Habits You Should Be Doing Every Night.. And How To Make Your Mornings Faster!


Not a morning person?  Do you find yourself always rushing in the mornings?  Pick up some of the following tricks to save yourself some time!


Use A Facial Wash & Remove All Of Your Makeup At Night

washing face

soap and glory face wash.jpg

For All Skin Types: Soap & Glory’s Face Soap & Clarity 3 in 1 Daily Facial Wash, $12

Not only do you perspire, but your skin is carrying around dirt & oil that has been on it all day.  If you have dry skin, & you limit yourself to washing your face once a day, the best time to do it is at night.  If you have a bad habit of falling asleep with your makeup on, leave a set of makeup wipes on your nightstand & never forget again!  Not only do you risk smearing your makeup all over your sheets, it can also clog your pores.  It’s understandable that there are days that you’re simply too tired.  But don’t completely rely on face wipes as an alternative to washing; wipes simply won’t deeply cleanse your skin the way a facial soap would.


Hydrate overnight

woman eye cream


For Oily Skin: The Body Shop’s Drops Of Youth Cream, $34  For Normal Skin: Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream, $18   For Dry Skin: Pond’s Dry Skin Cream, $8

If you’re not moisturizing before bed, you’re missing a really beneficial step!  It’s during your sleep that your body spends the most time repairing itself.  It’s the best time to apply serum and / or night cream; so that it’s had all night to absorb it.


Use A Rich Hand Cream Or Body Butter At Night

beautiful hand nails

sephora super supreme body butter

Sephora’s Super Supreme Body Butter, $25, 15 oz

Again, do this right before you go to sleep, especially for your hands & feet!  Like I mentioned earlier that it’s best to moisturize at night, but it bothers me to constantly wash my hands / moisturize throughout the day.  Also this is the best time to moisturize your feet!  Put it on right before shut eye so that you’re not slipping & sliding all over the floor!


Pin / Tie Your Hair Back When You Sleep, & Use A Silk Pillowcase

sleeping woman.jpg

Your hair carries oil & dirt from the day that could easily get on your face or pillowcase & cause breakouts.  Sleep with your hair in a ponytail or bun, to keep it out of your face.  A silk pillowcase helps your hair from being frizzy, for most pillowcases are rough on hair cuticles.  Think that they’re expensive?  They don’t have to be!  You can get one as cheap as $15!   Tip: For dry / damaged hair, put on a leave in conditioner overnight for a deep treatment.  Wake up to frizz free hair!


Take A Shower Before Bed

woman shower

Soap & Glory’s Rich & Foamous Body Wash, $10, SheaMoisture’s Olive & Green Tea Bubble Bath & Body Wash, $9

Showering at night not only allows you to save time in the morning, but also allows you to relax in the evening!  Give yourself a 2 in 1 treatment with a moisturizing body wash, so that you skip the body lotion.


Prep What You’re Going To Wear The Next Day


This comes to clothes as well as makeup.  It allows you time to prepare so that you’re not rushing in the morning.  Everyone asks themselves that question, ‘What should I wear?’ which is made easier when you decide the night before, giving yourself some time to decide instead of just randomly throwing clothes on.  Tip: Check the weather forecast for the next day, to give yourself an idea of what you should be wearing.


Utilize Multi-tasking Products:

day to night makeup 2

Innisfree Eco Azalea tint, $4, Nudestix’s Eye pencils, $24 each, Vitamin C Daily Facial Moisturizer, SPF 30, by the Body Shop, $21

Use a lip / cheek tint, a pencil that’s an eyeliner / eyeshadow in 1, or a moisturizer that has SPF in it, the list goes on.  Not only does it make the getting ready process faster, but it also cuts out a lot of junk in your bag.  For a list of multitasking products, read Multi-tasking tools for your makeup, skin, & hair!!!! Save yourself time & money!!


Utilizing all of these tips, will save you time in the mornings.  What are you waiting for?  Grab your stuff & get going!

4 thoughts on “Habits You Should Be Doing Every Night.. And How To Make Your Mornings Faster!

  1. Thank you for this post,.. Loved reading it,.. I do some of these, but not all,.. I will try to incorporate all these tips,…


  2. Thank You for All of Your Amazing Tips & Tricks to Help Me Prep & Get Ready at Night and in the Mornings! I Have Hypothyroidism and it has Caused Me So Many Problems from Weight Gain, My Hair Falling Out, & Extremely Dry Skin and This has Left Me Frustrated b/c it Makes Me Have to be More Diligent in My Routines! I Need All the Help I Can Get and I Will Definitely be Putting Some of These Tips into My Daily Regimen! Thanks Again & Have a Blessed Day! – Jana


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