fur!  It’s actually synthetic & cruelty free.  Ugh, love!  My Grade: A



A Great Mask For Acne Skin: Tea Tree Oil Face Mask, $17

This is a great mask for acne.  A green pasty mask, which does have a bit of an odor, you only need to leave it on for 10 min & then wash off.  And I will say that it does work well with acne!  I don’t have a severe case, but I think I can say that if you do have it, it might not work for you.  (If you have severe acne, you will probably need to see a dermatologist.)  For me, I can instantly see results after using it!  My Grade: B+




My Favorite Shower Gels: GrapefruitMoringa Shower Gels, 2 oz for $5, or $10 for 8.4 oz

I listed these 2 scents here, because they’re my favorite at The Body Shop!  The grapefruit ones actually does smell like real grapefruit, while Moringa is a sweet light floral scent.  While I do admit that for these prices it’s a bit much for shower gel, so I tend to pick these up either in a set, or get them when there’s a sale.  And I do love the travel sizes because after spending many hours on a plane, & being jet lagged, these scents are refreshing & pick me right up!  Are these ultra moisturizing?  No.  They’re pretty basic as shower gels go.  If you want ultra moisturizing, then go for their Shea Shower Cream, or the rest of their Shea line.  If you would like to explore of their lines, for they offer body butters, mists, scrubs and more!  Click here for grapefruit, or moringa!

the body shop hemp hand protector

A Rich Hand Cream: Hemp Hand Protector, $10

Their Hemp products are supposed to be some of the most moisturizing ingredients they have.  This is a nice rich, thick lotion, but nothing more than that.  My Grade: B-


tea tree skin clearing facial wash.jpg

A Facial Soap For Acne: Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Face Wash, 8.4oz for$18

I got this face wash because I do tend to get some acne.  It has a heavy grassy smell, & I felt that it wasn’t very effective.  (Their Tea Tree Oil Face Mask is better.)  Click here if you would like to get it in travel size, just to try it.   My Grade: C+


hemp lip balm.jpg

A Lip Balm: Hemp Lip Conditioner, $8

But this lip balm was honestly nothing special.  It felt like regular chapstick.  I say skip this & buy regular chapstick for a $1.  My Grade: C



How To Save Money At The Body Shop:  

I’ve frequented the store quite often, am an avid buyer of their products, so I can tell you how to save money when you go!

-Shop when they have sale: Like clothes, don’t buy anything full price here.  They quite often have sales like buy 3 get 3 free, or buy 2 get 1 free, wait til there’s a sale, & then buy.

-Get their rewards card: This card is a bit complicated, so I will try to make it sound as easy as possible.  You buy the card for $10, & every purchase you make afterwards you can get 10% off!  Provide them with your birthday when you get the card, & during that month you’ll get $10 off whatever your want!  (Therefore reimbursing you the price of the card.)  Scan the card every time you buy something, & when you spend at least $20, you get 1 point.  Accrue up to 4 points, you get $15 off!  Accrue 8 points, & you get $25 off!  And because of the money you can get off, I’ve gotten stuff for free!

-Buy their items from Ulta: Quite often, Ulta has sales on The Body Shop items, (their sale would be buy 1 get 1 half off) when their actual store doesn’t necessarily have a sale.  Ulta also has their own coupons (like $3.50 off $10, or 20% off your purchase), which you can apply to your purchase!  So you can buy 1, get 1 half off, & utilize their coupons as well to save more money!

-Buy their stuff in their Black Friday or post Christmas sale:  Before the holidays, they churn out lots of bath & body sets that are meant to be presents.  And they always have limited edition scents that they only sell during the holidays.  If you are patient enough to wait til after Christmas, their products could be discounted as much as 50% to 75% off!  Honestly the best time to shop for Christmas, is after Christmas.  (Seriously, you spend half the money & you can save it for next year.)  And not just their holiday sets, lots of their regular products were on sale too!


Did you like this article?  Check back for I will probably update it with more products from The Body Shop!

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